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Nandini celebrates Mauli’s birthday by feeding the poor people and offering prayers for Mauli’s welfare. The people bless Nandini and pray that her wishes get fulfilled. She realizes her mistake of hurting Mauli. She gets emotional. She is away from Mauli, but continues her friendship from her side. She does the rituals for Mauli’s sake. She makes a cake for Mauli and keeps Mauli’s picture. She cuts the cake and feeds to Mauli’s picture. Nandini and Mauli’s friendship was a strong relation before, which didn’t end completely. Nandini tries to gather her broken relations. Mauli’s birthday is special to Nandini every year. Nandini wants Mauli to stay happy. Nandini didn’t had true love in her life. She is confused over choosing her friend or love. She can’t leave Kunal, but misses her good friend Mauli too.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara gets heartbroken with Kabeer’s second marriage truth. Zara checks the Nikaahnama when Ruksar plants it on time to ruin the reception party. All her happiness get ruined. She wonders why didn’t her prayer get fulfilled, why did this happen with her. She couldn’t tolerate this bitter truth. Kabeer begs her to talk to him once, give him just one chance to explain everything to her. He was scared to tell her, on seeing her happiness. He didn’t wish to hurt her, and has hidden the matter. She didn’t expect such heartbreak by Kabeer’s misdeed. Kabeer can’t cheat her ever. She feels everything is shattered now. He wants to explain her when her anger calms down a bit. Kabeer wants to end the misunderstandings between them.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Anupriya is worried for Kalyani. They ask the police about the bus accident. Kalyani was travelling in the same bus. Anupriya breaks down seeing Kalyani’s name in the deceased people list. Inspector Malhaar informs the that Kalyani, whose name is in the list is some aged women. Anupriya gets relieved knowing her Kalyani isn’t dead. Atharv tries to find Kalyani. Kalyani has insulted the temple rituals. Village Sarpanch sends goons to catch her. Kalyani gets trapped. Atharv tries to protect her on Anupriya’s order.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil finds Bhoomi insulting Vedika. Bhoomi asks Vedika why is she becoming great in Sahil’s eyes, by pitying her. Sahil says I respect you, but you lost all respect today, Vedika is doing everything for Ved’s sake, you should be thankful to her. He defends Vedika. He asks Bhoomi to recognize Vedika’s efforts for protecting Ved. Bhoomi calls her a second woman in Sahil’s life, who is trying to break her house and marriage with Sahil. Sahil scolds Bhoomi on hearing this. He asks Bhoomi to apologize to Vedika. Bhoomi doesn’t apologize. She tells Sahil that she is also doing everything for Ved, she won’t let Vedika snatch her son.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:

Guddan has married Akshat for her own reasons. Dadi happily welcomes her home, by doing her Grahpravesh. The bahus don’t want Guddan to come inside the house. Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati bring Guddan inside the house unwillingly. Dadi does Guddan’s aarti. Durga gets jealous. She creates a scene and tries to make Guddan out. Akshat stops Durga from insulting Guddan. He asks Durga to remember her place in the house. He says you are just a bahu in this house, you have no rights to decide here, I will decide who will live in this house, if you want to go against my wish, you can leave from here. Durga asks Akshat won’t he make Guddan out, does he want her to go.

Meera and Dolly meet Guru maa, who exposes Vivaan’s truth. Guru Maa tells Meera that the truth will come out, she will see everything in front of her, since Paromita is the same girl who has donated eyes to her. She asks Meera to be thankful to Paromita. She says even Paromita’s trust shattered this way, your trust will also shatter, person in love always have blind faith in the lover, but maybe Vivaan isn’t deserving of you and Paromita. She angers Vivaan, who stops Meera from listening to the nonsense.

Perfect Pati:
Vidhi and Pushkar get married in front of the family. Pushkar refuses to fill sindoor in Vidhi’s maang, which makes everyone tensed. Pushkar leaves from the mandap shocking, raising questions in everyone’s mind. He gets his ancestral sword and cuts this thumb to fill blood sindoor in Vidhi’s hairline, like a true Rajput. This brings a proud moment for Rajshri. Vidhi and her family get amazed with Pushkar’s move. On the other hand, Rangeela proceeds to marry Vidhi, but realizes that its Bela in the bride’s place. Maasa gets a big shock when she sees Vidhi with Pushkar in the mandap. She rushes to stop Rangeela from marrying Bela.


  1. Nandini you have snatched your best friend’s Mauli love and husband and now showing sympathy. feeding poor and remembering on her birthday does not mean your cheat or sin will get wash away.

  2. kabeer zara ko plz manaoo aur tum ruksaar se bachoo. kyun ki ruksaar ki bacpan ki kkhwaish tumse shaadi karne ki poori hogai. ab woh wife hone ka faayda uthayegi….


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