Ishqbaaz: Obros’ separation to call on big twists

Ishqbaaz: Dadi's past relationship comes into picture

Ishqbaaz: Obros’ separation to call on big twists… Omkara and Rudra break Shivay’s heart by snatching everything from him. This makes Shivay more depressed. He can’t believe that his brothers hate him so much. He leaves from the house and goes to some park to relax his mind. Anika gets worried on finding his missing and finds him everywhere. Omkara and Rudra have ended their relation with Anika as well. They don’t let Anika cross the line and come over to their house area. Bhavya feels bad for Anika. Anika goes out of the house and finally spots Shivay. Anika and Gauri meet Shivay, and ask him to give some time to Omkara and Rudra.

She asks Shivay how could he leave without informing anyone. She tells how worries she was for him. Anika emotionally boosts Shivay’s morale. Shivay doesn’t want to face his brothers. He can’t face their hatred. Omkara and Rudra have turned bitter towards Shivay because of Tej’s death. Omkara follows Gauri and finds her consoling Shivay. He doesn’t want Gauri to sympathize with Shivay. Shivay was proud of his strong relationship with his brothers. He gets in shock when his brothers express bitterness.

Omkara and Rudra try to get the big deal. They ask manager not to mention Shivay’s name, since they may lose the deal. They feel ashamed of Shivay and don’t want to be associated with him. Anika takes Shivay back home. Shivay shares his heart with her. He tells her that he has no courage to stay in his family, where he feels like a stranger. He didn’t imagine this day. The three loving and caring brothers have got separated.

Anika helps Shivay in writing a speech. She wants him to go to the factory and manage work. She asks him to deliver the speech and explain himself to his workers. She wants him to get the respect back. He tells her that he can’t fight with his own family. He feels guilty to hurt his family. He is facing a tough phase. Rudra learns about Anika preparing the speech. Rudra smartly gets the speech and destroys it. He wants to give the speech on Shivay’s behalf, since he was managing the factory in Shivay’s absence. Anika and Gauri try to cheer up Shivay. They don’t regard Shivay a murderer, and hope Omkara and Rudra will understand this some day. Rudra lays some problems in Shivay and Anika’s lives. Anika is trying hard to help Shivay get back to his old life.

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