High Five Spoilers: Silsila, Bepannaah and more

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Mauli visits a Dargah. She prays for Kunal and her happy marriage. She wishes everything gets fine in her life. The chandelier falls over her, but she gets saved. She gets blessed by Dargah Baba. The man tells her that someone is really praying for her by a good heart, someone is protecting her by prayers, that’s why Mauli is unhurt even when the chandelier fell close. Mauli gets surprised. The man tells her that she is lucky to have someone true in her life. Mauli doesn’t realize that Nandini and Kunal are her well wishers. Nandini is trying hard to win Mauli’s heart.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Tara attacks Aarohi again. Aarohi runs away to get saved. She then takes a disguise to mislead Tara. She just wants to save her unborn child. Virat and his goons reach Aarohi once again. She realizes the danger and runs away. She doesn’t know how much she would be running to save her life. She gets fed up and curses her fate for putting her in such a situation.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika and Bhoomi get busy in performing the puja rituals for Ved’s recovery. Bhoomi rushes to get the water. Vedika gets scared for Ved’s life. She finds Ved hanging down the terrace and screams. Vedika gets this illusion because of Nisha. She drops the water pot and gives up the rituals. She rushes to save Ved. She then finds Ved with Sahil. She hugs Ved. Ved tells her that he is fine. Badi Amma scolds her for not fulfilling the rituals well. Bhoomi succeeds to complete the rituals. Bhoomi was embarrassed that she couldn’t complete the last Tapasya. She impresses Sahil this time. Nisha wants to break Vedika and Bhoomi’s friendly bond.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman fights with all the pull backs and gets on his feet to save Ishita and his life. Aaliya gets impressed with Rohan. Ishita tells them that Rohan could never do such a thing, and she knew everything. She has much belief in Rohan. Aaliya follows Ishita’s belief and tells them that she will like to meet Rohan again. Navratri brings happiness in the family. They invite Rohan and Karan home. Aaliya surprises Rohan by proposing him for marriage. Everyone gets too joyed. Aaliya tells him that he is the perfect life partner for her, since she has decided to settle down again. Rohan happily accepts the proposal.


Muskaan vents out her frustration on Tabassum knowing about Aarti’s mental illness. Tabassum threatens her about sending Aarti away. Muskaan turns helpless because of Aarti. She is shattered and angry that Tabassum is playing with her feelings. She is heartbroken that Aarti didn’t recognize her. She was living her life in the brothel just because of Aarti. She couldn’t imagine that she will get her happiness half way. She is compelled to perform in the party. Tabassum wants to sell off Muskaan. Sir ji keeps the auction. Muskaan waits for some angel to come and save her from the evil people. She feels she has no option than to obey Tabassum so that she can save Aarti’s life.

Aditya and Zoya have some light moments. Aditya wants to spend his time just with Zoya. Zoya becomes the target of Anjana’s conspiracy. She is trying her best to keep her marriage without any doubts. She feels sorry to lessen Aditya’s happiness by her doings. Zoya wants to get rid of all the problems. Anjana gets happy knowing Aditya and Zoya’s relation is getting distant.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar’s lies to further cause troubles… Zara comes to some cafe with Imran and Reema. They plan to make Kabeer and Zara talk. When Kabeer comes there, Zara sees him and tries to leave. Zara finds her friends gone. She asks them to open the door. Kabeer tries to talk to Zara. She vents her anger on him. He asks her to listen to him once and try to understand. She gets angered when Kabeer forces the truth. She doesn’t want to listen to Kabeer. She scolds him for ruining her trust. She is much heartbroken. She tells him what she has gone through. She doesn’t want to see Kabeer. She gets mistaken because of Ruksar’s lies. She taunts Kabeer over his relationship with Ruksar. She takes a fork and threatens to hurt him.

Mariam Khan:
Farhaan and goons catch Biji and Mariam, and threaten Majaaz for fulfilling their evil plan. They put the pressure on Majaaz so that he gives up. Majaaz manages to flee with Mariam. Majaaz sends Mariam with Biji. Biji gives a new identity to Mariam and raises her. Majaaz gets caught by the terrorists. Mariam gets Majaaz’s picture and sheds tears in his memory. Majaaz has sacrificed his life and everything for saving Mariam. The family loses Majaaz and Mariam forever, because of Aayat. There will be a big leap in the show.

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  1. Wow dargah Baba some one is praying for Mauli’s wellbeing…..how Nandini can think of Mauli’s happiness when she has snatched everything from her….very baddddd..


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