Bepannaah brings Romance, revelations and revenge

Bepannaah brings Romance, revelations and revenge

Bepannaah brings Romance, revelations and revenge.. Aditya romances Zoya. Zoya gets interrupted by the mysterious person, chasing her happiness. Zoya first decided to not make any relation with Aditya, until she solves the mystery. Seeing Aditya’s love and concern, she changes her mind. She decides to take the relation to the next step. Aditya thinks Zoya needs some time to accept him. Zoya feels sorry to hurt Aditya again. He tells her that he isn’t in any hurry. He apologizes to Zoya. He makes plans to have many children. He tells Zoya that he didn’t mean to come close to her. Zoya feels embarrassed by his words. She wants to explain him that she didn’t wish to hurt his feelings. Zoya challenges her enemy. She wants to strengthen her relation with Aditya. She is sure to get happiness in Aditya and her life.

She loves Aditya a lot and believes in him. She doesn’t suspect Aditya. Zoya makes an apology to Anjana so that Aditya doesn’t get upset with her. Zoya doesn’t get any happiness after the marriage. Problems increase for Zoya. She wants to secure Hooda family from all the troubles.

Anjana plans against Aditya and Zoya. Anjana is calling Zoya to threaten her and break her happiness. Zoya wants to get the culprit punished. Zoya doesn’t want to become someone’s puppet and hurt Aditya’s feelings. Zoya wants to gather courage against the hidden enemies. Zoya learns Anjana’s truth when she spots Anjana paying the man for covering up the poison incident. Zoya realizes Anjana is the main culprit behind every bad incident occurring in the house. She decides to gather proof against Anjana and expose her truth in front of Aditya. Will Zoya succeed in her big task and expose Anjana? Keep reading here for more on Bepannaah.

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