High Five Spoilers: Ishq Mein Marjawa and more

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Aarohi gets saved after falling down the cliff. Deep tries to find Aarohi. Aarohi reaches some village and thinks someone can help her. Deep also reaches there. Someone throws knives at Deep. Deep asks who is daring to hurt him. He catches the knife. Abhimanyu meets Deep and thinks he is a threat for village. Abhimanyu and Deep get into a fight. Abhimanyu becomes Aarohi’s protector. Aarohi feels Deep wants to kill her, and stays with this misunderstanding. Aarohi runs away from Deep. Aarohi meets Abhimanyu and seeks his help. She cries for the baby she has lost. Aarohi suffers from a miscarriage. She has nothing to lose now. Aarohi learns the martial arts so that she can also protect herself. Abhimanyu trains her and becomes her Guru. Aarohi wants to take revenge from her enemies. She wants to become strong.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan gets troubled by her daughters-in-law. Guddan wants to control them. She gets dressed up and is confused. They send her to Akshat. Guddan learns Akshat’s truth and angrily burns his favorite painting. He tries to put off the fire and save the painting. She vents out anger on her. He also scolds her for her misbehavior. She tells him that his painting is safe, she has burnt a fake painting to scare him. She tells him that she isn’t a cheater like him. She confronts him for lying to her about Parv. Akshat had reasons to hide the truth. She tells him that she hates Parv, and can’t tolerate him. They have an argument over Parv.

Tulika does black magic on Meera. Vivaan and Meera have a romantic moment. They get over Paromita’s matter. Their misunderstandings get over. Tulika gets irked seeing Meera’s happiness. Tulika gets an apple for Meera. Meera consumes the drugged apple and collapses. Vivaan gets worried for Meera.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara is upset with Kabeer. She faints in Shariah board. Kabeer gets her home and takes care of her. When Zara gets fine, she tries to keep herself engaged. Zara cooks food and goes lost thinking about Kabeer. Her dupatta catches fire. Kabeer reaches there and finds the fire. He rushes to save Zara from danger. Kabeer couldn’t give divorce to Ruksar or Zara. His wives have no reason for divorce. He worries for Zara and asks her if her hand is burnt. Kabeer and his mum ensure Zara’s well-being. Kabeer and Zara have an emotional moment. Kabeer dreams of reconciling with Zara. Ruksar enjoys the differences and fights between Kabeer and Zara. Ruksar stops Kabeer from going to Zara. She asks him to welcome her, than following Kabeer. She doesn’t want Kabeer to convince Zara.

Internet Wala Love:
Aadhya and Samrat get engaged. He is very happy that he will marry Aadhya. She is confused and unhappy. She wanted to marry the guy she would love. She doesn’t love Samrat. Aadhya finds Jai’s behavior changing towards her. She doesn’t know the reason. She realizes the good friendly side of Jai. Samrat knows the truth of Jai and Aadhya’s internet friendship. He hides the secret from Aadhya. Jai records Samrat and Aadhya’s engagement moments. Jai finds Aadhya unhappy. He doesn’t want Samrat’s happiness to stay unfulfilled. Jai cares for Samrat. Samrat stays on toes to hide his past truth. The truth will come out in the engagement party.

Jiji Maa: Uttara to counter Piyali’s smart plans… Falguni dances with Suyash and Piyali in their Sangeet ceremony. Piyali lies to Karma and controls him. Uttara plays to bring out Suyash’s illness truth and frame Piyali in the false news. Uttara doesn’t want the marriage to happen. She is sure that Falguni will stop the marriage when Suyash’s fake lung cancer truth comes out. She calls Suyash’s doctor home to reveal the truth to family. Piyali finds Uttara up to some plan and tries to know it. Piyali reaches the doctor and limits him before he tells anything to Falguni. Piyali gives medicines to Suyash and gets his state normalized. Suyash thanks Piyali for help. Piyali wants to snatch Falguni’s relations. She wants to really marry Suyash.


Soumya celebrates Navratri with Sameer and his mum. She does the puja with them. She goes to temple and finds Lavneet, who does a puja for Harman. Soumya scolds her for making a true relation on the basis of a lie. She tells Lavneet that she can’t get true love this way. Lavneet is sure to make a relation with Harman by cheating him. Soumya wants to expose her truth to Harman. Harman’s name Sindoor falls over Soumya. Soumya’s belief will get Harman to her.

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