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Spoilers Kumkum Kundali and more

TGI Friday’s Telly Spoilers… Udaan:
Chakor can’t tolerate Anjor’s hatred. Suraj asks Chakor to win Anjor’s heart before she gets away from them more. He doesn’t want the annoyance to make a place in Anjor’s heart. He asks Chakor to agree to Anjor’s demands, so that she feels special and valued in their lives. Vikram instigates Anjor against Chakor. He asks Anjor not to let Chakor get enmity with Rajeshwari, else she will have to pay a price for it. He scares Anjor of Rajeshwari’s evil. Anjor gets worried and asks Chakor to withdraw the case against Rajeshwari. Chakor readily agrees to Anjor just to keep her word. This surprise Anjor. She starts believing in Chakor’s love again and hugs her.

Chakor and Suraj love Anjor a lot, and also make Anjor realize this. They tell Anjor that they will do anything to protect her. Chakor wants Anjor to feel safe at home. Vikram sees their happy family bonding, and gets angered. He wants to punish Suraj and Chakor, by making their daughter against.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam gets mistaken after seeing Fawad with a bar dancer. She thinkshe has some evil intentions in mind. She calls the cops there to get Fawad arrested. Fawad tries to clarify that he is a reporter, and has come to meet the lady to retrieve some important information. Fawad gets worried for his hard work getting ruined. Mariam runs away with his bag, which contains information about Majaaz. Fawad has recorded all his findings in his ipad. Mariam wants to check it and get confirmation about Majaaz’s survival. Fawad gets angered and chases Mariam to get his stuff back.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Anurag gets too concerned for Prerna. Nivedita observes him, when he reacts angrily on seeing Navin with Prerna. Anurag tries to expose Navin’s truth by calling his girlfriend home. However, Navin manages the matter. Anurag fails to prove anything against Navin. Anurag gets stressed over the engagement happening. Anurag goes to drop Prerna home. They have fun on the way. Prerna enjoys in the rain. Anurag gets mesmerized seeing her and also enjoys the rain. Prerna is happy to get a new friend. She sees Anurag changing a lot. She makes Anurag eat a betel and laughs. Anurag and Prerna have a fun moment.

Ronak gets saved from the police and Sir ji’s goons. They both come to an unknown place. They share the house. Ronak cares for Muskaan and asks her to sleep on the bed. She sleeps on the ground. He asks her why is she adamant always. The goons reach the house to find them. Ronak and Muskaan hide from them, and act like a village couple. They have a moment. Ronak and Muskaan turn caring for each other. Muskaan and Ronak get chased by sharp shooter Bablu. Bablu has to kill Ronak and take Muskaan back to the brothel. Sir ji wants Muskaan back at any cost, as his pride is at stake.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika does tandav to save Sahil from Nisha’s evil powers. Sahil has turned into a stone. Vedika asks Shiv to bless her and Sahil. She gets stubborn to save Sahil’s life. She wants to revive Sahil by her devotion. Nisha asks Vedika to stop this. Vedika asks Nisha to make Sahil fine, else she won’t stop. Nisha agrees to Vedika and frees Sahil from the spell. Vedika gets happy that she has managed to save Sahil. Vedika and Sahil happily unite. Vedika cries and hugs Sahil, telling him how much worried she was for him. Arya also helps Vedika in solving the problems.

Yeh Rishta: Manish feels guilty for shattering bonds… Akhilesh asks for his share in Goenka house and business. Manish feels sorry for everything he did in ignorance. Akhilesh makes Manish realize his mistakes. He counts Manish’s numerous mistakes and tells the family how badly Manish treats him. He doesn’t want to bear the humiliation anymore. He feels he is much talented and can do something on his own, than being Manish’s puppet. He tells Manish that he has tolerated a lot since so many years, and now he wants his share so that he leaves along with his family. Akhilesh wants to take Surekha and his sons away from Goenka family. Akhilesh plans to settle abroad and start his own business. Akhilesh’s words becomes an eye-opener for Manish.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni teams up with Niyati to find the enemies. They want to know who is helping Piyali and why. Falguni tells Niyati about Sheikh’s fake identity. They make a plan to expose Sheikh to know the truth. Falguni targets Uttara by a smart plan. Uttara falls in big trouble.

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