High Five Spoilers: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and more

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ishita and Romi hide the company losses truth from Raman. They try to sell the jewelry by lying to Raman. Ishita tells Raman that she gave the jewelry for polish, since its Aaliya’s marriage. Raman doesn’t believe her. He senses that she is lying. She tells him that she is saying the truth, why is he doubting on her this way, Romi was already going to jeweler, and I gave this my responsibility as well. She asks Raman not to get suspicious. Ishita is handing all the problems in her family. She manages Aaliya’s marriage preparations, Pihu’s school duties and also the family. She wants to set everything fine. She hides her sacrifices from Raman. Raman also understands that Ishita and Romi are concealing some matter, and gets more interested in spying over to find out.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika takes a Mata Rani avatar to fight Nisha. Her patience breaks. She doesn’t want to tolerate Nisha’s evil. She gets a big shock when Nisha cages Sahil and family inside some magical room. Nisha wants to target Vedika and Sahil. She tortures the entire family. Sahil rescues the family. He sends everyone out of the magical door. Vedika wants to save Sahil’s life. Vedika takes a trishul and hits Nisha. Nisha loses all her evil powers.

Silsila: Rajdeep to kidnap-torture Nandini… Nandini decides to leave from Kunal’s life. She leaves from the house. Rajdeep spots her and takes advantage of the situation. He kidnaps Nandini and takes her to a godown. He tells her that she has punished everyone around. He scolds her for punishing her husband, friend and lover too. He asks if she won’t get punished. He tells her that he will be punishing her. He tortures Nandini. He threatens of killing her. He gets the kerosene oil and pours around her.


Anarkali wanted to leave for Kashmir so that things get better for Salim. Salim learns about her departure. He rushes to stop his best friend and love from leaving. Salim asks Anarkali not to leave. Anarkali tells him that its necessary for her to go. Salim tells her that he is a prince and he is ordering her. She agrees to him. Rukaiya creates a misunderstanding between them. Anarkali is scared of Rukaiya. She doesn’t want Salim to get anger. Salim learns Anarkali isn’t obeying his command and trying to leave the palace again. He wants to know why she doesn’t want to meet him. He tells her that she has to listen to him. He commands her to leave the palace, if she really wants to go. Anarkali also has feelings for Salim. She doesn’t want to go, but she is helpless. Salim sends Anarkali, and then realizes his feelings for Anarkali.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Komolika awaited in Prerna’s engagement… Navin insists Prerna and takes her home. Prerna meets Mohini, who gifts her a costly saree for the engagement. Mohini asks Prerna to try the saree and check the fitting, if she needs any alterations. Prerna wears the saree and comes to Mohini. Anurag likes Prerna in the red saree. He wants to compliment her, but stops seeing Navin with Prerna. Navin compliments Prerna. Navin tells Mohini about Chobey’s rich status.

Internet Wala Love:
Samrat’s ex Sanaya comes in the engagement to expose his truth. Samrat has blackmailed her. He threatens to defame her. Sanaya doesn’t want Aadhya’s life to get ruined. She learns Aadhya is Samrat’s new target. She tries to contact Jai and give evidence against Samrat. She wants to reveal Samrat’s evil face. Samrat reaches Jai and stops him from meeting Sanaya. Sanaya fails to convey truth to Jai. Samrat spots Sanaya. He finds her and threatens to ruin her life. Samrat doesn’t want anyone to create hurdle in his marriage. He is afraid that the family can know his truth. Jai will be breaking Aadhya and Samrat’s engagement.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar keeps a shocking condition… Ruksar stoops more low. She returns the bridal dress to Kabeer. She also gives away all the jewelry. She keeps a condition and tests Kabeer and Zara’s love. She also wants to test her fate. She gets guided and realizes that Kabeer and Zara fell in love after their divorce. She feels if Kabeer will also fall in love with her if she takes divorce. She tells Kabeer that she has freed him now. She gets few days time to make Kabeer fall for her. She plans to impress Kabeer by her ways.

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