Udaan: Special merger episode brings Karwachauth twists

Udaan: Special merger episode brings Karwachauth twists

Udaan: Special merger episode brings Karwachauth twists… Chakor gets worried for Suraj when the days passes soon and the court hearing gets close. She wants to end Anjor’s hatred by getting Suraj home. Suraj gets tortured by Vikram, when Chakor doesn’t withdraw the case. Suraj gets proud of Chakor that she didn’t give up in front of evil. Suraj tells Vikram that Chakor will burn his evil kingdom in no time. Vikram gets enraged and reveals his evil intentions to Suraj. He tells Suraj that even if Chakor withdraws the case against Rajeshwari, even if Rajeshwari gets freed from the blames, he will kill Suraj and Chakor. He doesn’t want to spare their lives. On the other hand, Rajeshwari tests Chakor’s patience by gifting her a white saree, signing that Chakor is going to turn into a widow soon.

Rajeshwari angers Chakor and tells her that Suraj is going to die. She asks Chakor to better keep Karwachauth fast for Suraj’s long life, but Suraj won’t be coming to break her fast. Chakor has much belief that Suraj will come to break her Karwachauth fast. Chakor prepares for Karwachauth and prays for Suraj’s welfare, with all the belief and devotion. Chakor gets help from Colors Bahus, who try to unite Chakor and Suraj. Suraj gets angered when Vikram reveals about selling off Anjor. Suraj sets himself free and beats up Vikram. He breaks out of Vikram’s clutches and rushes to home to meet his family. Suraj wants to protect Chakor and Anjor, and also get the evil doers punished. There will be a merger episode of Udaan and other shows to present SuKor’s union on Karwachauth.

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