Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Amyra’s surprise for Kulfi gets a twist

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Amyra and Kulfi worry for their parents’ separation. They seek help from the school principal so that they can come up with a clever plan to unite Sikandar and Lovely. Kulfi sings

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Amyra’s surprise for Kulfi gets a twist… Amyra and Tevar make a plan to cheer up Kulfi. They plan a surprise for Kulfi. Amyra calls Tevar home. She tells Lovely that she invited Tevar and Kulfi home. Lovely gets worried seeing Kulfi’s influence on Amyra. Sikandar sees a big change in Amyra because of Kulfi. He thinks Amyra is learning good habits from Kulfi. He wishes they always stay together. Sikandar hugs Amyra happily. He gets upset with Lovely. Lovely argues with Sikandar over teaching wrong things to Amyra. He thinks its useless to talk to her.

Gunjan witnesses their fight. Sikandar sees Tevar getting Kulfi home. Sikandar asks Kulfi not to stay upset. He wants their annoyance to end. Amyra tells Tevar that she wants to gift a school uniform to Kulfi. Tevar likes the idea. Gunjan learns that Kulfi is upset with Sikandar for a reason. Kulfi asks Sikandar to tell her real father’s name. She stays upset with him.

Gunjan realizes that Sikandar knows the half truth, and wants Kulfi to stay with Tevar. She wants to tell the truth to Kulfi so that Kulfi gets her father Sikandar. Amyra surprises Kulfi with the uniform. She asks Kulfi to try the uniform. She tells Kulfi that Sikandar has got this for her. She asks Kulfi to wear the uniform and come. Gunjan tries to talk and tell Kulfi that Sikandar is her father. Amyra makes Kulfi ready in her new uniform. Kulfi gets emotional.

She wants to show the uniform to her mum first. She looks pretty in the uniform. Amyra tells Kulfi that her mum is also happy for her. Kulfi wishes to pass in the entrance test. She also wants to meet Sattu soon. Amyra prays that Kulfi’s prayers get fulfilled. Amyra asks Kulfi to come with her and show the surprise to everyone. Gunjan tries to tell the truth to Kulfi that Sikandar is her father. Amyra gets to hear the truth and gets devastated. Amyra doesn’t know how to react. Sikandar and Lovely find Amyra panicking and ask the reason for it.

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