Yeh Rishta: Mystery unveils; A new revenge drama begins

Yeh Rishta Kya: Samarth puts light on Dadi's dark past

Yeh Rishta: Mystery unveils; A new revenge drama begins… There happens a big drama when someone from the family enters the Goenka house. Naira and Kartik learn about the mystery man. They realize that Dadi is hiding something. Dadi is scared that her son Samarth will be ruining her family again. Naira is sure to find Samarth. She questions Dadi about Samarth. Manish and Dadi prefer to stay tight-lipped on the matter. They don’t reveal anything about Samarth. They just wish that Samarth never returns to the family. Samarth feels Manish has always acted like Ram and made Akhilesh his Laxman. He gets angered that he wasn’t considered Bharat, but a Raavan all the time. He feels Manish has done much injustice with him to throw him out of the house.

He wants to take revenge on Manish. He wants his rights on the family back. He instigates Akhilesh against Manish to break their unity. He knows Akhilesh is big support for Manish, and if he gets away, Manish will surely shatter. He wants to return back all the sorrow and tears to Manish, which he had received once.

Yeh Rishta: Mystery unveils; A new revenge drama begins

Dadi doesn’t want the shameful past to be known to Kartik and Naira. She hides the past only for the betterment of the family. Akhilesh invites Samarth in the Dushehra party. Samarth arrives there in disguise. Consequently, he plays the Raavan in the skit just to give a shock to Manish and Dadi. Furthermore, Dadi realizes her son’s presence and gets jitters. Manish supports Dadi and tells her that everything will be fine. Manish doesn’t want Kartik to face evil Samarth. Kartik and Naira swear to handle Samarth’s Raavan avatar and also defeat him. They want to protect their family, and also save Akhilesh’s relations with them. Manish wishes Akhilesh understands the rights and wrongs. He doesn’t want Samarth to use Akhilesh for his revenge motives. Will Kartik and Naira succeed to save the family? Keep reading.

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