Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Marriage celebrations calls big twists

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Marriage celebrations calls big twists… Raman and Ishita are happy for Ruhi and Karan’s alliance. Ruhi gives her consent for marrying Karan. This brings happiness in Bhalla family. Everyone blesses Ruhi and Karan. Aaliya is very happy for Ruhi. Raman tells Ruhi that she can be with Aaliya in her new house. He gets emotional that he will do bidaai of two daughters together. Raman and Ishita face the financial trouble. They head to the temple for Rohan and Aaliya’s marriage funtions. The money lender’s goons get troubling Bhallas.

A couple reaches the temple and begs to them that they let their marriage happen first. The couple shares their love story. Ishita agrees to help the couple in love. She asks the pandit to help the couple. She decides to get the couple married by all the rituals. She leaves from the temple to get chunri and marriage items.

She finds the goons and opposes them. She asks the goons to leave. She wants to know how is Raman trapped by the goons and how is he managing funds when the company is running in losses. Rohan and Aaliya’s marriage function stops by the goons’ entry. Ishita tries to handle the matter.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Marriage celebrations calls big twists

She worries for Raman’s absence and calls him up. Ishita wants to know about Raman’s hidden ways to arrange funds. Bhallas start preparations for the marriage functions. Ishita and all the ladies in Bhalla house celebrate Karwachauth. Ishita plans to get Ruhi and Aaliya’s marriages done in the same mandap. Rohan sends Sargi for Aaliya. He also keeps a love letter for Aaliya. Ishita teases Aaliya and asks her to check the letter quickly.

Karan gets Sargi for Ruhi as well. He makes Ruhi feel special. Aaliya and Ruhi take blessings from all the elders. Raman wants Ruhi to move on in life and finds Karan a good match. Everyone is happy for Ruhi’s prospering future with Karan. Ruhi feels Karan is very loving and caring. She looks ahead for her marriage with Karan. Raman feels he is very fortunate that his daughters is getting married in a good family.

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