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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein/YHM:
The Bhallas receive a huge amount of money. Raman tells them that he has managed the funds. Ishita wants to know his whereabouts. She worries that he is missing from Aaliya’s function. Ishita gets spying on Raman. Raman gets caught by the goons, who want to recover the loan from him. Ishita also reaches the goons’ place to find Raman. Raman argues with the goons. He didn’t wish Ishita to know his secret. Many twists come in Aaliya’s marriage ceremony. Raman gets threatened by the goons. Raman is helpless. Ishita will be finding his secret.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Akshat and Guddan make a clay diya. Akshat helps her out in moulding the diya. Guddan gets this task by her three Bahus. Akshat doesn’t want his wife to get troubled. Akshat and Guddan get into a sweet moment. Akshat finds her struggling to make diyas alone. He feels Guddan can do anything if she gets the right guidance. He doesn’t discourage Guddan. Everyone thinks Guddan is useless and can’t do anything on her own. Akshat doesn’t believe so.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam gets the driver’s job in Firdaus Mahal. Rifat hires her for Aaliya’s sake. Mariam is given her old room. She gets emotional seeing her room, which holds her childhood memories. She is happy to get her family back. The family doesn’t recognize her. Mariam calls Biji and shows her room. She tells her that she is in her own room after nine years. She gets a shocking evidence. She can’t believe that Majaaz has become a terrorist. She knows her dad is a superman and can never do wrong with anyone. She checks the photos and videos which show Majaaz in bad light. She breaks down seeing the evidences.

Papa By Chance:
Harman breaks the truth that Yuvaan has done the accident of Chatwals. He brings the photo evidence against Yuvaan, and shocks the kids. Yuvaan gets depressed. He never wanted to lie to the kids. The kids see Yuvaan with the red car in the pictures. They also see their parents’ picture. The kids learn the truth. They go to the court to give statement in Yuvaan’s favor. They change their mind and vent out anger on Yuvaan. They expose Yuvaan’s truth in the court. The kids think Yuvaan was acting good just to win the case. Yuvaan doesn’t defend himself and understands the kids’ pain.

Ishika’s haldi ceremony is seen. Roop gets the haldi for her from the groom’s side. Roop applies haldi to Ishika. He decides that he won’t do anything to stop Ishika’s marriage now. He leaves the decision on fate. He doesn’t want to become a hurdle in Ishika and Ranvir’s marriage. He feels if his love for Ishika is true, then she will come to him. Roop is happy for Ishika’s happiness. On the other hand, Ishika is in dilemma over her marriage decision.


Lavneet kidnaps Harman and keeps him captive in her custody. She makes unconscious Harman gain consciousness. Harman asks her to free his hands and let him go. Lavneet says she is helpless and can’t let him go even if she wants, says he has made his place in her heart. Harman tells her that he is married. Lavneet tells him that she can give her life for him and can take someone’s life for him. She keeps the knife on his neck and tries to threaten him. Soumya senses Harman is in danger and searches for him.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai fights with the goons and saves Aadhya. Samrat gets irked and thinks Jai became a hero in front of Aadhya. Aadhya and Jai are coming closer. Aadhya shouts Jai’s name when the goon is about to hit her. Samrat gets clued about their growing fondness for each other. Goon holds Aadhya’s hand. Jai gets angry and beats him. Jai and Samrat bring her home. Everyone gets happy. Aadhya faints while the family celebrates Karwachauth. Jai holds her and tells that she didn’t have anything since her kidnapping 24 hours back and makes her drink water, oblivious to the fact that he is actually breaking her fast. All couples in both families break their fast. Samrat comes and sees Aadhya and Jai together.

Nimki Mukhiya: Tetar Singh and family oppose Sweety’s remarriage by coming in Rituraj’s words again. Nimki supports Sweety and wants to get her married to Abhimanyu. She helps Sweety elope. She asks Sweety not to miss the chance to start a new life with Abhimanyu. She knows that life doesn’t give a second chance to every girl. Rituraj finds Sweety missing and spots Nimki there. He realizes that Sweety has run away from the house. He rushes to inform Tetar that Nimki has made Sweety escape from the house. Babbu Singh gets angry knowing about Nimki’s big move.

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