YHM: A new unexpected mystery for Ishita

YHM: A new unexpected mystery for Ishita

YHM: A new unexpected mystery for Ishita… Raman gets busy on important calls. Raman and Ishita celebrate happiness in Aaliya’s mehendi ceremony. Romi gets hands on Raman’s phone to spy on him. He wants to know whom is Raman talking to secretly. Ishita asks Romi to find the funds sources. Pihu fails Romi’s attempts. Karan and Ruhi have a cute moment. Karan teases her and shows tantrums being the groom’s brother. Ruhi also puts up a good reply for him. Kaushalya feels they are made for each other. Romi spies on Raman to know who is bothering him. Romi doesn’t get any information. He doesn’t want to tell anything to Ishita, since nothing is clear yet. He wants to understand the matter first and the inform Ishita.

Kaushalya wants to get Ruhi and Karan married. She feels just Ruhi can handle Karan well. Ruhi and Karan get surprised on hearing Kaushalya. Furthermore, Aaliya’s mehendi ceremony begins with many smiles. Ishita writes Rohan’s name on Aaliya’s palm. Pihu tells them that Aaliya won’t live with them now. Everyone gets emotional. Rohan promises to look after Aaliya well. Karan also assures that he will take care of his Bhabhi. Pihu tells him that someone from the family should accompany Aaliya. Kaushalya gets a chance to keep Karan’s proposal for Ruhi in front of Bhallas. She tells Bhallas that she wishes Ruhi and Karan to get married. She adds that Ruhi and Aaliya would live together in the same household.

Raman and Ishita take some time to discuss the alliance with Ruhi. They don’t pressurize Ruhi and want to support her decision. Raman knows Karan is a nice guy, but asks Ruhi to take her time. Karan meets Ruhi and tells her that Kaushalya has been their friendship and kept this proposal. He tells Ruhi that she has always been supportive and he also feels he has fallen in love with her. He asks her to take a decision without any emotional pressure. Karan proposes Ruhi for marriage.

Ruhi feels its happening suddenly. Ishita asks Rohan to be with Karan till Ruhi gives a reply. She doesn’t want the happy moment to break. Bhallas celebrate. They face an unexpected situation when some goons barge in to Aaliya’s mehendi ceremony intentionally. Ishita and Romi try to handle the misbehaving men. Bhallas carry the event ahead. Mani and Bala also try to help. The goons want to create a scene and ruin the event. Romi threatens them to leave. The goons name Raman and create a new mystery for Ishita. The family wants Raman back so that they can handle the situation. Raman reprimands Ishita and Romi. His behavior gets odd with passing time.

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