Haunted house in Ek Ghar Banaunga


Poonam and Akash try to sell Prabhunath’s house in the show. Prabhunath gives his consent to sell the house. Kanno informs this news to Deepak and Kiran and they fly immediately to Sitapur from US. They come only to get their share in the property. Prabhunath is shocked to see what a son is like. He regards Akash as his son and disowns Deepak. The current track shows Poonam finding a house for her parents. They like a house but the problem is its haunted. Poonam does not believe in ghosts and rather selects that place for her parents, but Akash is against it. Will Poonam find the secret behind the haunted house? Who is keeping the people away from that house by spreading the rumors and scaring people? Stay tuned to your favorite show Ek Ghar Banaunga.


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