Kunal and Shraddha’s marriage in talk, Kamini unaware in Meri Bhabhi


A very romantic Kunal who always tried to woo Shraddha and win her heart failed big time because of Kamini’s refusal for his marriage with Shraddha. Anand thinkg Kittu was right about Kunal and Shraddha’s marriage when he sees Dhruv’s drawing of a family picture where he regards Kunal as his father. Anand goes to talk to Purshottam and Kamini (Kunal’s parents) about Kunal and Shraddha’s marriage but Kamini straightly refuses.

Purshottam realizes that Kunal agreed for marrying Payal but not from his heart. His father conscience urges him to agree for Kunal’s and Shraddha’s proposal. He takes Kunal and meets Zor and Amrit (Shraddha’s parents) to ask her hand for Kunal. Zor and Amrit on a good explanation from Purshottam gives their nod for the proposal. Shraddha on hearing this is really happy that her dream of marrying Kunal will be fulfilled. Purshottam asks everyone to keep this hidden from Kamini till the Roka happens. So finally, Shraddha’s life will have some happiness in her life. What will Kamini do when she comes to know about this? Keep reading.




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