New entry in Sadda Haq, Randhir to become jealous



This week, the famous promo queen Sanyukta Agarwal, who keeps popping up on Star Plus in every break, landed in a village with counterpart Randhir and the gang. We have seen in the show how much Randhir hates her and asking her to prove her worth. While they hunt to get a house to live in, things start getting so difficult for them that even drinking water is a far off thing. Sanyukta and Randhir have some awkward moments where her dress gets dirty by cow dung and she asks him to clean it. He foolishly removes her dupatta to clean her dress. All the villagers look at them happily as they get a Hindi romantic movie to watch live.


Sanyukta manages to convince a lady to get a house. Randhir and everyone join Sanyukta. She cooks for them and they have fun. Randhir and Sanyukta get closer and the viewers wish the screen to freeze on them. A scene comes where Sanyukta sees a boy fallen in a pit, she goes to help him and falls too. There is a new entry in the show. A young, handsome and muscular dude who runs to help Sanyukta seeing she needs help. Randhir too proceeds, but lags behind. A kind of jealousy starts in Randhir’s heart. Will Randhir understand his feelings for Sanyukta? Keep reading.


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