Ishq Kills 23rd February 2014 *2nd Episode* Star Plus Written Update


The second episode of Ishq Kills starts with the story named Kissing Cousins. The one who has life in her eyes, such beautiful girls can often become dangerous and her love can go against her lover. Raj and Mahi were lovers who wanted to give their love a name, but their love was unlawful in the society.

Ishq Kills Episode 2


Raj recalls the day when he saw Mahi for the first time. Raj was married to Keerti. Mahi comes to their house to stay for two days. She is Raj’s cousin. Raj was bowled over by her beauty. Keerti says Raj is like your brother and I m your Bhabhi. She does not think what will their relation turn to. Raj knew her since childhood, but now after he has seen her grown up and beautiful, he starts falling in love with her. Mahi is unhappy with her family. Keerti says Mahi’s brother always keeps an eye on Mahi and can’t let her stay happy. Mahi finds peace in Raj’s house. Keerti asks Mahi to stay with them and she will talk to her mum.

One day, Mahi walks in Raj’s room and sees him shirtless. She gets attracted to him. Mahi smiles seeing him and leaves. Mahi spends her time with Keerti and Raj. Keerti and Raj have a baby. Mahi also starts liking Raj. Raj was unable to stop him from falling in love with her. One night, he gets up and goes to see Mahi. Mahi sees him. Next day, Mahi tells Keerti that I m sacred, I felt someone came to my room, I will sleep with you today. Keerti says don’t be scared, there is no one in our house. Keerti asks her to close the door and sleep. Mahi says no need, I m going tomorrow. Mahi is leaving and hugs Raj and Keerti. Raj feels he is also leaving with her. He feels lost without her. Mahi leaves and comes to her home.

Mahi’s brother is very strict and scolds her for staying at Raj’s house for three days instead of two. Mahi’s mum asks her sons not to treat Mahi as a maid. Her brothers say now Mahi has grown up, we have to look after her. Her mum asks them not to behave as her dad and not restrict her so much. Her brothers say we are only looking after our family’s respect. Mahi’s mum calls Raj (she is Raj’s bua) and says Anuj and Manoj (Mahi’s brothers) are out of city and we women are alone here. She asks him to come over for three four days. Raj comes to stay with them.

Mahi shows Raj his room and asks him to call her if he needs anything. She flirts with him. At night, Raj gets restless. He comes to Mahi’s room and looks at her while she is sleeping. He knew what the consequences will be, knowing about Mahi’s brothers and their family relations, still he could not control himself and went ahead. Mahi wakes up and encourages him to sleep with her. They start dating and spend time with each other. While they are together, Keerti calls Raj and he does not take her call. He comes back to Keerti at their home. Keerti asks him what happened, why don’t you come close to me, did I do any mistake. He says its not your mistake, I m tired, I have lots of stress in office.

She asks him to share everything with her, whatever is in his mind. She has full faith in Raj. Someone started doubting Raj and Mahi. Mahi’s brother sees Mahi checking in a hotel room with Raj. He bring her home and slap her asking with whom was she in the hotel. Keerti confronts Raj asking why does he stay away from her, its been six months that they are not together. She asks for an answer where does he go stating office work. Keerti asks is there any girl. Raj denies. She asks him to quit the office work if there is so much stress.

Mahi’s brother hurts her for ruining her family name. Manoj’s wife Alka taunts Mahi. Mahi was fed up listening to the taunts. Mahi pushes Manoj’s wife off the terrace and kills her. She dies and its Mahi’s first revenge. Raj and Keerti come there to attend the funeral. Mahi signs him smiling infront of Keerti. Raj scolds Mahi for doing this publicly. Mahi says I m jealous of your wife, I want to…….. Raj asks what. She says I want to tell her the truth about us. Raj was caught in Mahi’s affair though he wanted to keep his marriage with Keerti. Mahi’s mum shows Mahi a marriage proposal. Mahi says I don’t want to marry. Manoj say we won’t be able to be with you always, we want you to settle down.

Manoj says its about our respect now, people are talking about her, she has to marry. Mahi tells Raj that marriage proposals are coming for her, but she regards him as her husband and can’t give his place to anyone. Raj says give me some time to think. Raj asks her how did Alka die? Did you do anything? Mahi denies. Anuj scolds Mahi for going out without telling them. Mahi says I went to meet my friend. He asks her to remember her village roots and values. He says I will burn you alive if you ruin our name. Mahi calls Raj. He is with Keerti and does not take her call. Keerti asks whose call was it. Raj says from office.

Mahi starts fearing that she will get away from Raj. She was thinking to destroy everything that comes in between Raj and her. Mahi kills her brother Anuj too. The inspector says there is something wrong, two deaths in a house in two months. Manoj doubts Mahi and confronts Mahi asking did you kill Alka and Anuj. He locks her in her room and says once I get sure about this, then I will kill you. Mahi calls Raj and cries telling him everything. Mahi runs away from her home. Manoj comes to know from his friend who has seen Mahi with Raj.

Mahi meets Raj and they are shown talking to each other. They decide to leave the city. Just then, Manoj comes and pulls Raj out of his car. He beats Raj with his goons while Mahi tries to save Raj. Mahi is taken away from Raj and he was lying helpless on the ground looking her leave. Later on, Raj buys a gun. He goes to Mahi’s house and shoots Manoj. He cries miserably as his love has made him a bloody murderer. His love made him such a person which he was not. He sacrificed his beautiful married life for Mahi.

Raj writes to Mahi a letter that he has taken all the blame of the murders she did. He says I was your protector but I used you, I did a sin and I should be punished. He gets arrested by the police. Mahi cries and recalls the moments spend with Raj. Keerti comes to confront Mahi. All the decisions were made by the heart. People forget that many lives are linked with their life, and their each step will affect their families too. Mahi and Raj lost their families. They did not get anything by their love.

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