Aaliya to leave Zain forever; Zain to stop her at the train station in Beintehaan


Surayya asks Aaliya to leave from Zain’s life as she wants to see him happy. She tells her how much Zain did for her by saving Aayath from Rocky and helping her family. Aaliya is upset and writes a letter to Zain saying she is going away from his life forever and maybe its Allah’s wish. Zain is shocked and runs to stops Aaliya. Aaliya is at the train station and Zain reaches there looking out for her and shouting Aaliya……… Will he stop her from leaving from his life? Will he tell her that he loves her? Stay tuned to your favorite show Beintehaan.

[dailymotion id=k6M3ga13Vt4JSi6eWDn]



  1. now zain and aaliya will realise how much they luv eachother.
    Hello admin, i hve one request pls can u give wu of show koffee with karan.last 2 weeks u didnt posted wu of this show.i know u hve busy schedule.pls try if its possible.thnx for ur daily reviews.

  2. O!!!!thnx a lot for considering my request.so nice of u..thats why i feel connected to this site.just now i read ur post on kwk and i really njyd it.thank u so much


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