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Alia, a 23 year old swimming student shares her story. Her childhood was good and her college days were also cool. She was a topper all the time. She tells that victory was making her mad. Alia lost to her best competitor Rajvi by just one second. Her coach talks to her that she has to try hard and do her best infront of the selection committee. He trains her further asking her to swim faster. Alia says she will win in the selection race and hopes high.


She meets her boyfriend Atul who reminds her that they were to meet at the college gate. Alia says she hates Rajvi and she wants to win over her. He tells her that she has big ego clash with her. Atul and the coach knew each other. The coach praises Alia to him. He says she is my student and don’t trouble her. Alia thanks him and took personal training from him. She was working hard to get ahead of Rajvi’s records. She sees Rajvi asking for personal training from the coach. He tells Alia that he does not have time for Rajvi and he wants to dedicate the time for her. Alia is happy. He trains her. He touches her back while training her.


She makes an excuse and tries to leave. He tells her to beat Rajvi and be with him. She did not realize what he is thinking about her. Alia had one thing in mind, to outdo Rajvi. Alia scares Rajvi wearing a dangerous mask and asks Rajvi to be afraid of her. Rajvi says the coach will take you in trouble, you are not aware of his intentions, why is he helping you? Alia says get lost. Rajvi leaves.

Alia comes late for the training session and tells the coach that she was with Atul. He scolds her and says this will not work, this is not a joke, you can pack your bags and leave. He says I don’t think you can beat Rajvi. She says but I really want to. He says Rajvi is the best student, to beat her, you win focus and serious training. Rajvi looks at them. He asks her to forget Atul and save her energy to work in the pool. He touches her and says give me your days, I guarantee you will be selected, not Rajvi. He says I hate losers.

Alia is a good swimmer but Rajvi is the best. Alia feels overconfident that now the coach is on her side. He comes to talk to her in the women’s changing room and acts sweet. She did not think much and was thinking about the next day where the team’s caption was getting selected. Alia finishes the race first and is happy. The coach makes him the team captain and she is very happy. Rajvi looks on. The coach asks her to make him happy. Alia was happy that she has beaten Rajvi and became the captain.

Alia meets Atul and they plan go on a long drive. She tells him that she became the captain of the swimming team. The coach asks Atul to give him lift and sits in their car. He tells Alia about the practice tomorrow morning and asks her to remember that she should forget everything. Atul says we were going on long drive. The coach says she needs rest today, we will drop her at the hostel. Atul agrees supporting Alia. Alia felt strange that the coach was interfering in her personal life. The next day, the coach asks everyone to do their best. Rajvi sees the coach touching Alia by making reasons. The coach asks Alia to stay back as everyone leaves. He asks her to come with him for practicing.

Alia felt scared and strange as his touch has hit her and she sensed it was wrong. He trains her and touches her again and again. She started getting negative thoughts. She says stop touching me, I want to go. He threatens her about her selection. He comes to her in the changing room and says he came to give her a massage. She says get out, else I will complain. He laughs and says what do you think, college will believe you. He holds her and says you are mine. He says you wanted to be selected, if you have guts, go and complain. I will tell everyone that you came closer to me to get selected and when I denied, you complaint.


He says Rajvi will testify against you. He starts molesting her and she runs inside the changing cabinet locking it. He bangs the door asking her to open it. She cries and was shocked realizing his true face. She felt Rajvi was right about the coach. She felt that the things she ignored in the starting made this trap ready for her. She sees the coach talking to Atul telling him the fake story. Atul apologizes to him from Alia’s side. Alia says I need to talk to you alone. The coach says I m not doing the complaint because of Atul, as he is like my younger brother. Atul asks him to forget everything.

Alia asks Atul not to trust the coach as he has molested her. Atul does not believe her. She says he tried to rape me. Atul says he is my family friend and I can’t believe this, it is your mistake, you wanted to win over Rajvi, I m out of this. Atul leaves annoyed. Alia cries as Atul asked her to take her name back from the swimmer’s team. She looks at the captain’s tag and breaks down. She goes to the college office take her name back saying she lost the interest in swimming. She says my education is getting affected. Sir says fine, as you wish.

Rajvi comes to talk to Alia and says I was always better than you. Alia says I don’t want to compete now. Rajvi says I won’t let you lose so easily. Alia tells her what she is going through. Rajvi says she knows everything. She tells her that the coach tried to misbehave with her also. Rajvi says he tried to molest Sheena also, he knew your weakness and targeted you. She asks Alia to fight against him and hugs her. Alia felt nice as Rajvi supported her. She hated her so much but Rajvi stood by her at this hour of need. Alia decided she will teach the coach a lesson.

Alia thinks of Rajvi’s inspiring words and comes back to join swimming. The coach comes to her and she tells him that she was worried that day and I want to win over Rajvi. He says you are a smart girl, and you can’t lose. He smiles and says I will give you a massage. Alia smiles and says do anything, this pain should go, I can’t afford to lose. He says go to changing room and wait for me. She looks at him giving him wrong signals intentionally to trap him in her plan.


The coach comes in the changing room and calls out Alia. She says Sir I m coming. He smiles thinking she gave up finally. He removes his shirt and a girl watches him and screams. He comes out and sees the college authorities. They ask him what was he doing in girl’s changing room. He says Alia forced me to come for the massage. He says I m being blackmailed by Alia. He says she said she will charge me of molestation. I have a family and don’t want to get into this. He lies to them and says he tried to explain Alia. He comes to know that Alia took her name back yesterday. He comes to know that Alia was not inside.

The coach calls out Alia. Alia comes and she denies everything. She says I was in canteen. He says I m trapped. The coach gets a good lesson and sees the girls smiling. Alia, Rajvi and others see his real face and laugh on him. Alia’s plan was successful and she was proud of herself. She brought all this to an end as the coach will not repeat such thing again. She thanks Rajvi for her support. Rajvi and Alia become good friends and race for getting selected in the committee. The coach lost his job and he did not get any job again. His wife gave him divorce and Alia pursued her dreams. Alia won many tournaments and proved her mettle. Alia became a swimming coach herself and is a real hero.


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  1. I lyk Rajvi more than Alia. When every1 deserted Alia she was der, even though they were rivals. Atul didnt understood Alia.
    Tit for Tat.. Women shd react..


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