Raman asks Ishita to slap Parmeet infront of everyone in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Raman was not so clear about Ishita being innocent as the messages in Parmeet’s phone gave him a different picture. Raman felt he can’t believe her completely as she is at some fault. Raman knows his wife and keeps quiet infront of everyone. Bala scolds him for breaking Ishita’s trust and not telling a word in her favor. Raman says he has nothing to say today as he can’t prove Ishita innocent, but when he gets some proof in her favor, that day he will surely speak in her favor and punish the guilty. Raman hears Parmeet threatening Sarika on phone to keep her mouth shut else he will not spare her ill mum.


Raman gets to know his truth and feels Ishita was right about him. Parmeet is indeed a Casanova who uses woman for his lust. Raman goes to talk to Sarika and asks her to support the truth. He brings her home and asks her to tell the truth to everyone, thus making Parmeet guilty in everyone’s eyes. Simmi is left shocked. Ishita looks on victorious as she is brought back in Bhalla house by Raman. Parmeet then tries to fill Raman’s ears against Bala saying Ishita and Bala are very close and more than friends. Raman gets enough of him and asks Ishita to slap Parmeet to make a full stop to his dirty mind and mouth. Ishita finally slaps Parmeet and his manhood. Way to go Raman!!


  1. Last week was an emotional one..
    Thank god tat dis plot ll end n dis week,.
    Need good family scenes. IshRa n angel Ruhi scenes. Fed up wid seeing parmeet

  2. Its sad to see people make such a big mistake as confusing an adulterer with rapist/molester..parmeet in the show is no Casanova..he is a rapist.Don’t one even know the difference between having an affair and molesting someone!

  3. its really good story giving tit for tat for all bad social things. kindly go on the same track not falling for commercial masala(having all rubbishes)

  4. simmi should leave such a stupid person, sarika should get help from raman,she should tell all truth about param.ishitha should get respect and love with bhallas.


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