Snapshot Reviews on 7th May 2014


Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Raman starts yelling on Parmeet shocking Simmi and everyone around. The Iyers walk in to see the drama. Appa asks Raman why did he call them. Ishita is surprised to see Sarika there. Parmeet tries to take Simmi in confidence and get protected. (What a coward!!) Raman asks Sarika to tell the truth to everyone and not be scared of Parmeet as he is with her. Sarika tells everyone about the Dubai matter, where Parmeet molested her and then she lost the job being afraid of him. She tells them how he threatened her about her mum, she felt helpless and agreed to keep her mouth shut. Parmeet says she is lying, she blamed me for wrong which I had not done. Raman warns Parmeet not to lie, else he will not spare him. Simmi does not believe Sarika and Ishita. Raman tells that he believed Ishita from first day when she exposed Parmeet but was silent as Parmeet is Simmi’s husband. He asks Ishita to slap Parmeet but Simmi stops her. Parmeet then speaks ill about Ishita and Bala. Ishita is shocked and slaps him finally. Raman gets into a rage and starts beating Parmeet. He calls the police and gets him arrested. Parmeet asks Simmi to trust him and he will come back soon. Raman confronts Bala about not speaking up when Subbu and his mum ruined Ishita’s life. He says even he felt helpless thinking about Simmi. Ishita says I m leaving and Raman gives a long speech showing he cares about her and it matter to him where she stays. (Raman was mind blowing in today’s episode. The way he supported his wife was amazing. Ishita eyed him with respect, wow, great show!!)



Saras and Kumud are lost. How? Silly Kumud is annoyed not trusting her love, her life and her husband Saras by simply seeing him with a woman. She sees the woman with someone else and realizes that she had done a mistake by doubting on Saras. Meanwhile, Saras goes to buy flowers for Kumud to make her happy. They lost touch and get worried and start hunting for each other. They wander on the roads asking people did you see my wife/husband wearing such clothes giving descriptions. They don’t get to see each other and their hope starts breaking. Kalika brings Danny somewhere. Danny wakes up as remembers how he saved Kalika from goons and got hit on his head. He sees her sitting at the bedside and crying. He finds his shirt open and does not understand what happened. Kalika accuses him of rape and says you look innocent but you are an animal. Danny is shocked and starts feeling guilty. Kalika says what will I tell Yash now, you have ruined me. Danny and Kalika come home. Everyone is shocked seeing Kalika’s state and asks her who did this. Kalika points on Danny. Danny cries. Everyone is shocked. Kumud cries breaking down. A woman asks her to believe in miracles and gives her an idea. Kumud agrees and writes a message for Saras on chit and encloses it on bottle leaving it in the lake. Saras is on the other side praying to get Kumud and the Lord helps them to unite. Saras gets the message and is happy. (Saras and Kumud, why do you they always distance apart? We always want to see them together and pity on Danny, he is so innocent and yet got trapped by cunning Kalika!!)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Astha gets ready to leave for home and meet Jyoti. Anjali asks her where is she going. Astha tells her that Kalindi caught cold and she is much worried about her as mum-daughter relation is of such love and care making Anjali think of Jyoti. Anjali permits her to go and gives some fruits for Kalindi. Astha smiles and hugs Anjali happily. Sojal thinks this is not justified as she went to meet her mum and there was such a big issue at home. Astha comes home and meets Jyoti. Jyoti shows her gift she bought for Anjali on her 50th birthday. Astha is surprised and decides to make it rocking for Anjali. She says this time everyone will celebrate her birthday. She accepts it as a challenge. She comes home and shares it with Kaka. Kaka understands that Astha met Jyoti and asks her. Astha tells him everything and asks his help to bring change in the house. Astha calls the education department saying there is paper leak in Niranjan’s institute. Niranjan is called there and he tells Anjali he has to leave. Kaka praises Astha for doing this. He asks Astha to convince Shlok. The detective comes home with Jyoti’s pics with Kalindi and hands it over to Sojal. Astha gets tensed and rings on landline to make Sojal busy. She takes the pics and leaves. She calls Kalindi and asks her to be careful. Astha talks to Shlok about Anjali’s birthday while he seems not interested. Astha tries to convince him. (Astha should get Shlok’s support to maintain her value in the house and to also make Anjali’s position stronger!!)

Tumhari Pakhi:


Anshuman sees Pakhi and Chutki leaving after having done work at net café. He follows them. Chutki understands they had a fight. Pakhi’s slipper breaks and he says he will get it repaired but she prefers to walk bare foot than taking his help. Anshuman too removes his slippers and walks barefoot. He finds it tough and his feet burns. Pakhi does not melt. They come home. Anshuman talks to Ayaan and tells him what happened throughout the day saying its not easy to get Pakhi’s forgiveness. Ayaan asks him to keep trying. Chutki comes to him and asks him to apologize to Pakhi. Anshuman tells her he said sorry many times but no use. Chutki tells him an idea to bring jalebis from Pakhi’s favorite sweet shop. Anshuman agrees and goes there but finds the jalebi maker ill and not making jalebis today. He tries to convince him to make few for him but fails. Lavanya does the pregnancy test and it results positive. She shares her joy with Girish. The couple gets much happy thinking their family will be complete. Lavanya says she is afraid of responsibilities but Girish offers her support and love. Anshuman makes the jalebis himself. Chutki calls him and asks him to stay there. She takes Pakhi and everyone there to witness Anshuman’s great love act. Pakhi is shocked seeing him make jalebis which he has never done in his life before. Chutki signs Anshuman happily. (Anshuman is trying hard to win Pakhi’s heart. Poor guy, but he deserves this for calling her characterless!!)

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


Madhu asks RK to leave. RK is so adamant that he sticks to her like glue. He asks her to have food as she was fasting for his life. RK asks Leela to cook food soon as he is very hungry. Leela and Sweety cook food for RK and Madhu. Madhu says she won’t have food. RK insists a lot saying some filmi lines which goes above Madhu’s head. RK shows her the gun and tries to scare her. Leela and Sweety get scared and Sunny is shocked too. Madhu tells him that she is not scared of death and asks him to kill her keeping the gun on her head. RK says you are my wife, I love you, is my love such small that I will kill you, no I will kill myself if you don’t eat food. He puts the gun on his head. Leela asks Madhu to eat saying if he kills himself, his goons will kill us, please eat. She makes Madhu eat against her wish. The band plays and everyone look puzzled. RK says its Madhu’s bidaai and asks Leela to make Madhu ready to go to in laws’ house. Madhu says she won’t go with him. RK insists and scares Leela. Leela asks Madhu to go and makes her ready. RK throws flowers on Madhu and lifts her to take her to the car. Sunny gets angry but Leela pulls him back. RK and Madhu to meet RK’s family. RK handcuffs her hand with his hand thinking she can jump off the car. RK tells her about his parent’s death and how his Tau ji has done his upbringing. He asks her to control her anger in his house else she will get killed. Madhu gets scared and says Kanha ji, in which world am I going now. RK’s family is shown. Tau ji and Maai ji are worst people who have no emotions and respect only male gender. (Madhu is landing in big problem, wish her all the best!!)


  1. YHM:
    It rockz.. Loved Raman. Usually I dnt like long lectures bt Ramans speech was mind blowing. Waiting for Raman’ smile in todays episode. So many sub plots r pending due to dis parmeet plot. rumi-Bala, Trisha-Mihir engmnt..

    the episode was good due to FBs. The writers were illogical n dis episode. Poor Danny

    Just an Average episode. Surprise is that I was nt sad for the absence of Ashlok moments.

    MB: I dnt lyk d current track..


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