Draupadi realizes that Abhimanyu and her 5 sons will die, and seeks to not have the War



After Abhimanyu’s entry in Virat’s Kingdom, Draupadi’s other 5 sons (Prativindhya, Sutasom, Sutakarma, Satanika and Shrudhasena) comes to meet her from Indraprastha. Pandavas are very happy to meet their sons. Both Ahimanyu and the 5 sons seek their mother Draupadi’s blessings. Draupadi sooner becomes anxious to know the fate of the war from Krishna because of the following reasons:


– First, the protection thread with 5 stones(with blessing of Krishna) that she had put on Abhimanyu’s hand broke just after she put it on his hand.
– Second, Sudeshna after getting a promise from Krishna about Abhimanyu’s leading the Yug Parivartan and Abhimanyu and Uttara’s son to be the King of Indraprastha. Uttara herself will see through the times of war to peace. Sudeshna informs the same to Draupadi.


Draupadi after understanding these events/facts becomes anxious as she feels something is amiss and very bad will happen in the war. She then goes to Krishna and insists him to tell her the fate of the war. Krishna at first replies to her that we should not interfere in God’s planning about the life and instead focus on the present and Karm (work). She repeatedly asks him to tell her the fate, As seen in the new promo, Krishna then informs her that only Pandavas (her 5 husbands) will be alive after the war, and the Raja Shantanu’s clan referring to her 5 sons will die. She also knows that Abhimanyu will die as well as Uttara’s son will be the king of Indraprastha after the war. Draupadi then speaks with great pain that she doesn’t want a war..

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