Poll: What will be Ghuman's fate post Kabir's comeback?



Ghuman’s sins’ pot has got full and now she does have any door to escape. Saras and Kumud brought Kabir back to Ratnagiri. Ghuman’s plan to separate Danny and Kusum also failed. Now, Danny knowing the entire structure of her sins and having more chances of abandoning her, how will Ghuman win her son back? We think Danny will hate her. But Saras won’t be quiet and would definitely send her to jail. Will she get killed by Kabir or will she kill herself not able to bear the defeat she got by Saraswati’s son? Where will Ghuman have her stand now in their lives? There are many things that can shape up. Take a part in this poll and give your opinion. If you think of any other option not listed in poll, feel free to share it in comments!!


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  1. I too think so. Already Danny dumped her.
    1st option alreay aired n tnd option s going to happen
    I wish for 4th option to come true. She shd suicide bt it wnt happen.
    I dnt want blood n Kabirs hand so a Big No to third option.


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