Comedy Nights With Kapil 17th May 2014 on Colors – Written Update with Alok Nath


Comedy Nights With Kapil Alok Nath

Guests on the Show: Alok Nath , Veteran Actor and Popular face on Indian Television and Films , and Toral Rasputra (Anandi – Balika Vadhu)


Kapil starts the show and welcomes all. Kapil speaks with Siddhu and asks him that as he is round the clock away so he might have not have seen a daily soap. Kapil then goes on to say that daily soap is such a weapon which has made women quiet. The trend of daily soap was started by Ekta Kapoor who made the women busy at home while making movies of Sunny Leone to make men busy outside invoking a laughter. Kapil tells about the dialogues that are spoken by television actors who speaks with themselves. He tells that Bahus are always in make-up even waking up at 6:00 am will not leave lipstick away. He cracks a joke on Mrs.Sharma and then speaks on Bindi of TV actresses and talks about its big size. Kapil then speaks on some dialogues which are repeated like – What, What . He then talks on delivery of child which is 9 months normal but they go on for 16 months. He also shares a joke on the bride who didn’t left her veil for 2 weeks in the show – Uttaran. After cracking jokes on daily soaps, he thanks the TV shows as it made women quiet. Later, tells that the end of a TV episode is so interesting that it show what will happen next day with much excitement.

Kapil has decided to make a daily soap and then introduces Anandi as his hero. He called hero because all the male dialogues are spoken by her and others only give reactions.

Audience girk speaks: Talks about Anandi show’s joint family. She asks Anandi, How does she manages to remain tip-top while living in a joint family ?
Toral (Anandi): responds that if you are prepared by mind then you can remain tip-top while doing all the household chores. Kapil says that what does she mean by work from mind ?
Toral: responds that if you are fully focussed with mind, then you can do it.. Kapil asks the audience girl, Is she married ? The girl says that she asks her question because she will be get married soon. She wants her to-be husband who takes care of her and also helps him in her work. Kapil wishes good luck on her future husband.

Anandi says that she has only 2 hrs for shooting and not for visiting Mumbai. He wants to enact a romantic scene with her and Anandi responds that daily soap doesn’t have romantic scenes. After hearing this, Kapil says whether so big families shown in daily soap are born with only blessing.. He wants her to say – I love you Bittu Sharma. At this moment, Mrs. Sharma comes in and hears the flirting words of Bittu and argues with him. He says that he was just acting with Anandi and she responds because of acting only that there is no baby in their home. As there is no baby so they don’t have a waaris. Kapil talks on the population of India and says that everybody has a waaris but they don’t have property. Mrs. Sharma also taunts Bittu on his compassionate line. She asks about Anandi. Kapil responds that he has invited Anandi for making a daily soap. He says that he will not marry Anandi as he doesn’t want to repeat a mistake for the second time. Kapil enacts a scene by becoming husband of Anandi. Anandi tries to touch his feet and says that she is the daasi of him and refers to him as Swamy. Kapil asks he is Bittu and not Swamy.. Bittu then cracks a joke on the mean nature of Mrs. Sharma’s father. Mrs. Sharma leaves from there with some anger.

Anandi and Sumona

Sooner, a man comes to meet Bittu sharma and introduces himself as the director of daily soap with an experience of 25 years in making daily soaps. Kapil cracks a joke on soap caste vs. religious caste. The director wants Bittu to bring the cast for the soap. Bittu then calls his family members much to the annoyance of the director. Anandi wants him to shoot fast. The director informs them by enacting a scene about house warming sequence. The director chooses Raju as hero instead of Bittu and then taunts on his acting ability and look. Bittu then harasses Raju by hitting him to convince him to leave acting role. Raju then goes away from there. Bittu holds Anandi’s hands and asks director what he should do ?. The director tells that hero-heroine’s family is against their conceived marriage. He calls Bua as the old person of the house and wants Bua to give blessing to the young married couple Bittu-Anandi. She wants to become a young sister of the heroine and doesn’t want to work in the serial. Anandi leaves from there and the director becomes worried. Bua says that she is ready to become a mother for the entire life but she needs a procedure – marriage, honeymoon.. After that, Bua leaves them leaving Bittu and director helpless as they look for their heroine.

Thereafter, Raju comes in with tea and the director chooses Raju as the heroine and tells that if he covers her head with a scarf then he is good enough as a heroine. Bittu motivates him with the name and fame of a heroine and talks on the richness and fame of SRK and Sr. Bachchan. Raju agrees to become the heroine and the director wants a jam scene with bridegroom – Bittu and bride- Raju.. Raju as bride cracks joke on Bittu. The director talks on different responsibilities of a wife and husband but they don’t understand them. Finally, he says the bride should work to help Bittu hero by giving him children.. At this point, Palak comes in to meet Bittu and wants to give an audition as she heard about the daily soap audition at his home. Palak says that she has acting talent from inside and Bittu cracks joke on her body and TV size. The director chooses Palak as his heroine and says that he will take care of Palak’s make-up and other things. The director is adamant to work with Palak as heroine and Bittu doesn’t want to work with her. Mrs. Sharma comes in and asks Bittu about the shooting and his heroine. Bittu says that he has send the heroine away as he has a beautiful wife in his home and cracks a joke on Mrs. Sharma’s lips, frog’s eyes and chichundri. Then, Anandi comes in and Mrs. Sharma leaves from there by giving a bad wish that the shooting will never complete. The director shows the end scene and says that now Bauji will come. He wants to focus and concentrate with devotion and Bauji will surely come. Kapil starts to chant bauji’s name with devotion and sooner Alok Nath comes on the show ( voiceover speaks – Bapap jaise Hasti Bauji jaisa Maan.. Maan Sab karte jiska Sammann.. Hoga jiska Aashirwaad Achoot.. jo Beti karenge Betiyan ko Kanyadan wohi kahe layenge Babuji Mahaan) and walks with very sincere devotion of God as he walks down the stairs to meet Kapil on stage. Kapil greets him by lying down on the floor and trying to touch his feet.

Kapil and Alok Nath ji on Comedy Nights With Kapil

Sooner, babuji receives a call on his mobile and speaks that he doesn’t go to marriage to give blessings and instead send his hand gloves with his blessings. He even suggests the caller that if he transfers him the money then he can get the aashirwaad (blessing) even on phone and tells that it will have the same effect as well. He also informs her to visit his website – jagat babuji dot com as well. Siddhu speaks a witty line about babuji and tells that nobody can hurt a house which has the blessings of elders.

Audience speaks: Old women speaks about Alok Nath’s show Buniyaad, and his movie Maine Pyar Kiya and wants to dance with Alok nath ji as she always wanted to dance with him but couldn’t get chance earlier.
Siddhu wants her to dance on the song – Aaj Hamare Ghar mein Ajab ye Uljhan hain Gaane mein Bheta gaana saamna samdha hain.. Alok Nath ji moves his hands to the tune of the song and wants the women to dance with him..The women then dances on the song a bit while Babuji seems to enjoy every bit of the song and in full spirits. Kapil says that he has seen Alok ji for the first time in full mood.

Audience: A man speaks with Alok Nath ji that he has an image of Bauji but if he gets a chance to romance Deepika, Katrina, Priyanka in this time,then who will be his choice ?
Alok Nath Ji: says that the situation is very hypothetical but if happens in any case then he needs 4 heroines and one hero as himself..

Audience: Chandni speaks that other actors of his age – Sunil Shetty, Anil Kapoor still romances actresses. So, does he feel bad about it ?
Alok Nath ji: Talks on his movie with actress Tina Munim where he played a hero and it has all romantic scenes but the movie didn’t work. And after that his career ended, and he always got roles of elder brother, uncle, father, and even grandfather. He shares his experience of a madras director who wants him to take the role of Jeetu Ji’s father and at that time he realized about him doing roles of old man. He says that if he didn’t do those roles then he would have not reach this current position. Kapil says that its important to be known as a character and its a big thing. She requests blessings from Babuji and Babuji promises to come for her Kanyadan on the day of her marriage. She thanks him for that gesture.

Next, Daadi comes on the stage with (Om Shanti Om tune playing in background) and at first shows shyness towards Alok Nath. She calls Alok and touches him and asks him – Mera Nath, Did you identify me ?, Mera Swamy. Alok Nath ji responds that his story took a 30-year old leap just after he was born making Daadi and Bittu amused as well as making them to burst into laughter. He speaks with Daadi that because of becoming Babuji he has not seen Childhood, Teenage days, and even Ragini MMS invoking a laughter..Daadi says once he played Haveli Ram and at that their love foundation was made. She asks him does he remember ? He says in that role he was already married and there was no love scenes.

Daadi and Alok Nath ji  1

Daadi calls him a liar and says that she played his wife in Maine Pyaar Kiya movie for which Bittu responds that Alok Nath Ji didn’t have a wife in that movie.. Daadi confronts Bittu about it and says, How come Bhagyashree was there in the movie, and asks whether Bhagyashree got in a lucky draw ? Daadi says that her role got edited and tells that her face is so similar with Bhagyashree. Bittu cracks a joke on her face and doesn’t listen to Bittu. She reminds about the romantic song behind the tree with Alok Nath ji in that movie – Maine Pyar Kiya. She requests Alok Nath Ji to sing a song for her.. Alok ji responds by chanting a devotion hymn (prayer song) – prabhu anand data bhagya ujjal kijeye chod de chal kapat maansik bal dejiye.. After this, Daadi showers a Kiss (Shagun ki Pappi) as a an Aashirwaad (blessing) to Alok ji with which he begins to shake and asks whether he remembers something ? Daadi and Alok ji dances on the song (Kahi ke Palang tod le meri jaan haari haari mein to haari re..). Bittu praises Alok Nath Ji’s Baujigiri (hold as a father figure) and health..

Daadi and Alok Nath ji  2

Alok Nath ji speaks with Siddhu that both marriage in court and by a Kanyadan (gift of a maiden) from him are both valid and amounts to an official marriage. At this point, Anandi comes back with the director and reiterates that she knows that he has gotten an All India Permit and because of which she wants his blessing and gets one from Babuji..

Alok Nath ji begins to give her the blessing and is then stopped by Bittu Sharma’s wife. The director talks on the twist in the story and wants Mrs. Sharma to walk in slow motion. Mrs Sharma comes and says that she is actually Bittu’s wife. Alok Nath ji suggests to Kapil because of TRPs, he has brought another wife. Bittu says as he didn’t got a full first wife so he got a second wife. Alok Nath ji talks on the Sanskaar that he taught him and Bittu tells him to some kind of Aashirwaad (blessing) to Mrs. Sharma. Sooner, Palak stops Bauji by shouting and informs that she is Bittu’s wife. Alok Nath ji becomes annoyed with Bittu and wants him to share the list of his wives. At this point, Raju comes with a Dupatta (tippet/scarf) and declares himself as Bittu’s wife. Alok Nath ji’s mind begins to revolve with utmost confusion. He makes them calm down a bit and speaks with Siddhu that he never utter a bad word against people, but today he saw so much love and affection where he has 4 wives showering their love for one man. Because of this, he is now in overflow mode and very much moved. Alok Nath ji then shows his anger by saying – Atta Masi Satakle… and chases them with a Knife and taunting on their request of blessing. This episode of CNWK has lots of laughter and fun moments with Alok Nath ji participating in enterprising comedy along with Bittu and his family with full heart and love for his audience.

Alok Nath ji and Sumona

Tomorrow 18th May: Kapil Dev is coming on the show and Daadi introduces Kapil Dev by saying that entire nation is proud of him and taunts on Bittu (Kapil) by saying that the entire neighborhood is angry with him.. She played with hindi words Naaz vs. Naraaz to compare Kapil Dev and Bittu. Kapil Dev ji wants Bittu to enact a scene of walking like Vajpayee saab while he enacts like Dev Saab -speaking like him and even walking fast like him. Daadi and Kapil paaji then dances on a punjabi Bhangra song – Mundian To Bach Ke Rahe. Bittu speaks with Kapil sir and informs the audience that Kapil sir was the first one to introduce inswinging yorker. Bittu asks how did he came up with that kind of yorker -from coach ? He says that only now he realized about that yorker. Kapil paaji shares an experience about his wife wearing a necklace pedal with his photo on it. She came to watch a cricket match to see him and there the security staff informed her that many other girls wore similar necklaces with kapil paaji’s photo.

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