Comedy Nights With Kapil 24th May 2014 on Colors – Written Update with Sukhwinder Singh


Comedy Nights With Kapil

Guests on the Show: Sukhwinder Singh – Singer, Composer, Actor; Kanika Kapoor (playback singer), and Meet Bros Anjjan (Music director and singers), Tochi Raina and Neeti Mohan (playback singer)


PS: FYI folks Though Colors promised that Karan Tacker will come on the show for today’s episode but Karan didn’t appear on the show, probably he will come for tomorrow’s episode.

The show starts with Kapil playing the drums and Dadi, Palak, Bua and Raju dancing on stage and dressed in pink and colorful costumes with lots of make-up on a Balam Pickari tune from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani movie. Daadi who is dressed in all pink even wears a blonde hair gown goes to Bittu and forces him to come with her and enjoy with them. Bittu informs Daadi that they will celebrate International 29th Imarti Devi Granny Music Awards. Raju becomes puzzled on hearing it. Bittu informs them that he has taken 21,000 INR from a girl who wants him to run an International music awards in the memory of her grandmother (Granny).

Bittu says that top singers will come to participate in their awards show. Bittu speaks that Raju is dressed as Micky Martin (spoof of Ricky Martin), Palak is Lakhira (spoof on Shakira) though she wants to be Jennifer Topez (spoof on Jennifer Lopez). Bittu says that for Palak it suits more – Hippos don’t lie invoking a laughter. Bua is being chosen as kadona (spoof on Madonna), Bua doesn’t know and asks whether the name means a nightclub or a singer. Daadi thinks she is dressed in a Vikram-Betaal attire but Bittu suggests that she is Tedhi Gaga. Daadi agrees to become Tedhi Gaga (Spoof on Lady Gaga). Bittu suggests them to go inside and prepare for the singing by looking in the Internet how international singers compete in competitions.

Kapil speaks with Siddhu on the numerous awards function around 70 to 80 these days. He says that nowadays actors and stars when they receive a phone call from an award function organizer, they do not entertain them. Kapil says that channels only invite celebrities and not so much technical artists. He then cracks a joke on heroine’s red gown which they wears on red carpet. And also crack jokes on heroine’s pose during the award night and even comments on their heels. Kapil talks on awards nominations and reactions of nominees and winners. He also makes jokes on people who comes to present awards and doesn’t spell names of winners like Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandez correctly. Kapil speaks on different looks of trophies. He says athlete trophies looks very vibrant and shows confidence while acting trophies are very sober and down-to earth. Kapil then talks on the trophies with respect to different climates. He says that winter trophies looks like the one who sits as they are about to shiver. On a serious note, he wants the awards function to take place as it motivates artists and performers.

Sugandha comes on the stage and she is the girl who gave Bittu 21,000 INR. She says that her grandmother died naturally though at first she speaks a poem -Chitti Aaya Hain and Bittu thinks that after hearing that her Granny died. She says that her granny was great. She asks him on the artists for the competition. He says that all the artists are international and even inter-continental. Bittu himself becomes the host of 29th Imarti Devi Music Awards with Sugandha as his co-hostess. He then introduces the first category – Best Male singer and says that the participant will leave fast after singing and welcomes him as Tochi Raina. Tochi comes on the stage while singing Itkara song (from Wake-up Sid movie) – “Rooh Ka Banjara Re Parinda.. Chad Gaya Dil ka Re Gharonda… Chad Gaya Dil ka Re Gharonda Todke.. Re Gharonda Todke, Gaya Chodke Je Naina Karu Band Band.. Beh Jaaye Boond Boond.. Je Naina Karu Band Band”. Kapil and everyone appreciates Tochi’s singing and claps. Bittu asks him whether he can give 500 INR and with that money takes out his nazar to ward off the ill looks from him.

Bittu says that the competition is tough and then introduces Tedhi Gaga. Daadi comes as Tedhi Gaga on the Halla Bachaiye Re song and Bittu says that she is alone a bit. Tochi asks that the category is Best Male so how come Tedhi Gaga can come in ? Bittu says that she came by force as she doesn’t think to be less than men. Bittu further says that she likes swimming and hence became bloated. She has the same problem like a whale. Sugandha wants to test Tedhi Gaga performance. Daadi then dances while singing – Aa Gayi Tedhi Gaga Hello Hello and dances on one leg and asks How was it ? Sugandha becomes confused and says that she is dancing like Gujrati person. Bittu then asks who should get the award ? People says the award should go to Tochi. Daadi goes to fetch the award and also takes the rum bottle and Bittu gives Tochi the award. Tochi then leaves.

Daadi says that Bittu has cheated and even has not given her the bottle and she was kept thirsty. Daadi calls Sugandha a fox with which she becomes annoyed a bit but Bittu calms her down. Bittu speaks about best female singer category and welcomes Neeti Mohan as one of the nominess and tells her that she graduated with 33 % marks. Neeti comes on the stage and speaks with Siddhu that wherever he goes the girls feels Ishq Wala love and Siddhu responds with a witty line that Parvaane like Siddhu will come in large numbers. Neeti dedicates the song – Ishq Wala love to Siddhu from all the girls there. She sings Ishq Wala love song and even hugs Siddhu while singing and sooner Siddhu comes on the stage and dances on her song. Bittu thanks Neeti Mohan and Sugandha speaks with Neeti that she is the one who gave Bittu 50 lakhs INR. Bittu asks her, how does she feel to see him live ? When asks who will be the winner ? He says that India will win the next cricket world cup. Kapil then introduces the next participants in that category and welcomes Kadona as the next international singer. Bua comes in as kadona and dances on stage with song Yeh Jalwa and throws away the red napkin to the audience.

Bua says that she is singing in Hindi as she is performing in India. Bittu welcomes the third nominee in Micky Martin. Sugandha asks how come Micky martin come in female category ? Bittu replies that he doesn’t differentiate between male/female. Raju comes as Micky martin and dances on the stage with song – Tu Laga le Laal lipstick..Jee ne Laga le top…Lollypop lage..Sugandha says that how come he sang in Hindi as well. Bittu says that the song was having lot of english words which were the core part of his song. Raju then speaks that he is a big fan of Neeti and remembers her when he works in the kitchen. Bittu then manages to speak that Raju was mixing words and doesn’t mean actually that he is a fan of Neeti. Next, Bua greets Neeti and introduces herself as Kadona. Sugandha wants Bittu to announce the winner. Bittu announces the winner with some delay and humor to Neeti Mohan. Bua becomes annoyed as Neeti got the award. Bittu asks How does she feel to get the 29th Imarti music granny awards? She thanks him and he then asks some cash from her. Sugandha says that Bittu is gifting the award and not selling. Before leaving from stage, Neeti sings the song Chali Re Junoon.. Khatra Khatra. Lamho.. Pinjare se Udha.. Khudi se maine Ishq kiya ..Jiya Re Jiya Re from Jab Tak Hain Jaan movie. Bittu says that indian singers are winning even beating international singers in his awards competition. Bittu thanks Neeti and says that she will win even 30th Imarti music awards.

Raju becomes annoyed as he didn’t got an award and Bittu sends Raju and Bua inside by scolding them. Bittu then speaks on the best song of the year category and then welcomes Baby Doll team – Kanika and Meet Bros Anjjan. Kanika and Meet Bros comes on the song by singing Baby Doll song from Ragini MMS 2. Meet Bros brother even dances with Siddhu and people there at the studio and seems to be having a good time. Siddhu says that the attitude of Baby Doll is loved by everyone and says that the moon itself has came to on earth. Sugandha wants to dedicate a song to her granny while singing like Baby Doll and even mixes Opera. Sugandha says that its not easy to win the Imarti awards and Bittu then introduces Lakhira (Palak) who comes on the song – Maiya Maiya.. Bittu speaks that how does he feel to be a nominee ? Meet Bros speaks that she is not Lakhira from any angle, and Bittu suggests that she got an ISI mark and her hips don’t lie. He calls her Baby Dholl and Suganda also questions on Lakhira’s identity. Bittu then announces the winner as Baby Doll team and Lakhira (Palak) runs from there by shouting Cheating.. Meet Bros sings a song to show gratitude – Party to banti hain..Yo Duniya.. Comedy Nights Sone Di..Yeh Duniya Fan hain kapil ki.. Bittu thanks them.

Sugandha speaks that she is happy and her grandmother should be happy in paradise as well. Bittu got 51 lakhs rupees, and 1 lakh INR more. On the cheque, Bittu sees the recipient to be a charitable trust and hence gets duped by Sugandha and he runs to catch her.

Kapil then welcomes Sukhwinder singh by calling him a Shaar Singer (Singer with a Tiger tag). Sukhwinder ji comes on the stage and dances with Kapil on the song – Aaja Makti phodo Koi Goodluck ..Chal Chal Hongi Tain Tain song. Kapil thanks Sukhwinder for coming on his show and asks for his strong voice. Sukhwinder ji informs that when he was a child he went to a political party and sang there and people showered him with flowers and later he realized that actually the flowers were meant for the minister and he was dragged from that place. That was the first gift of his rise. Kapil says that Sukhwinder ji voice was so different and asks for his inspiration. He says that he listened to Lata ji during his childhood and dreamed Lata ji in red clothes and imagines him as a 6-month old baby and Lata ji holding his hand. He says that only on Kapil’s show he has shared his personal anecdotes.

Comedy Nights With Kapil, Sukhwinder Singh

Kapil regards Lata ji in high esteem and also cites that she is in the same position of Goddess Saraswati for India. Kapil then Sukhwinder ji about his first meeting with A.R. Rahman as they have given many hit songs. Sukhwinder ji says that they do not share any pleasantries during their first meeting and he was told that Rahman ji speaks in Tamil or Hindi. Rahman ji told him to write a song for Mani Ratnam’s Dil Se, and Sukhwinder ji was prepared with a poem of Peer Baba Bhule Saab and recited the same to them – Ishq de tera mera andar ke pyala pita. aaja sajna aaja sajna. He was told to explain the poem in english as they didn’t understood the meaning. Sukhwinder ji sang there and it was history then. Kapil wants him to sing two lines here. Sukhwinder ji sings there – Rabba Khair ho dum di.. ya Maulya neend maar nanan..aisa raati zukari. Kapil says that when he sings he forgets everything else. Sukhwinder ji shares an experience with Jai Ho song and they record it for Subhash Ghai movie Yuvraaj, and Subhash ji wanted another song and A.R Rahman composed another song later. Sukh ji shared a samosa with Subhash ji and during their time of eating they recorded a song in 15-20 minutes and gave the recorded CD to Gulzar saab. Later, he got a news from Hollywood informing him that his song Jai Ho has been selected for the movie Slumdog Millionaire movie. Dhamaka intercepts their dialogue and calls himself as the competitor to Sukh ji and wants to compete in a dance show with Sukh ji. Dhamaka calls Palak as his Guru ji and both dances on the song – Babuji Zara Dheere chale.. Bittu cracks jokes on the dance of Palak invoking a laughter.

Comedy Nights With Kapil, Palak and Dhamaka

Palak welcomes Sukhwinder ji and says that she is a big fan and tells that she practiced many dance on his songs. She doesn’t want to challenge him and even wants to teach him dance instead. She then teaches ‘Tango’ and she needs to utilize her Tan-gho (referring to her legs) invoking a laughter. She then dances with Dhamaka (Akshat) while singing Deh Chak Chak bringing smile on Sukwinder ji and on everyone’s face. She also teaches an Indian dance form – Kancheepuram and Bittu says that its actually a Saree and not dance. Palak says that fine if its a Saree and dances like wearing a Saree and shows some moves. Sukhwinder ji informs that Palak is teaching in wrong manner so she can win Jhalak and would like to defeat him. Palak then speaks with Sukh ji if he manages her food and living for 5 years then she will make him win Jhalak. Dhamaka challenges Palak and Bittu now knows both are going for Jhalak. Sukh ji gives them sticks and wants them to challenge each other and both dances while trying to hit each other with sticks. Palak and Dhamaka goes away from there to practice.

Audience: a Girl says that she finds his singing soothing and also tells her favourite to be Haule Haule song and wants him to song that song..
Sukhwinder Ji: sings Haule Haule song from the movie Rab ne Bana Di Jodi..

Audience; Roshan from Mumbai and says that he is a big fan of Sukhwinder ji and during his exams watched his songs and failed his exams. He then sings Ibn-Batuta song from the movie Ishqiya which Sukh ji sang for the movie. Kapil thanks him for singing.

Kapil asks that Sur (musical note, intonation) are only 7 but now we have so many millions of songs. Sukhwinder ji says that there are hundred colors which brings such diversity. Sukhwinder ji sings the title song from Matru Bijlee ka Mandola which has different tones and music forms from classical to modern. People applauds and gives him a standing ovation. Bua comes in while playing a flute in a funny way and says that she started teaching music lessons and asks Sukhwinder ji how does he feel ? She wants him to hire her as one of his musicians. Bua wants Sukh ji to teach her vocal musical note so she can learn from him. Sukh ji chants a musical note and Bua doesn’t understand anything and he even changes the musical note to the one which has a kiss sound. Kapil suggests people to give water to birds in this hot summer and thanks Sukhwinder ji for coming on his show.. Sukhwinder ji ends the show on a happy note by singing the Jai Ho song..

Comedy Nights With Kapil

Additional Info:

* Sukhwinder Singh was born in 18 July 1971 is an Indian singer best known for working as Bollywood playback artist. Some of the popular and memorable songs he sung are:
– Chaiyya Chaiyya – Dil Se, Filmfare Award winner 1999 for Best Male Playback Award.
– Chak De India title song – Chak De India; Jai Ho – Slumdog Millionaire; Ibn-E-Batuta – Ishqiya; Dard-E-Disco – Om Shanti Om. Read more about him on his Wikipedia page

* Kanika Kapoor, an Indian Punjabi Sufi folk singer from the United Kingdom and was born in Lucknow, India. Her forte in music genres are Sufi and Bhangra. While, Meet Bros Anjjan is a trio of Indian Music director which includes Harmeet Singh, Manmeet Singh and Anjjan Bhatacharya. Their recent song composition ‘Baby Doll’ for Ragini MMS 2 was an instant hit among youth.

* Sukhwinder Singh, Karan Tacker, Palak (Kiku Sharda) and Dhamaka (Akshat Singh) are participants in the upcoming dance show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7 on Colors. Karan Tacker is also the host of Bindass show Halla Bol. Read more on Jhalak at our post about it.

* Tochi Raina was born on 2nd September, 1965 in Darbhanga, Bihar. He is an Indian playback singer known for singing in Hindi films. Tochi’s forte with genres are Sufi, Hindustani, classical music. Most notable works includes:
– Itkara – male version song – Wake-up Sid; Aali Re – No One Killed Jessica
– Read more about him on his Wikipedia page

* Neeti Mohan is a playback singer and some of her songs are Ishq Wala love (Student of the Year movie) and Jiya Re. (Jab Tak Hain Jaan). She is the sister of Shakti Mohan and Mukti Mohan.

* Incidentally, Imarti Devi was the name of a pivotal character of a women who was a mother-in law in Colors show Kairi – Rishta Khatta Meetha where she was very severe and sometimes reasonable with her daughter-in law Ambika (Ambi).

Next Episode (25th May 2014): Guests on the show are veteran Singers Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu. Alka mam and Kumar Sanu are singing a duet – Ladki Badi Anjaani Hain…Sapna Sach Ya Kahaani Hain…Ah Ha Yeh Pagla Bilkul Na Badla…Yeh to Wohi Deewana Hain. Mrs. Sharma comes on the stage in a Pink Saree and dances with Bittu while singing Surah Hua Maddham..Chand Dhalne Laga in a cute way. Bittu also sings in soft tone and looks at her eyes with love, and then stops and wishes to drink water invoking a laughter. Audience – a family are also seen on the stage and seen singing – Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi mein Aaana. While the woman sings well, the man forgets the lyrics but remembers the tune during his singing. Kapil then taunts him by highlighting the man’s army background and his hold on strong dialogues and his weakness on singing a song. From last week’s preview, Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik were seen to talk on their anecdotal experience and she reminds him on leaving in haste with two girls in his car for which he doesn’t have an answer and smiles.

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