Heroes – The Fightback Files 10th June 2014 Channel [V] 22nd Episode Written Update


Heroes the fightback files Channel V

The story is about Radhika who came from USA to India along with her parents some months ago. She was afraid whether she will made friends or not, people will accept her or not, and decides to give a try to make friends and be very friendly, and she in fact succeeded in making friends.


Theme of the Episode: Fight Against Sexual Harassment; Respect your girl classmates/juniors irrespective of language, attire, and background; Keep your self-respect intact by respecting and honoring the dignity of all Women.

The story starts with Radhika coming to a college and asks students about the direction of science centre. She speaks english very fluently with an american accent. She speaks with other students there that she will be studying Chemistry Honours. One of the boys there speaks that she has to kiss a boy, and if she does so then will not get ragged for the whole term. Radhika goes and kisses one boy, and the boys speak that girl is from a foreign place, and sure will have lots of fun. Some time later, one of the boy Aditya meets her at the cafe and tries to befriend her and wants her to call him Adi. He asks about her life in New York, and asks does she like India and then puts his hand on her shoulder but she doesn’t say anything to him. She accepts his friendship and he smiles and eyes her.

Heroes the fightback files Channel V Radhika

Some time later, she speaks with Adi and informs him about her break-up with a boyfriend in New York just before her arrival in India. He wants her to chill out since she will get a new stud soon. She speaks that after some time, she made friends – Aditya, and others and was mingling with them, and was comfortable with them and feel like she was in US. On one occasion, while they are eating out, she asks Adi to take the mobile from her jeans, and after removing it, he smiles with some bad intentions. Radhika speaks that as time passed by, she was drifting from them as they were not mingling with her much and behaving very differently. She speaks that sometimes they touch her and she used to become uncomfortable but at that time she didn’t thought much.

Some days after, at her college, the boys were playing football, and soon they saw Radhika wearing a tight top and exercising a bit near the field. Aditya informs his friend Sid about it, and they decide to invite her for playing so that they can eye her while playing. Sid touches her and takes her in his team. While playing, Aditya touches her many times instead of hitting the football. After a while, she falls down and Aditya comes to her and touches her knee. When she shrugs him a bit, he speaks angrily with her and speaks that he is just helping her. She speaks that he is not helping her but actually were trying to come close and feel her. He then speaks out that he knows about her former country USA and suggests that in the name of friendship what kind of actions are done. He then speaks that she has kissed the boy just in one minute when she was ragged. He then speaks that if she wants he will become her boyfriend so they can kiss each other. He tries to force himself on her and gets a slap and becomes frustrated.

Radhika comes to her principal and wants to complain about her seniors and one of them has even tried to kiss her. The principal speaks that boys are like this, and then speaks about her dress (US wear) and says that the boys are provoked because of her dress. She wants Radhika to correct herself before pointing fingers at them, and doesn’t help her. Radhika speaks that she was let down by the principal and she doesn’t now what to do. After a while, she gets a call from a boy who wants to spend the night with her and asks her the price for it. She becomes stunned and the girls there speaks that she is getting calls from boys. She goes to them and asks them how does they know about her calls ? The girls inform that her mobile number is now with everybody and became popular, and if she wants proof, she can go to the boy’s restroom and find out herself. She then goes to the boy’s restroom and finds her mobile number, photos and short sentences – Call me, Free Kiss, One Night with Firangi. She cries and becomes dejected. She couldn’t express what she felt at the moment and even after the incident, she used to get regular calls who used to ask her – How much she will charge for one night ?

Stop sexual harassment

She wants to take things in her own hand, and to give a fitting reply to the boys. Aditya is seen in the class, and the principal comes there and wants to take the class today instead of their regular teacher. She wants the phone to be active (ON) and asks Aditya to have his phone ON. Soon, Aditya receives a call, and the caller who is a man speaks of spending the night with Radhika, and asks her the price unmindful that he called Aditya. The story goes in flashback, and Radhika is seen to meet her principal. The principal speaks on getting weird and abusive calls from man, and Radhika then explains to her that because she wrote her mobile number in the boy’s restroom so she is getting those calls. She reminds the principal about the disgusting things written about her at the boy’s restroom, and is harassed by boys. In order to show the boy’s abuse, she wrote the principal’s number on the wall there thereby bringing to light the boy’s abuse. The story comes back in present at the class, and Aditya apologizes to the principal, and she informs him that he is removed (restigated) from the college. He tries to apologize much more but she in turn informs that now only Radhika will decide what to do with him either to forgive or punish him.

He begs Radhika to forgive him as otherwise his career is destroyed. Radhika speaks on not listening and instead wants to give him punishment. The principal goes ahead to restigate Aditya. Soon after the incident, Aditya’s friends – Sid and others have also left the college, and the college became a safe place for girls, and she regards herself in some way a true hero.

Heroes Channel V India Radhika

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