Abhi-Pragya set to marry in Kumkum Bhagya – 18th June Promo Snapshot


Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Abhi and Pragya

* Abhi heartbroken after beating Purab
* Alia tries to convince Abhi to marry Pragya
* Abhi to agree; Preeto to inform Sarla about Abhi-Pragya alliance acceptance
* Pragya-Abhi engaged and set to Marry, and exchange wedding vows soon


Alia have spoken her heart out in front of her brother and is stubborn to marry Purab. She puts an argument forward that Purab’s love – Pragya is in love with him, and if she gets more richer guy then she will ditch him. Thus, Alia tries to convince Abhi that Pragya is only money-minded. Abhi has already beaten and insulted Purab and wants Alia to forget him, but she reiterates that Purab is her first love, and also she has waited for him since one year.

Thus, Abhi’s suggestion to her in finding new guy falls flat. Alia has even told that Daadi likes Pragya, and just for sake of her own wishes and Daadi’s health Abhi has to marry her. It is seen that Abhi has given his nod after swaying in the emotions of Alia, and then Daadi informs the matchmaker Preeto about their decision to accept alliance with Pragya. Preeto in turn calls the Sarla family, and informs them about the Pragya’s proposal accepted by the rich family (until now she didn’t disclose the family). After hearing it, Sarla, Pragya and the rest are bit stunned since Pragya had faced many hardships regarding her marriage such as – for her first marriage arrangement, the bride-groom family instead wanted their son to marry Bulbul, and not Pragya, and later on, Pragya had to cancel off her engagement and marriage with Suresh (though she loved him). Pragya has promised to Sarla that she will marry the first arranged proposal that comes to her after seeing her mother’s degrading health.

Pragya used to think Abhi as a love-less and very extravagant, and not true and will be hesitant and in dilemma to marry him but on other hand she has very good relations with Abhi’s Daadi and couldn’t say NO to her. While Abhi thinks her as the one who has tried to harm his media reputation and family, and also Purab’s supposedly love interest, but he is determined to marry her. She would be accepting the alliance since the circumstances demands that – mother’s health, Abhi’s Daadi, for Bulbul, and to bring much needed happiness in her family. In the new promo, Abhi and Pragya are seen in a wedding attire set to marry. Will destiny realize their marriage ? [We hope so it will happen]. What would be going in the mind of Pragya and Abhi ? Stay tuned to Kumkum Bhagya on 18th June on this development.

* 18th June: Short Update
Abhi and Pragya engagement is completed, and their marriage was proposed 3 days after. Purab comes to meet Abhi as he is going to his uncle and aunty outside the city for some days (planned by Abhi though Purab is unaware). Alia confronts him and speaks a lie that the celebrations are because of Abhi’s new contract. Purab takes her word as it is and informs her that he wants his friend Abhi without any condition and leaves from there. Soon, on the marriage day there is a hiccup since Abhi became disillusioned with his marriage and didn’t came with Alia at Pragya’s home for the Baraat. He is then comforted by Tannu, and thereafter he decided to come with the Baraat in another car. After this, Pragya’s family becomes satisfied, and Abhi-Pragya’s wedding will be seen tomorrow (19th June). During their wedding rituals, the electricity goes off, and he asks her whether he can use his lighter instead.. We (TellyReviews) hopes to cover Abhi-Pragya wedding and write a special post on it. Keep Reading !

Image credit: Twitter page of Zee TV, Sriti Jha’s (Pragya) Twitter page and ShabirAhluwalia FC

18th June 2014 Promo: Abhi and Pragya set to marry and are seen in their wedding attire together 🙂
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/xi58EKxEfPk]

18th June 2014: Full Episode
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/v7-rQE6p3K8]

* Update: 16th June 2014:
Kumkum falls on Pragya’s head because of destiny before her marriage with Abhi, Abhi-Pragya marriage all set, will realize soon on 18/06; The matchmaker Preeto informing Sarla family about Pragya’s alliance success; and Pragya’s engagement with Abhi before her marriage with him
[youtube id=http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4b3KxwBzb85dJqOTFqfvtwQaVsaQ6Xvs]

Episode: 13th June, 2014
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/4du2tUNsEas]


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