Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 13th June 2014 4th Episode on Zing TV – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing 4th Episode

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) starts the show and speaks it is said that everything is fair in love and war. When you are in love, you feel strong and also happy, and even a wrong seems right and you don’t bother about people’s thinking and society. You just think about yourself or the one who is close with you. She speaks that there is someone destined for everybody in this world and sometimes we find that person too early or at the right time. She welcomes all and informs that the today’s story is about Parth, a teenager who is innocent, the one even doesn’t drink alcohol but his friends were quite different.


The story starts with Parth seen with a girl in his jeep who speaks that he doesn’t drink alcohol and smoke, and even avoids drugs. She further adds that even in parties he remains quiet and is very uncomfortable with the noise there. She says he is very different and holds his hand and then finds out that he is having fever. She informs that his friends only wants his money but he is not interested to stay at home and instead mingle with his friends. Sooner, Parth’s friend comes inside his jeep and speaks that he will have a rollicking time. He then drives his jeep in haste after listening to his friend who even offers him alcohol from behind while he was driving. With such distractions, Parth hits a person on the road with his jeep and meets with an accident and the passer-by succumbs to death.

Parth and his friends see the deceased and sooner the police comes and arrests him. His family meets the lawyer and informs how come the Parth is sent to juvenile home though he didn’t come positive for alcohol intake. The lawyer speaks to Parth’s brother-in law Jazz that parth is lucky to be sent to a juvenile home as he is a minor though the police have lot of evidences against Parth -car belonged to him; illegal drugs were found; no driver license. His sister confronts her husband (parth’s jiju) as how Parth took the car and speaks that her brother was given much freedom. He then calms his wife down, and sooner they meet Parth, and Jazz informs him that soon he will take him back to home from the juvenile centre.

After a while, Parth meets the warden of the centre Mr. Shetty who was holding a big stick while talking with him. Shetty welcomes him with sarcasm and also with an intention to frighten him. He then wants Parth to remove his clothes so that he can look at him fully thereby abusing him (teenage abuse) and taking his privacy away. The warden orders him to remove his clothes fast and he sees Parth’s body and asks him why is he acting so emotional ? There are so many things to do and calls him a VIP guest and tells one of the boys there (Babban) to show his room.

Parth comes to his room and the boys there calls him Chikni Chameli. Babban speaks that Parth came there because of a murder case as told by the warden, and not an ordinary crime at school like paper stealing or cheating and cites him as a danger case as told by the warden. The boys then tries to introduce Parth to a favorite and tough boy there – Suraj but he was interested in his own things at that time. Babban speaks that he will not give his bed to parth, and after Suraj’s intervention parth gets the bed who then offers gratitude to Suraj.

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) speaks that Parth was well-educated and from a rich family and has all the comforts but his life has changed, the behavior, attitude of juvenile home was very different but one thing common there was the emotional distress and pain which parth have shared as well.

Next day in morning, Parth is harassed by boys there who were trying to remove his towel when he asked about the direction to the bathroom. He is again helped by Suraj who shows him an open bathroom with no privacy at all. When Parth takes a bath, the warden again looks at his body thereby abusing him. Some other day, Parth asks for an egg food at the canteen, but is neglected by the boys. Again, Suraj comes there, and the boys serving the food agrees to serve 2 eggs to Parth while showing love towards parth because of their fear from Suraj.

Parth goes away from there by taking 3 eggs, and Suraj takes all the remaining eggs from there and taunts the boys there to eat eggs the next day. Parth sits outside at the stairs and feeds a dog (German Shepherd breed) named Dimba and Suraj comes there and asks him whether he is befriending a dog by giving eggs. Parth speaks that he came here because of an accident when Suraj spoke that he is a good guy who might have never done any wrong. Suraj speaks about his step-father’s abuse inflicted on his mother. He speaks that his mother married again after his father’s death so as to get stability and a better future for her son. His mother was abused daily by his step-father after the marriage, and he used to see her swollen face. He begin to forget his actual mother’s face because of the extent of swelling.

Soon, a day came when his mother came to him and she was struggling to walk but there was no swelling, and instead she showed her back which was burnt with a Talwa (utensil) and the offender was again his step-father. He became furious and burnt his step-father to death in a fit of rage and after then he came to juvenile home. He informs parth that he cannot see his own close people being hurt without any reason. Parth consoles him and both share the grief together. Some other time during the night, Parth cleans the glass of their juvenile home, and is scolded and slapped by the warden. Suraj sees the unjust punishment meted out to parth and informs him that this place is not suitable for him, and wants him to call his family so they can arrange a way out for him by paying hefty payments. Parth responds that he doesn’t want to go and if he would have wanted he could have gone earlier, and says that at home there would be somebody like warden so he doesn’t want to go home. Suraj provides him consolidation and speaks that everything would be fine.

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) speaks that sometimes life gives so much pain whose footprints are left on our heart and mind. If you are born in an affluent family does not give you a guarantee of a good life and take the example of Parth. Parth never got love and affection at his home but at the juvenile home he got love, a true friend who used to support him and provide strength. Because of Suraj, parth got a fresh lease of life and he was changing and improving.

Suraj and Parth spends outdoors with their dog Dimba, and thereafter met during the night again. Parth speaks that he has seen the Suraj’s pillow to be wet in the morning. Suraj responds because of rain leakages the pillow became wet. Parth counters by saying that they have not received the rain since 2 months. Suraj then informs parth that even his pillow is also wet every morning. After this, Parth speaks that when he sleeps in the night he is not sure whether he will be alive the next morning and cites the abuse of the warden and teasing nature of Babban. Suraj states that they are not villains and are bonded by the circumstances, and as Parth is from an affluent family so he will not understand. Parth speaks that if he is from a big and wealthy people so that means he has all the happiness ? He goes away from there by citing that Suraj will not understand him.

Parth is seen at the kitchen and putting grains in some other containers. Sooner, the warden comes from behind, and makes a taunt that why he is so close with Suraj and instead he can come close to him. He then touches Parth’s body bringing much uneasiness to him. Suraj comes there and gets hold of the warden and threatens to hit him with the metal container. Suraj and Purab leaves from there after that incident. Babban and other boys beats up the warden’s assistant in their room, and Parth sees the trashing.

Suraj comes from outside and is interrupted by warden’s men as they think that he has beaten up the warden’s assistant. They beat Suraj badly and he couldn’t stand up on his legs due to the assault. [sad tune of PTKK]..Parth takes care of Suraj and cleans his wounds. After recovering from his injury, Suraj comes to the warden and he doesn’t listen to him. Suraj then meets Parth and informs him that the warden will not allow him to live anymore there and feels helpless. Parth speaks that Suraj has promised him to not leave and will always be there for him. Suraj responds that society will never understand and even not accept them. Parth reiterates Suraj’s words where he told that he couldn’t see his own people’s suffering so what is this ? Parth speaks that he cannot go leaving him. The warden taunts Suraj and speaks that once he leaves then Parth will be abused greatly.

Suraj remembers the Parth’s abuse inflicted by the warden (when he was cleaning the glass), and Parth’s words that he doesn’t want to leave anywhere. He then goes to the warden who was taking a bath, and chokes him down to possible death. He speaks that now the warden and also parth is independent. Next day, Parth learns that his sister and brother-in law came to take him home. His brother-in law speaks with some weird intentions and doesn’t feel to be speaking true. Parth meets Suraj before going, and Suraj speaks that finally the money has come to his rescue. parth wants to stay with and doesn’t wish to go. Parth speaks that there is a prisoner at his home as well when Suraj calls himself as a prisoner at the juvenile home. (Ab Tum Hi Ho…song).

He then gives Parth a small axe so as to protect himself from people who are like the warden and also punish the offender. He also informs Parth that the juvenile home doesn’t belong to him and his world is outside. Parth leaves from there with sadness and emptyness [Tera shehar Peeche choot raha hain..tune]. Suraj remembers all the moments spend with Parth together. Parth comes home and at the dinner table, his sister speaks that her husband (parth’s jiju) has done much work for his release from juvenile home and met several lawyers. She speaks that since his childhood, he was being taken care by his jiju as that of a father. She asks him why he is not so satisfied with his jiju and she feels puzzled on it. Parth speaks that if say the truth once again, then also nobody will believe it so what’s the purpose of talking about his disinterest in his jiju.

He speaks on learning so many things at the juvenile home, and wants to lead his life according to his own will, and is not a child anymore. [Aisi Sazaa Deti Hawa.. Tanhayi Bi Tanhaa Nahi…song (sad tune)]. Parth goes to his room and cries on his bed and keeps the short axe close to his bed. He remembers the child abuse inflicted on him by his jiju. Soon after, the jiju comes again and tries to abuse him. Parth speaks that he will be fine at the juvenile home, and the jiju asks him whether he got someone there. Jiju speaks with parth that for so many years he was quiet so why is speaking now against the abuse.

Parth responds that he was afraid before and whenever he went to the sister to explain his pain she never understood and wanted him to be quiet. Parth doesn’t want to live with the family. Soon after, Parth kills his jiju with the axe after reminding himself of the words of Suraj while his sister’s plea went in vain. He comes back to the juvenile home again, and greets Suraj and speaks that he was right the society will never accept them.

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) speaks that for whatever reason, life should not be taken away. Parth did wrong but the reason for it was genuine and he should not have taken the law/justice in his own hand. But the so-called jiju has not left no option for him. Parth never took such a step before because he didn’t have the courage and even his own sister didn’t help him either because of the fear of bad reputation to her husband’s name. But now, Parth’s has got courage and strength from Suraj and he didn’t allow his tormentor to further abuse him. We all wish the approach could have been different. She speaks that the story truly reflects the things happening in society which are ugly but true, and we can stop it by means of awareness. She speaks friends, whether Parth and Suraj have done the right thing because of their love, share your opinions with the hash tag #PTKK on Zing’s facebook (/zingTV) and Twitter pages (@zingTV). She signs off by saying – Keep watching, Keep loving!

Hosts (Narrators) of the show: Meiyang Chang and Surbhi Jyoti (Zoya from Qubool Hai) will inform us about the characters and will also guide us through the story.

Info on Cast:
* Parth is played by actor Avinash Kaul
* Suraj is played by Shaleen Malhotra. Shaleen was born 25th May, 1988 in New Delhi. He is an Indian television actor and VJ.
– Contestant of MTV Roadies (2006)
– VJ for MTV, and hosted MTV Roadies, Stunt Mania
– Role of Jamaal Ahmed in Sony’s Adaalat and the role of ACP Arjun Suryakant in Star Plus’ Arjun.
– Trained in Parkour (obstacle course training with holistic body movements) and kickboxing. Read more on parkour at its Wikipedia page.
* Babban is played by actor Joshua
* Warden is played by actor Parmeshwar K.R

Image credits: Official Facebook page of Zing TV

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