Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 13th June 2014 4th Episode on Zing TV – Promo Snapshot


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing

The story is about a 17-year old boy Parth and his friend Suraj. The promo shows Parth Gupta with a girl in his jeep who speaks that he doesn’t drink alcohol and smoke, and even avoids drugs. She further adds that even in parties he remains quiet and is very uncomfortable with the noise there. Sooner, Parth’s friend comes inside his jeep and speaks that he will have a rollicking time as he is having the company of a girl. He then drives his jeep in haste after listening to his friend who even offers him alcohol from behind while he was driving.


With such distractions, Parth hits a person on the road with his jeep and meets with an accident and the passer-by succumbs to death. After the accident, Parth is taken to the juvenile home for rehabilitation and also to serve a punishment. He becomes very shy and reserved with the people there and finds there some young boys only in their shorts and thinks that punishment was meted out to them. He meets the warden of the centre Mr. Shetty who was holding a big stick while talking with him. Shetty welcomes him with sarcasm and also with an intention to frighten him. He then wants Parth to remove his clothes so that he can look at him fully thereby abusing him (teenage abuse) and taking his privacy away. Furthermore, Shetty adds that he will not do anything even if Parth asks for something or need anything.

Sooner, Parth starts to settle in the juvenile home though boys there continue to tease him. He encounters other young boys who calls him Chikni Chameli and one of them is named Babban. One of the boys there speaks that Parth came there because of a murder case as told by the warden, and not an ordinary crime at school like paper stealing or cheating. The boys then tries to introduce Parth to a favorite and tough boy there – Suraj but he was interested in his own things at that time. Some other day, Parth asks for an egg food at the canteen, but is neglected by the boys. He then meets and befriends Suraj and helps him by sharing the food plate [Aaa Tujh Mein Bitayu Ratiya song] plays in background. Suraj informs him that he cannot see his own close people being hurt without any reason. Sooner, Parth finds out that Suraj is leaving soon upon receiving orders from the warden. Suraj informs him that he has to go and feels helpless.

Parth and Suraj have developed mutual love for them at the juvenile home as Parth only found him to understand his emotional and traumatic state as other boys there were only teasing or making fun out of him. Parth became more stronger and got strength in his life from Suraj. After a while when Suraj comes to know that the warden has abused and beaten up Parth, he becomes annoyed. He then goes to the warden who was taking a bath, and gets hold of him for hurting Parth and chokes him down to possible death. Suraj gave solace to Parth in the form of love. Stay tuned to Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (PTKK) this Friday @ 7 PM IST on Zing TV.

* You can read the PTKK Episode Written update on our website link:

Hosts (Narrators) of the show: Meiyang Chang and Surbhi Jyoti (Zoya from Qubool Hai) will inform us about the characters and will also guide us through the story.

Info on Cast:
* Parth is played by actor Avinash Kaul
* Suraj is played by Shaleen Malhotra. Shaleen was born 25th May, 1988 in New Delhi. He is an Indian television actor and VJ.
– Contestant of MTV Roadies (2006)
– VJ for MTV, and hosted MTV Roadies, Stunt Mania
– Role of Jamaal Ahmed in Sony’s Adaalat and the role of ACP Arjun Suryakant in Star Plus’ Arjun.
– Trained in Parkour (obstacle course training with holistic body movements) and kickboxing. Read more on parkour at its Wikipedia page.
* Babban is played by actor Joshua
* Warden is played by actor Parmeshwar K.R

Image credits: Official Facebook page of Zing TV

PTKK 4th Episode: Sneak Peek
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PTKK 4th Episode: Short Promo
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