Love By Chance 14th June 2014 3rd Episode Bindass – Written Update

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Love By Chance Bindass 3rd Episode

Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks about Navratri and says that during its festive time love can blossom and refer to as the official season of love. He speaks that boys and girls are given lots of freedom during this time and then smiles…He speaks about the atmosphere of Navratri and suggests that it is ideal for people to express their love and also to speak the three important words..

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Pankhu is informed that his cousin brother Jiggi has came to Baroda from London and is informed by Ganda. Panku takes some time to remember but when given some hints like 10th standard class then he realized about Jiggi. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Jignesh patel from London upto then was Jiggi Bhai though he wanted to live in London but for his parent’s happiness came to Baroda.

The story now moves forward with Jiggi meeting pankhu, and Pankhu feels much excited and carries Jiggi in his hands. Pankhu asks some questions like does he have any plan to go back ? He then asks about the pound rate in INR ? Pankhu then speaks about the Dandiya time and says that every there is Dandiya and even camera is allowed because of Dandiya. Jiggi says that Dandiya is not his thing and he cannot dance, and Jiggi responds that Dandiya is a must for the residents of Baroda and is in their blood and heart and even it is present in the beats of Dandiya Nights. Panku reiterates that Dandiya is even in destiny and as he came from London, so let’s rock and seeks blessing from his Goddess (Jai Mata Di).

Pankhu takes Jiggi to the Dandiya nights and speaks that Jiggi Bhai will forget his Las Vegas. Pankhu introduces Jiggi to his friends there and one of the girl is Manisha Shah who now became Patel as her surname after fixing of her marriage. Jiggi sees a girl – Hetal dancing there and doing Garba, and as she tries to help her friend by putting back the pin on the dress, Jiggi comes there and she thinks that he was eyeing her and also seeing her friend. He speaks in english to clear the confusion and also says that he is not interested in her friend’s pin. And infact he was seeing her. As he was looking at her, she then wants him to look at other side. He speaks that it was cool that she managed to control herself and didn’t fall. She thinks that he is making excuses to talk to her. He speaks in english that she didn’t need to be rude about it. She confronts him in a funny manner and speaks that he was trying to flirt with her. Jiggi taunts her by asking on which century is she living. She becomes a bit annoyed and then goes to dandiya dance.

Jiggi speaks with Pankhu that the girls here are not mannered to speak with boys properly. Pankhu responds that Jiggi doesn’t know how to talk with girls here. He informs about the nature of the girl – Hetal who have killing eyes (Aankhon mein Talwaar), and a hot-mouthed (Zabaan pe Mirchi). Now, Jiggi learns that her name is Hetal, and Pankhu suggests whether her introduction is needed. Jiggi speaks that introduction is already done, and suggests Pankhu to inform her that since she is hot then that doesn’t mean that every boy who comes to talk with her is actually hitting or flirting with her. Pankhu takes him on the dance floor and wants Jiggi to give a try for dance. Jiggi is intercepted by Hetal and soon they meet again and he offers her the water. She scolds him a bit for not identifying her and informs him that she was his school classmate during their 2nd to 4th standard (3 yrs). He speaks that there were 90 students thus he couldn’t remember everyone. She calls him Nimura (sour fellow). He then reminds that she was the one who used to wear big glasses and used to sit in the front bench and then the fat one and she doesn’t accept either of them as her. She calls him a liar, and he then speaks that 10 years have passed since he has left Baroda, and was 15 then and will turn 25 now. He asks for her friendship now though before they couldn’t be friends.

She then funnily taunts on him and says that after becoming friendship, he will ask her about teaching him dance. He will cite that he is a cute NRI guy and doesn’t know about dandiya and things around. She reminds that for her he is still the same old Jignesh Patel. He gets her word where she called him as cute. He calls her a liar, and then asks why shouldn’t he think of flirting with her in a suave manner ? She replies with a smile that he doesn’t have a chance as she likes the boys from Baroda. And he doesn’t have any qualities like that of Baroda boys. Sooner, Hetal’s friend who was earlier helped by Hetal comes to him and speaks that he doesn’t hold a chance to win Hetal’s love. And then introduces herself as Falguni and only if she helps him then he can think of a chance to win Hetal. She is a dance instructor and runs dance classes in the colony and he needs to impress Hetal by his dance and even there are remaining 8 days left for Navratri to end. He calls the dance as the normal thing, and she scolds him a bit and says that Navratri is celebrated here since long time, and says that only girls will see him dance here. She informs the price 2,500 INR (non-refundable) for her dance classes and with hesitation he agrees. She then speaks of meeting next day and takes leave with an acronym JSK which he is then informed as Jai Shree Krishna.

Next day, he goes to the dance classes, and Falguni starts to teach him Dandiya. He responds that she is teaching him the Dandiya dance steps of a girl, and she then informs that Dandiya is the same for boys and girls and is only need some moves, grace and asks whether he has understood. He replies on his disinterest to learn full dandiya dance and wants her to teach the basic pattern to hit Dandiya that will be fine for him. She speaks that Dandiya is not only played by mind or heart but played by heart and he needs to be in flow to have a good time. She suggests him to follow her as how she is doing Dandiya. He couldn’t get it and asks her whether people gets injured while hitting Dandiyas. He still feels lost about it, and she responds that if he doesn’t do dandiya well then her respect will be lost since everybody knows that he is taking coaching under her guidance. He again tells her honestly that he couldn’t do the dandiya according to her. Again, She informs that he just need to dance like Zakira (instead of Shakira). She then asks him with care whether he wants to impress Hetal or not. He replies no since he is embarassed to do the dance. At this point, she asks does he want to bring in him the thing of Baroda boys or not ? Now he understood her point, and agrees to learn the dance so as to get the feel like other baroda boys and dances a bit with her.

He then goes to the Dandiya night and Falguni wants him to take care while dancing so as to not hurt others. After getting blessing from Ambi goddess, he then goes on the dance stage and does Dandiya dance with some girl, and soon his turn comes with Hetal, and he stops and leaves.Next day, Panku meets Hetal and informs her why isn’t she impressed with his brother Jiggi and speaks that as of now she is single so why not. She speaks whether to be single is a disease, and why needs to have a boyfriend always and also Jiggi is not of her type. Pankhu reiterates that Jiggi is an NRI, his father is very rich and lots of money and also of the same type like her. Hetal speaks that she is not interested, and he informs her that he is learning dance from Falguni and even falguni wants her to show some interest in him. She speaks that Jiggi is learning dance because of his ego. After which, Pankhu responds that because she told that he doesn’t have the attributes of a Baroda boy so he is learning the dance. He again reiterates that Pankhu is a fool, and Jiggi always have ego even from the childhood. Pankhu becomes puzzled on hearing it.

Hetal comes to see Jiggi. He asks her what is that thing regarding his childhood which she spoke about it. She taunts that Pankhu has told him. He then informs her that he learnt it from his mother who in turn got that info after passing through a chain of neighbours. She speaks that baroda people are like this so there is no surprise. She asks him that he doesn’t know seriously what happened between them during their school time. She then informs that he has complained to his teacher that she used to stare at him continuosly. He laughs on her and suggest that even she has also embarassed him yesterday so now things are settled. She again thinks he has an attitude. He puts forward his point that they were kids at that time in school and he then speaks some words about his Visa. She becomes interested and asks him when is he leaving. He informs her that he just applied and will inform her after getting an answer. She then asks him that though his parents are living there permanently so will he be leaving them and going away. He asks her what she likes, should he go or not ? She answers hesitantly and with shyness that he wants he can go or stay back.

He argues that she is still thinking about the incident during their childhood, and she then calls him a despo and suggests that he was trying to woo her. She again calls him a Despo with a smile, and informs that she came to his home because of her mother (baa) who told her to drop some food there. He thinks there is no chance, and cannot be a despo for her. She comes close to him, and calls him again Nimura with a sweet smile and runs away. As she leaves, he informs her that he was dancing for her. She stops from going and informs him that Ojas the dandiya king has already proposed to her so after his dance he can compete as well. She speaks that now they can be friends since everything is settled now and offers him the food.

Kavi speaks the dandiya king, what ? He speaks that Hetal found a friend in Jiggi but he doesn’t want only friend. Jiggi doesn’t knew that girls are like this who wants to give tension to boys while they seek attention.

Both meets again at the Dandiya nights and dances with different partners. Soon, she comes to him and smiles, and then both dances on Dandiya together. After playing some dandiya, they go to eat some food, and he informs that by next week he will be knowing of his visa. She speaks that now he can be relieved as he will be leaving Baroda. He speaks that Baroda is nice but to stay for whom ? She ask him whether he remembered what she has said to him during their first meeting. He replies that she told him angrily that he can take the video showing how she was adjusting her friend’s top. She replies not that one and speaks that he is still the same Jignesh Patil from Baroda’s Vidya Mandir, and speaks softly that though he has stayed in London for many years, but he still remained to be from Baroda. She says that he haven’t left the qualities of Baroda from inside, so how come he can leave Baroda. She smiles and calls him Khatta Nimura (sour fellow like lemon),

After a while, both goes to a shop – Gudiya Ke Baal and offers him that snack. He speaks how come she can eat so much thing where does it go, thereby making a funny taunt ? He asks her whether she used to like him at school right ? He then reiterates that if that’s so then he has some qualities like baroda boys, and smiles. She also reciprocates with a smile. At the same moment, there is announcement of the Dandiya King Ojas Shah. She becomes excited to hear about Ojas. Jiggi also sees Ojas, and many girls greets him. Hetal also runs away from Jiggi to meet Ojas with much excitement. Jiggi meets Pankhu who informs more about Ojas and says that he has won the Baroda Garba dance contest for 3 times. Because of which, he feels proud and also have some media coverage and interviews at some TV channels. Jiggi speaks that he shouldn’t have come here as Hetal seems to like Ojas a lot. Pankhu suggest him to focus and then make a Chokas (fun, enjoyment).

He wants Jiggi to focus on Hetal and asks him what is the best thing that is working for him as of now. Jiggi responds nothing and then remembers that Hetal likes that he is learning Garba. Panku then wants him to show dance moves in front of her so as to impress her so sooner or later she will get like him a lot. Jiggi replies after focus, he will have chokas. Jiggi sees Ojas signing autographs on Dandiya and asks Pankhu isn’t weird ? Pankhu replies so where else he should give his autograph. Jiggi also sees Pankhu dancing with Hetal and becomes a bit worried. Next day at his coaching class, he practices dandiya and he finds Falguni to speak with much excitement. She asks him does he have an idea who will be coming at her class ? He replies Ranbir Kapoor to which she informs ‘Almost’. She informs that Baroda’s Dandiya king Ojas is coming to her coaching centre and deels very happy. She has informed Ojas about her mobile number and coaching class by putting the class pamphlet in the pocket of him thereby he learned about her. Ojas comes there and shows his presence by speaking Jai Shree Krishna and meets Falguni. She apologizes to him a bit for not applying Bindi on that day and calls him Ojas sir.

He then suggests that she calls him Ojas ji. After some time, Ojas meets Jiggi, and shows his Dandiya and also shows much exuberance and confidence. After introducing each other, Ojas says that Hetal was talking a lot (calling him a fine dancer) about him so he decided to meet him once. He then asks Jiggi whether he loves her. Jiggi responds that he doesn’t know about love and definitely he will not speak about such matter here. Ojas with a shrewd smile asks him whether he is frightened after seeing him ? Jiggi and falguni also smiles. Ojas reiterates that he has already proposed to Hetal and everybody knows that if Ojas has proposed somebody so they would not flirt with his girl. Falguni becomes a bit worried. He even tells that this is not London. After hearing it, Jiggi speaks that do not talk about Dandiya king with him, and he will do whatever feels good for him and Ojas can do according to his own wishes. Both then shows off their phone, and Ojas finds Jiggi to have version 7 latest smart phone. Ojas becomes annoyed with Jiggi and asks is he challenging him ? He then boasts of his fan following on the Internet (2500 people) and speaks that today is the last day of Dandiya challenge and hetal likes the boy who is the best in Dandiya so they can compete for the dandiya challenge and whoever is better and wins will be with Hetal. Ojas asks Jiggi whether he is ready to put Hetal on such a gamble. Jiggi responds that firstly Hetal is not his property which he can gamble with and he accepts his challenge and will compete because he likes it (falguni understands jiggi better now).

Jiggi reiterates that he will only win Hetal’s heart and after hearing it Ojas laughs and thinks that jiggi has lot of ego. Ojas speaks that if he won today then he will make sure that Jiggi’s baroda experience is completely worst. Ojas signs off by there with a farewell kiss and even showers a kiss to falguni and she feels in awe of him. Jiggi goes to falguni and asks her what does Ojas holds in his hands always. She answers that it is a special Dandiya (Hyper Dandiya 101 S) worth 6,500 INR and people don’t buy it since they can get one free Dandiya at the Pandal (Dance contest centre) and informs him that such a dandiya is only with few people. She was still in awe of Ojas.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that the moment of truth was coming and also to prove that he has the blood of Baroda and also for Hetal’s love, he accepted the challenge with Dandiya king Ojas and the fight was going to be a tough one.

Jiggi goes to the dandiya nights competition with Pankhu in a proper dress for Dandiya (red color). Pankhu informs him that if he defeats Ojas then he will win Hetal’s heart. He inspires Jiggi more by reminding about his city Baroda. At that moment, Hetal comes there and speaks in high tone that is he challenging Ojas, and for her ? He replies yes. She again reiterates that he is doing to satisfy his ego and attitude and not for her. She informs him that even he goes there then also he shouldn’t show his face to her. She argues that it is not a joke, and she is not his property with whom he can gamble with. He explains that he was speaking the same to Ojas that he is not gambling, and only Ojas was repeatedly challenging him in a hestitant manner. She informs about her thinking as she thought that Jiggi has changed but she was wrong as he is the same Jignesh like that of childhood. For him nobody is important except himself. After saying such strong words, she begins to move away and is stopped by Jiggi and he opens up and speaks that he is doing all these because he likes her. Both share an eye-lock and she feels a bit stunned and he calls her Hetu.

Sooner, the announcement is made about the competition and the presenter welcomes Ojas. Hetal leaves from there with some worry and anxiety on her face. Jiggi also feels anxious and bit worried and looks at Ojas who takes the centre stage. Ojas greets the people there and informs them that he will share a joke with them. He speaks that he got a challenge for the first time in Dandiya and he himself and the people there laughs on his words. He then reiterates that actually he is been challenged with Dandiya and the gamble is made on Hetal. He speaks that he has accepted the challenge, and his challenger is from London. Jiggi goes on the dance floor and informs Ojas that he will not compete and the challenge is off. He speaks that he just realized it is very insulting for Hetal, and Ojas is in no mood to listen to him and even tells that leave Hetal at the trash thereby demeaning her respect. Ojas’ ego takes control and he speaks that he just want to prove that he can defeat the london guy (Jiggi) in Dandiya. Furthermore, he wants Jiggi to compete so that people will not think him as a loser and a frightened fellow. Falguni showers a kiss to Ojas as he has already insulted Hetal so now she can flirt with Ojas. Since Ojas is relentless to fight, Jiggi decides to compete and the people there chants Ojas name.

Ojas smiles while holding his special Dandiya at Jiggi. Jiggi remembers Pankhu’s motivation on Focus and then Chokas and murmurs Focus..Focus Itla Chokas. Jiggi speaks then that as Hetal is already gone so he will also leave and will not compete. Ojas becomes happy as Jiggi has forfeited the contest and is hugged by Falguni who utilizes that opportunity to come close to Ojas. Jiggi runs towards Hetal and meets her. He asks her why is she ignoring him ? He informs her that he took the challenge and the dance for her and once she left so what he would be doing there. She asks him in a teary voice Why, Why for her? She speaks, Does she informed him about her liking for him ? Jiggi smiles and suggests that she didn’t inform but he knows that she doesn’t like that idiot Ojas. He goes on to say that now he will speak and look at her and she has to listen. She asks again why ? He speaks that whenever he looks at her, he remembers the picto and Hetu looking Hetal from the time of their school days who was once suspended from putting a lipstick and coming to school.

He informs her that he remembered all those good times. Hetal becomes emotional and looks at him and both share an eye-lock. He then thinks that she is too hot and she calls him Nimura and then Khatta Nimura with a cute smile. She asks what is his problem ? He responds that the problem is that he came to Baroda 9 days ago and planned to go back to London in a month time. But then, she entered his life. She then asks what does he want with much sincerity ? He replies – follow my lead and then shows the Dandiya move [Ek, Be, Front, and my name is Latku while moving his hips]. She smiles after seeing Jiggu’s gesture. He again repeats the same Dandiya move and kisses her thereby sealing his love for her.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Jiggi came just 8 days before and planned to go back to London in a month time. But for Hetal’s love he even gave a chance to Baroda. He learnt Dandiya dance for Hetal and after seeing that even Hetal gave another chance to such an egoistic NRI fellow. He speaks that giving a chance in love is not about situation but about a special connection from Heart. With whom we feel such a special connect then forget your fears and inhibitions, and give love a chance then only you could find someone like Hetal or Jiggi. Kavi signs off by saying – Jai Shree Krishna.

Some Info on Cast
* Hetal is played by actress Neeta Shetty.
– Neeta was born on 20th June, 1986. She is an Indian Television actress.
– First TV series – Zee TV’s Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann
– Role of Dr Archita in Kahinn To Hoga
– Muskan’s rebirth as Khushi in Tum Bin Jaaoon Kahaan
– Role of Urvashi that of an antagonist in Zee TV’s Parrivaar.
– Read more at her Wikipedia page.
– She is a versatile actor working on varied roles.
– Recently, Neeta played the role of Rumi (aspiring model who deceits her lover Suchit) in Star Plus’ Ishq Kills Episode 8 telecast on 8th April 2014. If interested, Read on that episode on our website here.
– Soon, she will be seen in SAB TV’s comic horror show – Pritam Pyaare Aur Woh playing the ghost -Sweeteina who have much interests in cookies and sweets.
* Jignesh Patel (Jignes) is played by actor Mohsin Khan.

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