Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Disaster Mini Series 22nd June 2014 Episode 48 on Bindass – Promo Snapshot


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Disaster Mini Series 2, Episode 48

The story is about a young boy Ayush and a girl Prakriti. She has a chance meeting with Ayush on the road since he was coughing hard there and as a good samaritan she decided to help him with medicines and water. She then goes to some station as she was about to travel. Sooner, she is informed that she has to leave from there to a safer place since they are riots in that area.


The girl is stubborn and doesn’t want to leave from there. The rioters are seen with swords and in a mood to bring a lot of instability, fear, and damage to people. Ayush decides to support Prakriti in that precarious situation. His friend advises him to leave but in vain. Ayush speaks that how could he leave Prakriti alone who has helped him in distress (referring to her earlier help) without even knowing him. They share an eyelock and begins to come close, and he even offers her emotional support and strength as she was crying.

Finally, the riots were calmed down as the police arrived in that area and thereafter they realized their love, thus their love and courage stood test of time and finally their love won. With this happy ending, Ayush showers a kiss on Prakriti’s forehead to seal their love and to be lovestruck. Stay tuned to Yeh Hai Aashiqui this Sunday @ 7 PM on Bindass.

Info on Cast:
* The role of Prakriti is played by actor – Nida Chakraborty.
– She recently (13th April 2014) played the role of Arunima in Channel V’s Heroes show on Fight Stalking Episode. If interested, you can read the written update of that episode on our website here.
– Nida’s Twitter page to know more about her.

* The role of Ayush is played by actor – Harssh Rajput. Harssh’s Twitter page.

Image credit: Official Facebook page of Bindass’ Yeh Hain Aashiqui.

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