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Love By Chance Bindass 4th Episode

Love by Chance is a romantic comedy backed by serendipity. The show covers real stories of people and every week a new love story will be shown.

Kavi shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that heart surgeries are very intricate and if the same heart falls for somebody then its very hard to manage. Moreover, he speaks that in current generation, people have monthly heart breaks and on a daily basis could fall for someone as well.

The show starts with Rahul being scolded by his girlfriend Simran and he calls her Simmi. She doesn’t want to talk with him since she was insulted. She calls him a Jhalla and the one without money. She wants him to remember that from next time he should carry his credit cards in his wallet. Kavi speaks that Rahul Maholtra (Aashique Bechaara) is from Chandigarh, and we think his life is fully sorted and fine, but he also thinks the same and then fell in love with Simran. He meets Simran (simple material girl) and brings Italian pasta and she taunts that by default the pasta is Italian. He touches her feet and she scolds him and tell him to not be free and doesn’t call her jaan. He speaks that the home is empty after long time and then speaks that he loves her a lot..He wants her to come to his room. She speaks that she is not such a girl. He speaks that he is not afraid to meet her parents and she responds that at the right time she will let him meet her parents.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Rahul liked Simran’s cuteness and on the other hand Simran liked Rahul’s credit cards.

Rahul prepares for her Makkan ki Roti (Cheese Rotis) and she speaks that whether he haven’t made credit card payment since his card is not working. He then gives her another card so she can realize her payment. Kavi speaks that Rahul was an unpaid assistant for Simran who just wanted Rahul for her payments. He speaks that Rahul was aware of it but because of love he was completely ignoring it . Kavi shares a quote that – ‘If you tell a lie for long enough then you will also start believing it’. Now it has to be seen whether there were limitations in Rahul’s sight or his destiny.

Rahul meets Simran at a cafe and she speaks that they will go to mall next day as she needs to buy a dress. He speaks on becoming tired after paying credit card payments for her, and also suggests that on top she doesn’t let him meet her parents and also they don’t do anything (referring to intimate moments). She wants him to be in his limit and wants him to be happy in this current state. He taunts her that last year when she was dating a boy Vaibhav Modi she went to Shimla three times and with him he doesn’t even come to Mohali. She calls him a Despo, and he speaks that Vaibhav is a good friend who has sent him a message on facebook like a man to man and has suggested him to be away from her. She becomes angry and calls Rahul an overexcited boyfriend and wants to have a break-up with him. She also informs him that she will delete him from all her social networks sites.

Rahul felt happy after the break-up and sooner he hears Simran’s voice calling for help and learns that she met with an accident outside the cafe. He takes her to the City hospital and encounters there a girl and asks her for some help and calls her as sister. She responds that she is not a sister. Rahul speaks that he didn’t look at her in a non-sister way and she calls him idiot and introduces herself as doctor. He takes Simran (Simmi) to the hospital inside on a stretcher after learning that he will not face problems from police.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Rahul from Chandigarh was embarassed most of the times since his father used to run a Dairy farm. There was good money in his father’s business but the style was very small. Rahul is an inexperience fellow in the matters of girls.

Rahul pushes the stretcher and takes Simmi inside the hospital. The nurse asks her what is the patient’s blood group. He answers put it as B- casually. He is not sure. He speaks about patient’s name is Simran Malhotra.. Dhingra and when asked about patient’s history.. He speaks that he doesn’t know anything. The doctor there informs the patient is unconscious because of shock and will be kept under observation for tonight and maybe after 7 to 8 hours she will gain back consciousness. He is then given the list of medicines when he just thought to leave and the doctor informs him to inquire with the next shift doctor on when can he leave. She also suggests him to inform Simmi’s family about the accident.

Rahul thinks he got stucked and the girl who met Rahul earlier turns out to be Dr. Nidhi. Nidhi takes the night shift of the doctor who just a while back spoke with Rahul. That doctor cited that she has to go because her boyfriend came to see her but before tried to call him as his cousin brother from London. Nidhi Singh (Tough to Please) accepts the favor and works in the night shift. Kavi speaks that Nidhi has the ambitions to become a top-notch doctor and though she is small in height and an intern but her dedication is much more than the senior doctor Miss Sibal. Rahul informs Simmi’s father that Simmi is fine and wants him to come at the earliest since he need to bring some new buffaloes for his father’s dairy farm. Simmi’s father thanks Rahul for his help in saving the life of his daughter. Rahul speaks that there is no need to thank him and it was his duty and he was just being human. Simmi’s father informs his wife who was doing her make-up and both then proceeds to go to the hospital.

Sooner, Rahul waits and sits in-front of Simmi’s room in the hospital and then looks at Nidhi walking towards him. [Lukka Chippi Nain Me Attaka Ishq Addiction Satta…Oh Happy Hour Chance Laga.. Romance Laga..]. He just looks at her non-stop and then awaken up by Nidhi. She asks him whether did he got hurt as well ? He responds that his injury is inside and this is not the time to correct it.. He tries to flirt and looks at her. She asks whether the patient has allergies and he doesn’t give proper answers. She calls her first husband of Simmi and then boyfriend, and then Mr.. He then introduces himself as Rahul Malhotra son of Balwant Malhotra, owner of 2,000 buffaloes and 3 dairy farms, Is this enough ?

She then taunts on him and wants him to share the info on his homes. He speaks that by the grace of almighty, he has three homes spread all over Chandigarh, and she asks then he should have homes in Ludhina, and he replies yes two, and also in Mohali. And some other he will take her to Mohali but not now since he is getting late. She informs him to wait until other people comes to attend the patient.

Rahul then goes to a nurse there and wants to speak something. He asks her whether doctor (Nidhi) is single or having boyfriend. The nurse goes to Dr. Nidhi and informs her that Rahul who is attending the patient Simmi had asked whether she is single or in a relationship with someone. Nidhi responds that though she is single but she is not the one for a characterless person. He comes there and wants to say directly to Dr. Nidhi instead of the nurse and sends the nurse away. He speaks that he didn’t spoke those words and was actually speaking about medicines since Simmi’s parents are also coming soon to attend her. She scolds him and says that first he realized the accident of his girlfriend and now running away from his responsibilities. Moreover, after seeing a hot girl tries to flirt and being opportunistic. He agrees that she is hot and she again scolds that he doesn’t have manners and calls him Besharam. He speaks that he became free and after seeing her only use his heart and not mind. He wants her to go to take medicines.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Nidhi Singh have 7 brothers and if we include his father then she had 8 males around her. She was treated unfairly like – never sent to co-education school, ban on making male friends and all of that. After her 12th class study, she came to Chandigarh and stays with her Aunt (Bua) and because of which she is not impressed with Rahul but she didn’t know the full story of Rahul.

Rahul comes back after bringing medicines and he didn’t brought some since the chemist didn’t understood Nidhi’s handwriting. He hears Nidhi speaking about a cute boy with oversmart nature who she has just met. He asks her with whom she was talking ? She replies why is he asking her ? He responds just like that..He then speaks whether there is some matter of ex-boyfriend. She calls him a mad fellow and he speaks that he is happy to get treatment from her. She then responds that she is not a doctor to treat mad people. He speaks that with one smile he will be happy and also asks why she writes with difficult handwriting.

Rahul inquires about Nidhi’s whereabouts with a nurse but didn’t get it. Soon, he meets Dr. Nidhi and speaks about the way to her heart. She shows him the exit sign, and he pledges to make an entry in her heart and to win her love.

Kavi speaks that Rahul brought Simmi to the hospital and thought that now he is just done with Simmi but the poor boy only in one look gave his heart to Nidhi. He believed that if he continue to persist then Nidhi will listen to him and both can go on a date. After seeing Nidhi, he was so impressed with her that just couldn’t stop..

Sooner, he meets Nidhi at the Gurudwara, and she speaks why is he following her and informs him that she will complain. He responds that she will not complain since until now she didn’t do it. As she is stressed and in tension, so she came to the sacred place. He calls doctors as the form of God then what’s the need to come there. The other girl with Nidhi speaks that Rahul is so cute so why she is scolding him. Nidhi taunts that girl and speaks that she dates boys once every three weeks. Both fights on petty matters and Rahul decides to go away after seeing their fight. Now, Rahul meets Nidhi again at the market and holds an apple and shares the quote that – An apple a day keeps doctor away, but he doesn’t want to eat an apple since he wants to come close to a beautiful doctor like her, take coffee..She scolds him and speaks that many boys from her college days have spoken such a joke. He asks her what is his problem ? She speaks that he is testing her patience and calls him Besharam. He speaks that he is just having bad luck in destiny, and tries to convince her to listen to him to know him. She wants him to see his girlfriend Simmi, and he then decides to go to Simmi to make her happy. Nidhi feels something amiss and starts to feel something for Rahul.

Rahul speaks with his father that he had a break-up with Simmi and just after the break-up, Simmi met with an accident and for the sake of humanity, he brought her to the hospital. He speaks that the injury inside him which was caused because of his love for Dr. Nidhi. He speaks that she still thinks him as the boyfriend of Simmi. The father advises him to inform the doctor whats in his heart. He thanks the father for the blessings and speaks that now his confidence has grown many folds 2*4*6*8 and now he will bring his Bahu home. He is just waiting for Simmi’s parents and then he will come home after setting up his love story with the doctor. He sits inside Simmi’s room in the hospital and soon Nidhi comes there. He holds her hand and informs that he is not Simmi’s boyfriend. He speaks that she is misunderstood and even she can ask Simmi after she gains consciousness. He also suggests that he is not a liar. He then proposes her for a coffee date after her work. With a smile on her face, she speaks on not being sure whether to believe him, and go on the date or not. He then speaks that he didn’t ask her hand for marriage and its just a coffee date. She carries a cute smile and speaks that she is allergic to coffee and again Rahul thinks on what to speak and then gets an idea to take her for a green tea since now its the trend of it everywhere.. Nidhi is impressed with him now and wants him to bring some more medicines for Simmi.

Kavi speaks that for romance hospital is not the best place. For Rahul, just after his break-up he fell in love with Nidhi. Now it has to be seen whether his love will be realized or …

Nidhi again meets Rahul inside Simmi’s room and finds him eating a raw tomato. He speaks that whenever he is in tension, he eats a tomato to balance out his tension. She takes the tomato from his hand and takes a bite and speaks that it is very raw and would take four day for it to be ripened. He calls her tomato expert, and furthermore she speaks since her childhood she used to like raw tomatoes and even she used to get scolding from her mother. He utters that there is something common between them which Nidhi hears as well. He then asks her for a green tea date and suggests that very soon Simmi’s parents will come as well. She shies a bit and then asks him if he is not Simmi’s boyfriend then why he brought her here? He responds that he will share the full story some other time but Nidhi becomes adamant to hear his story at that moment.

He speaks that the place is not right to speak things about him and the long story. She then reiterates that even its wrong to speak in the room but nonetheless they were speaking. He then informs her that to speak openly its not important the place, right ? She smiles and looks at him and soon Simmi becomes conscious, and she calls only Rahul’s name.

Kavi speaks that just before Nidhi’s approving about his love for her, Simmi became conscious. He says that Rahul might have thought maybe Nidhi would have been saying something else, who knows..

Simmi is not happy with the food served by the nurse since it is not spicy (and no salt) at all. Nidhi finds Simmi’s vital organs to be stable, and she asks her how is she feeling ?. Simmi responds Changi (Good) and then suggests Nidhi to call Rahul inside. Nidhi speaks that he didn’t refer Simmi as his girlfriend. Simmi speaks that she only told Rahul to not flaunt that he has a girlfriend and speaks that he is very shy and also both are dating since past 6 months. Nidhi feels a bit sad and becomes annoyed with Rahul. Nidhi informs the nurse that Simmi is calling for his boyfriend Rahul and wants her to inform him about the same. She leaves from there after venting out her anger. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that bad timing and Rahu’s relationship were quite evident. Will Rahul will overcome these problems and whether his situation would be like Dhobe Ke Khutta analogy – Na Ghar Ka Na Ghat Ka types.

Simmi meets Rahul while watching the television. He asks her whether she is sure to not remember what she spoke on the day of the accident at the cafe. She responds on not remembering anything. He remembers Simmi’s words on break-up and her accident. She then goes to fetch water for her. Nidhi comes to see Simmi and she wants him to forget about her [saying – Mera Kheda Chodo – forget my village]. He becomes dejected.. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that doctors doesn’t keep emotions as the profession demands it, and most of the time its mechanical. But Nidhi was not like this, she didn’t complain about Rahul because she saw his earnest efforts and the most important thing that whenever Nidhi scold a boy once, those boys never come to her again. But thats not the case for Rahul who was persistent in approaching Nidhi the whole night and was very stubborn. He speaks that Nidhi from outside wants no boy to approach her but her heart wants the opposite.

Rahul meets Simmi and brings cold water for her with which she is annoyed. She orders him to bring normal water and also Aloo Parathas from outside. He also becomes annoyed and speaks that the one who have hit her has run away after the accident. He plans to now go to him and will thank him for hitting her. He speaks that now its break-up time and calls her Didi and she calls him Fukre and Kaminey, and he will delete her from all social networking sites. Simmi meets her parents in her room while Rahul is annoyed and not in his own. He then finds Nidhi standing at some distance from him, and he thinks to meet her but leaves to his home. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Rahul wants to clear the misunderstanding with Nidhi but thought that day was not good for him.

The nurse then calls Nidhi and informs that Rahul didn’t lie. Actually, Simmi got selective amnesia because of which she has temporary memory loss. Moreover, she speaks that both were arguing on that matter and Simran didn’t remember that she had a break-up in the afternoon with Rahul. Nidhi speaks that she will meet Rahul and will apologize. She learns that Rahul would be in the parking lot. Rahul speaks at the Gurudwara that his day so bad – break-up in afternoon, evening – fear and rejection and even in the night got rejection at the doorsteps of Gurudwara. In a teary voice, he worships there and prays for fulfilling his dreams. Nidhi sees him from a distance praying and speaks that now he is fine and his time has changed. He goes towards her and both looks at each other and comes close. She speaks that her shift has ended and come there to say sorry to him.

He responds sorry doesn’t suit her and in fact her sorry has a turning on quality. She asks him whether she is a music system. He speaks that after seeing her the guitar beats in his heart, and if she doesn’t like that then he can play sitar, Tabla or harmonium. She wants him to take her on a green tea date. He then asks where are they going for a first green tea official date ? He speaks that both share the same taste as both of them like raw tomatoes. Furthermore, he does sometimes over a bit, and she speaks yes little bit while looking shy. He decides to improve from a little bit to more and it is his speciality. Sooner then, he starts speaking on taking her to a green tea at a 5 star hotel, and then he will drop her, and thereafter reaching his home will send a SMS. After hearing all those words from him, she puts her hand on his mouth with a smile on her face and both share an eyelock [Ishq Addiction Satta.. Happy Hour Mein Chance Laga..Romance Laga.. Shak..Love by Chance song]. Both are lovestruck and goes happily on their romantic first date.

Kavi speaks that Rahul never imagined that he will find Nidhi at the hospital and fall in love and on the other hand Nidhi also didn’t thought before the start of her shift that she will go on a date later in the night with Rahul. Kavi signs off by saying – this is love by chance.

Info on Cast
* Rahul is played by actor Aashish Mehrotra who is seen in Channel V’s show – Paanch portraying the character of Yudi.

* Simran (Simmi) is played by actress Annie Gill.
– Annie Gill was born in Firozpur, Punjab, India. She first made an entry on Indian Television by participating as a game partner of Rahul Bose in Color’s reality show – Khatron ke Khiladi Season 3.
– She also took part in another reality show Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout (NDTV Imagine). Her major role is of Rano in Sony’s show – Anamika [show ended in September 2013]. Read more at her Wikipedia page.
– Annie did the first episode (31st May 2014) of Love by Chance and played the role of Roshni opposite Mandy (Mahender). If interested, read the written update of that episode on our site here.

Images credit: Twitter page of Bindass TV

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  3. […] * Vivek is portrayed by actor Aashish Mehrotra – Portrayed the role of Yudi in Channel V’s Paanch – Five wrong make a right – Recently worked in Bindass Love by Chance 4th Episode aired on 21st June 2014. If interested, read that episode’s WU here. […]

  4. […] * Vivek is portrayed by actor Aashish Mehrotra – Portrayed the role of Yudi in Channel V’s Paanch – Five wrong make a right – Recently worked in Bindass Love by Chance 4th Episode aired on 21st June 2014. If interested, read that episode’s WU here. […]

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