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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 78 - Siddhi Karwa Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 78 Ashish Mehrotra Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 78 Randeep Rai

The story starts with Shashank and his elder brother Vivek aka Bittu Bhaiya coming to their college. Vivek speaks of being the president of the college and will make sure that Shahshank will get transfer. He asks Shahshank to be happy for coming to Delhi and shows his room. At the room, Payal was waiting for Vivek and he suggests to Vivek that she is his Bhabhi. He introduces her to Shashank and she pulls his leg as he calls her brother as Bittu Bhaiya. Later, Vivek speaks to Shashank about Payal and calls her as chatter box. Soon, another girl comes from behind and puts her hands over Vivek’s eyes and asks him to identify her. He identifies the girl to be shilpi and goes with her informing Shashank that he will see him in the night. Vivek goes to meet Payal who was waiting at the movie theatre and informs of coming alone. Later, they meet again and he takes her on his bike and she calls Vivek and says that his brother is taking her on a date. Vivek is worried to hear such comment. They stop at some place and she puts some colored ice on his cheeks and smiles. He also smiles with her. They spend more time together and take selfies as well. She continues to tease him while he is happy to take selfies with her and they are having some good time. She tries to make him jealous a bit but he carries laughter.


Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks that Shashank was filling all the void which Payal was feeling because of Vivek. Both Shashank and Payal were having good special bond, and normally such bond turns into friendship and then into love but we don’t know when and how. He welcomes all to the show.

Payal was seen sitting at the cafeteria and Shashank was also there and they meet. He informs that his elder brother Vivek will soon meet her at the party. She is not sure and shouts that Vivek is going to meet her at the party. She then speaks of her bet that Vivek will not come to the party and even if he comes he will busy with himself. She asks shashank whether he is fine with the bet. He hesitantly agrees and she asks him to shake hands with her to seal the deal. She asks him to bring Vivek at the party and she will see who will win the bet. At the party in the night, Shashank comes and she thinks that he came alone and asks when he will accept his loss and offer her coffee. He speaks of bringing vivek with him. Vivek comes there and speaks that since morning Shashank was speaking to him about the party and suggests about his own party. He suggests that the campus party is just to drink and go home and nothing more. Some girls come to Vivek and asks him – Mr President to give them some time as well. He agrees to go with them and is seen having selfies. Payal is annoyed to see Vivek with those girls and she begins to take drinks. Shashank asks Payal to take care and not drink much. Vivek comes there and informs them of leaving in 10 minutes but she doesn’t wish to listen to him and leaves. Shashank meets Payal and tries to defend his brother by citing that he might have more responsibilities. In a drunken voice, she speaks that his brother doesn’t care much and even if she falls down even then he will not help. Though she speaks of not getting high after taking drunks, but she begins to slip while walking.

She asks Shashank what does he feel about her drinking. She speaks about trophy boyfriend which is the name she gave to Vivek and asks shashank whether he knows about it. She brings him to her home and asks him to wait for 5 mins. She speaks of being lonely earlier before meeting Vivek and now after being with someone (vivek) and to be alone again is much worse. She asks whether he felt lonely. He speaks of his father leaving him and his mother died in a car accident and he felt lonely and regards Bittu Bhaiya (vivek) as his mentor who have been supporting him. She carries smile on her face on hearing it and asks him to wait for more 5 minutes. She asks him why did he brought vivek to the party ? He replies so as to attend the campus party and she asks whether he wanted to make her happy in bringing vivek. He becomes quiet and she showers him a hug with a smile. He was pondering whether to reciprocate similar feelings and soon gets a call and leaves. He receives a call from Vivek who asks him about dropping Payal. He speaks that Payal have reached home and might have slept by now. Vivek asks him to come next morning to meet the principal and if he is late then going to meerut would be better.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Shashank started developing feelings for Payal and those feelings which we have never experienced before and he was liking her company. However, he was not forgetting that Payal is his Bittu’s Bhaiya girlfriend.

Next morning, Shashank gets admission in the college and he thanks Vivek. Vivek speaks that he got the admission on his own merit and also speaks of his favors for supporting and taking care of Payal. Shashank asks Vivek to speak with payal since she was upset with him. Vivek replies that Payal gets on/off many times and its more important that he meets the warden and gets his document attested. Just then, Payal comes and speaks of helping Shashank in the attestation and Vivek leaves from there to attend a call. Vivek comes back and asks Payal to help Shashank in the attestation. She reads his grades and finds him to top in 10th and 12th class. Shashank asks to not take her help and leaves and continues to escape from her. She greets him later but he doesn’t return the greetings which makes her puzzled and sad. She calls him later but he doesn’t accept her call. He remembers their initial meeting and continues to not speak and share his feelings with her. Some other day, he comes to look for Payal at her class and learns that she didn’t came to the college that day and doesn’t know the reason. Payal calls Vivek and informs about her ill-health. Vivek thinks that she is enacting a drama which she does every week and some medicines will help her. Shashank takes leave and goes to meet Payal at her home. He asks for how long she is ill. She replies couple of days and then speaks of running after him but he was not giving attention to her. He then speaks of coming there since he cares for her and she replies nonsense and suggests that no one cares for her and doesn’t want any drama.

Shashank gets hold of her and she hugs him and cries and speaks on thinking that one day she will be alone. He speaks of taking care of her always and showers couple of kisses and she wants a promise from him that he will never leave. The next moment he receives a call from Vivek and speaks of not doing anything since he cares for Vivek and leaves. Some other time, at the birthday party of Vivek, Payal is seen and he gives some fancy and flashy specs to her. She asks about Shashank and Vivek calls him. Vivek again leaves with some girl and Payal tries to speak with Shashank. But he continues to keep distance from her and also didn’t speak. Both look at each other in that same state during the cake cutting ceremony. Payal later meets Shashank at his hostel room and speaks of not able to pretend more. He speaks of commiting mistake earlier and suggests that things are wrong. She says that what you feel is not wrong and the wrong thing is to hide your feelings. He speaks on not cheating his brother Vivek and is very thankful to him. She replies that he can say thank you to Vivek for whatever he did to him but he has to express his feelings. She also adds that he is not cheating since he never felt any feelings for Vivek in the last 2 years and he is not coming in between. She then confesses her love to him – I love you and knows that even he loves her and wants to hear from him. He doesn’t say any word and moves from her. She asks him to not show his face from now on and also speaks of her decision to have a break-up with Vivek.

Payal goes to meet Vivek and informs him on the break-up. She suggests that they don’t live like boyfriend and girlfriend and thinks that break-up is the best option and doesn’t listen to him. Vivek in the night goes in Devdas mode and starts drinking and suggests that Payal did the break-up because there is someone in her life. Shashank opens up and cites that the reason of the break-up is because of him. Vivek becomes annoyed and asks him from when such thing is happening. She also comes there and Vivek asks what thing is missing in him and how did she thought to leave him for Shashank ? She speaks that in a relationship means 2 people and asks whether he thought what she needs. He speaks that her plan was to take him out and people will applaud. She thinks he is acting mad and Vivek holds her and tries to slap her. Shashank holds Vivek’s hand and stops him from slapping her. He speaks of losing the respect for his elder brother and also adds that if there was someone else he would have retaliated in return. He goes on to confess his love for Payal and says its true and that love just happen. Moreover, he wants to go and suggests that such thing wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t came in their life and wants to go and wants vivek to take care of payal before leaving.

Payal asks Vivek to understand the situation and she replies that there was no plan and also adds that Shashank suppressed his feelings since he didn’t wanted to hurt him. She then asks him whether he has time to see her and also doesn’t know what she likes, how she is doing. She thinks that Vivek has to understand that he only thinks to love her but that’s not the case. Finally, she asks him to go and thrash Shashank if he doesn’t agree with her. Shashank was leaving and Payal also goes towards him and tries to stop. Vivek also comes there and fondly calls Shashank., He asks Shashank to take care of the headache since he couldn’t handle Payal. Also reminds to Shashank that he has done true love and wants him to take care of her. Finally, Shashank and Payal realized their mutual love with Vivek giving them able support. The story ends on that happy note.

Rithvik speaks that suppressing feelings was not good in the long run and they expressed it though after some bad time. He signs off by saying Keep falling in love..

Info on Cast:
* Payal is portrayed by actress Siddhi Karwa
– Portrayed the role of Rano Jatin Chopra in Sony TV’s Kya Huaa Tera Vaada [2012-2013]
– Worked in the role of Ankita Shah in MTV Webbed.
– Recently worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (PTKK) 14th Episode aired on 22nd August 2014. Played the role of Alia.
– Siddhi’s Twitter page

* Shashank is portrayed by actor Randeep Rai
– Recently worked in Channel V’s O Gujariya – Badlein Chal Duniya [June-October 2014]

* Vivek is portrayed by actor Aashish Mehrotra
– Portrayed the role of Yudi in Channel V’s Paanch – Five wrong make a right
– Recently worked in Bindass Love by Chance 4th Episode aired on 21st June 2014. If interested, read that episode’s WU here.

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