Heroes – The Fightback Files 24th June 2014 Channel [V] 26th Episode Written Update


Heroes the fightback files Channel V Aparna's fightback

Recap: The story is of three youngster Aparna, Kavya, and Abhay. Aparna’s MMS video of changing her dress has been taken and distributed on the Internet and then became viral, thereby hurting her self-respect and dignity. The video was taken at the shop which she recently visited, and gets the support of store manager and goes through the logs of CCTV footage to find clues about the camera and the person running the racket.


Aparna at first thinks that Abhay may be behind the abuse since she was not agreeing to go with him on a date. But soon she learns that Abhay is not at fault when he informs her that he found a website which shows MMS videos of many girls being taped at the same shop.

Theme of the Episode: Fight Against Sexual Harassment; Fight against MMS Video Abuse and Offenders; Fight for your self-respect and dignity.

* Today’s episode will cover Part 2 (final) of Aparna’s fightback story, yesterday’s episode covered the first part.

Abhay shows the website with many girls MMS video being taped at the changing room in that same shop. Aparna asks him why the changing room was so much colorful and it turns out that on valentine’s day they were video-taped.

Aparna speaks on finding hidden camera types and asks her whether she found something similar but she answers no. They go to the shop and looks at the CCTV footage on the valentine’s day and after rewinding once finds the girl who was shown in the video, and then dvelve much deeper in the footage to find clues. She speaks that there was a hooded girl who was also on the valentine’s day footage. Aparna goes with kavya and goes into the changing room, and looks at the fan and other electric sockets. She speaks of seeing a plug on the socket and learns that socket camera was used to shoot the video tape. Aparna advises the store manager to organize some special sale to which he agrees.

Heroes the fightback files Channel V Aparna fightback

Aparna speaks with her mother and says everything is fine. Sooner then, she finds a hooded dress in Kavya’s almirah and becomes worried. She then informs Kavya about their visit to the shop next d to come at the store at 11 am but doesn’t get an answer. Aparna speaks on seeing the hood jacket in Kavya’s Almira. She also got some suspicion on Kavya, and ponders whether that hood jacket person is none other than Kavya. There is a sale in the shop, and Aparna and Abhay visits the shop and looks at the clothes. She takes some dress and goes to the changing room, and comes out soon without changing and learns that there is no plug on the socket. The store manager informs them to come to his cabin to see the footage. They go there and see the footage carefully as Abhay holds her hand and he thinks the hooded girl will not come again. As they are about to leave, they find Kavya but without any hooden dress. And she thanks God since the hooded girl didn’t turn out to be Kavya.

She now prepares to find out whether the hooded girl has indeed put the socket camera in the changing room. Sooner then, the hooded girl goes inside the changing room with her face completely covered, and Aparna after seeing the plug attached to the socket learns that indeed the hooded girl put a camera there and left. She takes out that plug and also extracts the camera. The store manager tried to stop her citing some unpaid bills but she goes away from the shop. All three – Aparna, Kavya, and Abhay follows her and informs that she is making videos. She confesses on putting the camera but she is doing it because of blackmail, and suggests that even her MMS video was shot and there is a person behind this racket who only thinks of money.

Stop sexual harassment

The hooded girl informs them that the man will meet her at some Lokhandwala complex so as to take back the camera. The hooded girl goes to meet that person while Aparna and her friends watch the man from a distance. The man takes the camera and begins a mobile call and as he is about to leave from there they follow him on the road. The man in turn gives the camera to the store manager’s assistant Sanjay. Aparna asks her for how many girls he has trapped, and he speaks on doing this work for 2 years, and also he has his website where he uploads, and for every download he gets money, and also makes DVDs and sells them in the market. Aparna speaks that the she never thought the store assistant Sanjay will be involved in this racket, he was arrested by the police, and all his websites were shut down.

She speaks on stopping the abuse because she don’t want other girls to fall prey of this crime and become victims, and also doesn’t want to remain quiet as other girl (hooded on) who after getting blackmailed helped the offenders by placing the socket camera. She is happy for her fightback and is a true hero.

Sneak Peek of today’s episode:
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/FvU-ykB0nrs]



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