Halla Bol 2 1st Episode with Karan Tacker, Sunaina's Fight for her Dreams (Boxing) & Equality, 30th November 2014 on Bindass – Promo Snapshot


Halla Bol Season 2 on Bindass with Karan Tacker

The story is about Sunaina, a young girl from a middle-class family in Ambala, Punjab. She had the aspirations to become a boxer since her childhood and speaks to her father one day about her dream to pursue boxing. Sunaina’s father Rajinder Singh was a well-known boxer and earned many medals and trophies and she got inspired from him after watching those accolades. When she spoke of fulfilling his dream and following his footsteps, he didn’t support her and instead slaps her in a fit of anger. Furthermore, he makes it clear that his son Param will fulfill his dream and she is not the one. She is being told to do things which suits a girl. Nevertheless, she decides to go ahead to train for boxing and does practice at the boxing centre. Some of the boys confront her and makes taunt that girls are suitable to wear bangles and prepare Roti (Paratas, breakfast food) and boldly tells her to not pursue boxing and should be aside.

Sunaina’s friend is also hesitant about her decision to pursue boxing and fight and asks whether she wants to become Mary Kom as well. Sunaina faced multiple challenges – lack of father support, taunts from boys at the boxing centre. However, she was defiant in her courage and decides to have boxing bout with a boy so as to prove to herself and the rest that the girls are not lesser than boys, and moreover to win her father’s respect and love. Soon, she engages in a boxing fight but remembers giving promise to her father on fulfilling his dream and also knows his lack of support exhibited by a slap. On that note, she loses her focus and her opponent the boy punches her on the head which leads to her fall. With her courage and determination, she stands up before the referee’s count of 10 and goes ahead to give a tough fight to his opponent. Sunaina’s father and brother Param were also present in the boxing centre during her match and became much surprised to see her back on the feet after that deadly fall. Will Sunaina win that boxing fight against all odds ? Would she be able to win her father’s love and respect ? Will Sunaina’s strong willpower and fightback for her dreams and equality inspires us in overcoming and ending the discrimination between boys and girls ?

This is Halla Bol Season 2 with the message Ladkiyan Kam Nahi [Girls are not lesser to anyone]. It is scheduled for 26 Episodes with focus on women empowerment and equality. Some of the key qualities of Halla Bol series (based on Season 1) are story telling, Karan’s effortless and thoughtful dialogue delivery as host, Actors, and importantly the social message it gives back to the society. Stay tuned to Halla Bol Season 2 which starts from today @ 6 PM (every Sunday) on Bindass TV.

Additional Note:
* Actress playing Sunaina, recently portrayed the role of Aparna in Channel V’s Heroes – The Fightback files, 26th Episode aired on 24th June 2014. The theme of that Episode was Fight Against MMS video Abuse.
– If interested, read that Episode WU on our site here

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