Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 27th June 2014 6th Episode on Zing TV – Promo Snapshot

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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing Ek Villain Finding Mitalee

The story is about Mitalee, a young and vibrant girl from a middle class Maharashtrian family. She falls in love with a neighborhood guy Ankit and used to go out with him occasionally but didn’t want to inform her family about it. She has decided to put all her focus on studies so as to achieve excellence and making her parents proud. She informs Ankit about her liking for him but at the same time doesn’t want to hurt her family.

Ankit drops her in the auto rickshaw and her mother sees him dropping her daughter and informs the same to her husband. Mitalee becomes uncomfortable at that moment as she is being scolded. Mitalee’s father speaks that he has the utmost confidence and trust in his daughter thereby not giving much weight to his wife’s words. Sooner after getting excellent results in her exams, she goes to a party during one night with her friends and there the police comes on a surprise visit and takes her out and other people, and calls her as a prostitute. Mitalee becomes shocked on hearing the same as the police has wrongly framed her. Mitalee’s father comes there to help his daughter but the media confronts him and asks whether his daughter is a prostitute ? Though Mitalee is crying and in a state of shock, but more damage is felt to her father who is seen at home in front of a mirror with black ink spread over his face.

That night changed the life of Mitalee and her family. The promo with the Ek Villain contest (with Shraddha and Siddharth) shows that mitalee will be missing after that incident. The story is about the father and daughter’s relationship, and sometimes overprotective parents like in the case of Mitalee might not be able to help her in that precarious situation. There are many unknowns in the promo in the same way [as the first trailer of the movie Ek Villain some months ago left viewers with many puzzles and unknowns about the villain].

Some of the questions are: Will Mitalee be found after her disappearance ? [Mitalee is also seen to be arrested and put behind bars at the police station, as seen in the photo from Mitalee (Actress Vrinda’s Twitter page)]; Whether her father moves on with the so-called guilt which he is feeling because of her daughter who was wrongly accused by the media to be a prostitute ? Will he learns to support his daughter in those hard times ? How about Mitalee’s love Ankit role in the story ? Stay tuned to Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (PTKK) this Friday @ 7 PM on Zing TV.

Special Hosts for this Episode: Heartthrob Siddharth Malhotra and Actress/Star Shraddha Kapoor.

Actual Hosts (Narrators) of the show: Meiyang Chang and Surbhi Jyoti (Zoya from Qubool Hai) will inform us about the characters and will also guide us through the story.

Info on Cast
* Mitalee is played by actress Vrinda Dawda.
– Vrinda was born on 31st March 1990 and belongs to Gujarati family. She studied Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) and also completed Frankfinn Air hostess course.
– She recently played the role of Priya a college girl in Yeh Hai Aashiqui 1st June 2014 Episode on Bindass. If interested, read our written update of that episode at our site here.
– Played the role of Taani Shekhawat in Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance.
– Vrinda also acted in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 24 opposite actor Neil Bhatt.
In that episode, she essayed the role of a classical dancer Sneha. Read more at her Wikipedia page.
– Vrinda’s Twitter page.

* Ankit is played by actor Gaurav Bajaj.
– Gaurav was born on 6 April 1986. He worked in commercials and films such as Phir Kabhi, Dahek: A Restless Mind, Kirkit and Vroom.
– Gaurav is also a producer of GENEXT films. Gaurav’s Twitter page.
– Gaurav recently acted in Ishq Kills episode on 16th April 2014, in the role of Vikrant Kulkarni, the Chief Minister who starts to neglect his wife a lot after reaching that position. If interested, you can read the written update on our site here.

Image credits: Official Facebook page of Zing TV

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