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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 45 Priya and Karan

Rithvik starts the show and welcomes all. He says that today’s story is about Karan and Priya and they are very different personalities in terms of ideologies and philosophy. But as we say opposite’s always attract. Thus, let’s see how the love bridges the gap and brings them close.


Priya speaks with her father on phone who asks her about the new place and she says that though the college is in kanpur and different from their home city Lucknow but she is doing fine here. After giving her father some support and also telling him to not worry about her marriage she ends the call. Sooner, she sees some procession and also sees a boy slapping another boy for not doing the work of posting posters. The students there speak about college elections and how Karan wins election every time because of force and the fear that he has instilled in students.

As Karan tries to beat the boy for not putting the poster on time, Priya comes and confronts Karan and wants him to be humane and says that by showing Dadagiri (bossing around) is not strength but actually a sign of weakness. Karan holds her hand, and then his elder brother comes there and wants him to leave the girl. His elder brother Ajay asks about her identity and city. He warns her and says she should be quiet until she learnt about the things in the college. Priya leaves with a friend. Karan meets his brother Ajay, and Ajay informs him to not loose control easily citing elections time. Ajay wants him to listen carefully and says that winning GS (General secretary) student elections is very important for them. Priya meets a girl who is a cultural head of the college and she shows her the video of Priya talking with Karan in heavy voice and taking matter in her own hands earlier. The cultural head girl wants Priya to run for general secretary (GS) elections and suggests her to fight elections for humanity and also to teach a lesson for Karan. She bolster’s priya confidence and wants her to fight the elections and to not be quiet.

Karan gets info from his friends that priya is standing in the elections. Karan confronts her and says that she needs to stay away from the elections. She talks that though she is not interested in elections or facing him but now she has decided to fight elections and will not stay away from it and leaves after wishing him the best. Now, in the college, students are talking about Priya’s courage and also lead processions in her name. Later, Ajay meets Karan and says that how come that girl wants to challenge Ajay Sanehal and Karan now suggests his brother to act carefully and sees the pistol which Ajay has left there.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host): says that Karan was getting worried because of increasing popularity of Priya and on top of that losing to a girl was hurting his ego as well. He was having ego, jealous, and the urge to get power. It was not entirely his fault as he learnt most of these traits from his elder brother Ajay. Does the entry of Priya in Karan’s life was good for him ? Never know.

Priya is dropped near to her hostel by a friend and Karan approaches her in a hoody from behind. He gets hold of her hands and then takes out a knife and priya speaks that if by stabbing her his male chauvinism (mardangi) can be proved then he can hit her. Karan stops and decides to not hurt her and she runs away. He then later thinks how come he has left the girl from his clutches. He receives a call from Ajay and he responds that priya had already gone to her hostel before him reaching the place. Ajay speaks to his brother that he doesn’t need to worry as he has already send some of his men near her hostel to attack her and says that she will be attacked today itself. Karan thinks that he should be happy with his brother’s plan but instead he is feeling fearful. Karan then meets Priya who says to him that people are following her. He says her to not worry and she becomes unconscious in his hands.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host): He says that Karan was experiencing the feeling of love which he never had before. But, he didn’t know about it, he got a chance to harm her but he didn’t do.

Karan takes her to some safe place [Iss lamhe Kuch Bhi Jaanu na.. song playing ] and when she asked how did she came here? He says that she don’t need to worry as she is under his protection. Priya smiles and thanks (Shukriya) him for protecting her. He gives her medicine and also wants her to take care of the wounds. She says that he is good and asks him why does he show himself as a bad person in front of everybody ? She says that if he can show to people how he has saved her, then people will know his goodness. As the blood was oozing out from her head, he decides to apply the medicine and clean the wound. She holds his hand [bechaan karta.. Darmiyaann.. Darmiyaan.. song playing] and he asks her whether she was afraid of him ? She says if she knew before about his good nature then she would have not stand up in the elections and instead help him in the elections and also would have suggested him about the good things that he can do for the college. She speaks that GS elections are for student’s benefits and says that his party is using him and once the elections are over, the party will not look at him.

He says that people respects him a lot and she responds that is not respect and its flattery (chamchagiri). She says that people do back stabbing at his back as they have fear in their eyes. Karan dreams about her words and then wakes up, He then finds a note from Priya and says that his goodness is actually a secret and wants him to share his goodness more. Sooner, karan receives a call from his brother Ajay. Ajay informs that Priya haven’t reached the hostel from college. Karan suggests his brother that he knows the appropriate action against Priya and Ajay wants him to complete the work. Karan realizes that he spoke a lie with his brother for the first time. Later, Karan meets Priya on the way in their college, priya smiles and both share an eye-lock.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host): Karan started to fall in love with Priya because of her simplicity and it was looking that karan wants to protect priya at any cost, and his own goal of winning the GS election looked secondary and winning Priya’s heart was his first priority.

Karan sees Priya as she was posting her posters in the college campus on trees. [Jaane Kya Chahe Mann Baawra Aakhiyan Mera Saawan Chala.. song playing]. Priya smiles at him and reciprocates her feelings back. Karan eyes her more and even serves her a tea without her knowledge but she comes to know about it later. She later meets Karan and says that he has started to win everybody’s heart and he says that in 2 days he has changed a lot. He holds her hand and asks her whether she will change him ? She becomes shy and runs away from him. Karan is then informed that his brother is calling him. Ajay is playing carrom board and he informs that GS elections are held next day, and says that the Priya will be going to win the elections. He asks him whether he fell in love with that girl Priya? Ajay says that the elder brother wants to kill her but the younger one has not even hurt her until now. Karan speaks about having an election with a different approach, and suggests that they should try to win elections by speaking about development and instead of winning elections by thrashing students. Ajay seems to be not impressed with karan’s idea and wants to slap him. He says there is no need of social service and they need money from student for their party. Ajay informs his men to attack and Kill Priya, and he says from now on he will himself do all the necessary things.

Karan becomes worried and runs to meet Priya. He takes priya away to a safe place and informs that her life is in danger. When she asked who wants to kill her, he says that he wanted to kill her before the elections and meanwhile, Ajay and his men are looking for Priya in all corners of the college. Karan says that he cannot even imagine hurting her in his dreams. She says why he is now protecting her as earlier he wanted to kill her.. He then confesses his love for her and therefore protecting her. She shrugs off his hand from her body and says that though she even loves him but for him love is only a game. She wants to go from there and he tries to convince about his true love and promises to protect her. She becomes annoyed with him and says that she hates him but he urges her to stay in that classroom for that night. Karan goes out from that room and informs Ajay’s men that priya has gone to the hostel, and the next day Priya meets the cultural head girl who informs that she has won the GS election as Karan has withdrawn his name. The cultural head also informs Priya that throughout the last night, Karan was wrongly diverting the attention of Ajay’s men so as to protect her. Furthermore, she says that karan has protected her though he was not with her at the same physical place and they goes to meet Karan

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host): says that Karan became a changed man because of Priya’s simplicity and innocence. Now, Karan can do anything to win Priya’s heart.

The election results day comes and it is announced that the new General Secretary is Priya Tandon. Priya’s fans and supporters rejoice but Priya feels a bit sad and then she sees Karan and smiles. Karan is happy for his efforts towards Priya’s win and also for him being righteous. Ajay comes there with his men and informs Karan that he will kill Priya today. Ajay says that Karan has cheated his own brother because of Priya and Karan warns his brother that he will destroy him. Ajay then points a gun at his brother and Karan wants him to shoot. Karan speaks that his life now belongs to Priya and speaks about his love for Priya. He says that Ajay cannot shoot him and then moves from there. Ajay accepts Karan’s decision and puts the gun down. As Karan leaves from there, Priya interrupts him and wants a promise that he will not leave her anytime. Both hugs each other and became a lovely couple.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host): Two opposite people Priya and Karan fell in love, and true love is the one which makes you a better person. Priya has made Karan a better person because of their love and opposites always attract. Rithvik signs off by saying – Guys, Keep falling in love !

Info on Cast:
* Priya is played by actress Vrinda Dawda.
Vrinda was born on 31st March 1990 and belongs to Gujarati family. She studied Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) and also completed Frankfinn Airhostess course. She played the role of Taani Shekhawat in Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance. Vrinda also acted in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 24 opposite actor Neil Bhatt. In that episode, she essayed the role of a classical dancer Sneha. Read more at her Wikipedia page.

* Karan is played by actor Puneet Sharma

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 45

Image credit: Wikipedia page of Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Twitter page of Bindass.

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