Love By Chance 5th July 2014 6th Episode Bindass – Written Update

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Love By Chance Bindass 6th Episode

Love by Chance is a romantic comedy backed by serendipity. The show covers real stories of people and every week a new love story will be shown.

Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that once we have enough money in our wallets, then its easy to do romance, and then says its actually to do love is difficult then. He speaks that when a love partner sees his/her partner going through tough times then their love will be very strong/rock solid. He speaks its logical to think in that way.

The story starts with Rishi’s father at his saree shop trying to impress his customer. Rishi comes there and his father introduces his son and also informs the lady about his study in fashion designing. He then wants Rishi to speak about the saree looks on her. Rishi follows his father’s suggestion and compliments the lady and calls her heroine, and speaks that Dupatta looks too good on her. He is informed by his father that it is not a dupatta but a Saree. He corrects himself but the lady becomes angry at Rishi and leaves. He asks his father for some money but in return gets a scolding from him as he made one customer to go away with his foolishness and ignorance. Furthermore, his father scolds him more for loosing two jobs in just 25 days. Rishi speaks that his problem is speaking the truth and people doesn’t want to listen the truth. Rishi’s father wants him to be silent and suggests that it is good that his mother has died before seeing this day. He pulls his father’s legs and runs away from there.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that the one who wins the lost battle is called Baazigar, and the one who looses on the winning battle is called Rishi Agarwal.  Rishi has a quality whenever he opens his mouth people get angry, their blood pressure soars high and sometimes bullets are also hit. He has been restigated from his college and has lost his job 6 times.  And also his father is not helping him at this moment and now he needs to take money as loans from others.

Rishi calls his friend for a loan and then sees a girl speaking on a public phone service (PCO). She is Arundhati Seth (Usoolon ki Pakki – principled girl), and she speaks of having name as Seth (boss) but that’s not true in financial sense. She speaks to her friend of buying a phone and SIM card, and also paying her PG rent. She speaks that though she doesn’t have money but is very principled so please give her some loan and promises to return back. Rishi at his end tries to convince his friend, and Arundhati calls another friend asking for loan and even proposing that the other girl has to give money but didn’t get answer. Rishi speaks with a friend and informs him how he has helped him in his activities to come close to a teacher. He soon learns that there is a customer care opening in a mobile network company (Seraphone). Moreover, the interview is scheduled at 2 PM and he is now preparing to go for it. On Arundhati’s end, she informs her friend on phone that she even doesn’t have money to buy bus ticket but doesn’t get an answer. Rishi after seeing her situation offers a lift and she asks him whether he has money for petrol.

He responds humorously that to get money for petrol he is going to sell his kidney and he suggests her that they take the bus together and he will make a joke then she will laugh and the ticket collector will not ask them for ticket after seeing her laugh. She asks him whether what he is saying has substance ? He speaks that he tried 50 times and is a fail proof plan. She makes a taunt and calls him a sticky fellow. Rishi speaks that the day is bad and he has to run for the interview. Rishi meets his friend Amit at the office and finds a talent hunt campaign is going on there with music playing [papa kehte the Beta Bada naam karenga.. song plays]. Amit wants him to wait for couple of minutes as he will call his boss. Amit speaks with his boss that there is a candidate for customer care job. The boss blinks his right eye and looks at Rishi and sooner comes out to meet Rishi and learns that he is Khujli. Rishi meets him and calls him Genda.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that lets go to flashback 4 years ago at ADD college in 1st year B section, Avinash means Genda, Tortoise and Khujli means Rishi, Rabbit. They used to love the same girl and at that time and Rishi won the girl’s heart at that time. But now, their situations have changed, and Avinash became the rabbit and Rishi the tortoise.

Avinash speaks of not forgetting his past love and Rishi calls the girl’s name as Neeru Ahluwalia. Avinash then goes on to boast of his job as branch manager, car, home (though on rent) and next month he will marry. Rishi congratulates him after hearing about his marriage. He then calls touchwood, and asks Rishi what does he have ? Rishi gives some certificates but Avinash cuts them by his hands. He goes on to say that if he didn’t get a job then he has to sit at his father’s saree shop and work there and thus can do any work at his office. Avinash with some shrewd smile and thought on his face decides to give Rishi a job of a junior trainee and he himself will look after him personally. Rishi thanks him for the job and gives a hug. With smile on his face, he speaks to Avinash that if he can learn to speak with a girl without vomitting so he can also learn to talk with his customers. Avinash suggests Rishi to not speak college’s old talk in his office. He makes up his mind to harass Rishi more at his office.

Avinash continues to use his pen to clean his ears with which Rishi becomes uncomfortable. Rishi comes next day at 9:00 am and Avinash comes there while doing the same cleaning stuff and speaks about a scenario where he himself will become a customer who has a complaint. Avinash  as customer shouts at Rishi and wants him to activate his phone at the same time. Rishi gives a witty answer that his own father doesn’t pay his bills which means the customer’s father also haven’t paid the bill.  He also suggests that it is a common problems, and asks the customer whether he has tried to switch on/off the phone couple of times. Sooner, Rishi finds a small watch at his desk, and then learns from Avinash that there are 400 customers in a day visiting their office so he has only a max of 1 minute to serve a customer complaint. And if he took more time than the set time rule, then Avinash promises to make his life so miserable that he himself wishes to leave the job. But he will not let him leave the job until he takes out his revenge. He also swears by his old love Neeru to keep a tab on him.

Sooner, Rishi starts the clock and meets his first customer, and it turns out Arundhati is the first one. He speaks of meeting her at Vicky’s party and calls her Pooja’s younger sister. She replies thats not right. She then informs him that her SIM card is not working though she bought it just yesterday. Rishi finds out the details of SIM card and informs her that she bought it from an unauthorized dealer so he cannot help her. She speaks that its not her mistake if she got a duplicate SIM card but reiterates that the SIM card belongs to his company. He wants to help her but cites that he is bounded by time thus cannot help her more. He calls the next customer token but she stops that customer and informs Rishi whether he knows the meaning of customer care. He wants her to go at the back of the line and think where have they met. She continues to speak in angry tone and speaks that though the SIM card was fake but the money she spent was her own and genuine. She just wants him to solve her problem right now.

Soon, Rishi is called by his boss Avinash who informs him to send the girl fast since the line is building up. Avinash abuses him verbally and also suggests that if he cannot do his job well then he can got his father’s shop. Rishi speaks strongly with her and suggests that as her SIM is unofficial so her complaint is unofficial as well. She thinks that he is trying to show Dadagiri and wants to instill fear in her. She also adds on not giving up and calls him corrupt and loafer, and also refers herself as Kaal (Maa Kali Avatar) with temple bells ringing while she speaks. She wants him to see her face and also informs that she will be coming everyday until her SIM problem is resolved. She also threatens to take him to  a consumer court if he didn’t listen to her demands. Rishi sees the same girl waiting for him on Day 2 and she has came there much earlier than him. He smiles after seeing her eating something. She comes at his desk, and he first puts a small pandal of Lord Bajrang Bali at his desk and then starts the clock. She again speaks that her SIM card is not working. He responds that they just work for time pass and they have only customers and no care.

With a fiery look, she asks him whether he will not help her. He gives her a pamphlet of talent hunt instead. She leaves in anger once again and he calls next token. The counter tokens are increasing and he served 40 customers and then meets Arundhati again. She wants to meet his boss and he replies that his boss is learning about online cards so she can’t meet him. She asks him what with a fiery look and he again hears the temple bells, and calls her Mata and wants her to put down her trishul and then offers his toll free number where she can call him in evening. When she does that thing, he will then answer to her complaints on a personal basis. He also speaks that he is ready to talk with her face to face and calls himself as her number 1 Bhakt (devotee). He then realizes the clock and calls for next token. She again comes to him, and he asks her name. She replies Arundhati Seth. He reiterates that she is definitely Pooja’s sister. She then wants him to stop flirting with her while speaking in a light-hearted manner.

She says see, this is the complaint, duplicate one and original receipt. He sees her photo and says how much do you eat. She says you people won’t understand, its not about money but values. He laughs and says next token please. She leaves. He continues his work and she comes back at token number 42. She says my sandal got damaged, I lost my wallet and phone is not working, and you are behaving like a cheap man, no one is helping me, you know I m hungry. He gives her come money and asks her to have Aloo tikki. She says ok as her mouth water. She says what will come in Rs 10. He says one Aloo Tikki and my heart will get some peace. She smiles and looks at him. She turns and leaves. He says next token and she comes back to holds his hand and timer. He flirts again.

This time she does not get angry. Love by Chance……………plays………… He says next token please. The day passes and he is done with his job for the day. She thinks about her and smiles going home. Kavi Shastri says pocket can get empty, but heart should be now. It takes courage to hear your heart. Full pocket is useless if heart is blank. Its Day 3, Rishi comes to resume his work at morning 9am. He sits in his seat and puts the Lord’s idol. He starts his work and Arundhati comes there. He is glad meeting her and says Hi, Rishi Agarwal. She says hi, Arundhati Seth. He says I thought about your cell problem and asks if she comes with him to have tea then he will help her. She says fine and agrees. Avinash sees them. She comes back to talk to Rishi and thanks him. He asks why, nothing happened till now.

She asks will you talk to your boss now or after tea. Avniash is getting angry seeing her again and again. He breaks a pencil being disgusted. Arundhati comes back again and says don’t take tension. He says its fine, I can talk to boss in lunch time, as I promised you. She gives him a sweet smile. Avinash comes and scolds Rishi for flirting all day. Rishi says sorry Sir. Avinash says follow me and Rishi goes to talk to him. Avinash asks why is she coming here. Rishi says she is not getting sim working, so wants Rs 300 refund. They both evaluate the cost and Avinash asks her to announce that he is a fool. Rishi jokes. Avinash says go out wearing this saree. Rishi says what is this. Avinash jokes that there is some hotness in everyone. Rishi looks at Arundhati and asks then will you do something for her sim. Avinash says I swear. Rishi says sure? And wears the saree. He comes out and everyone look at him. Arundhati can’t believe her eyes and asks whats this. Rishi signs stop and talks to the customers that this saree will be free with new sim. Everyone joke on him. Avinash asks the security to kick out Rishi. Rishi says you promised…….. and asks Arundhati to wait outside. She leaves. Avinash says tell everyone that I am a fool and liar. Rishi says Avinash is a liar, and a fool. Everyone laughs.

Rishi says you said you have everything, see what I have, he breaks Avinash’s pencil and says I have manhood, I don’t want your job, I can sell sarees in my dad’s shop, so keep your rights. Rishi leaves and everyone laugh on Avinash. Rishi comes out in the saree and looks for Arundhati. She says ok bahenji, how much for this saree. He says he wore this saree as Avinash promised he will do her sim work. Sorry I could not. She says its good, this job made you her peon and my loan was taken by a dealer, our fate is bad. He asks are you annoyed. She says no, after the Aloo tikki. Her sandal breaks and she says why is out fate bad. He says don’t say that, fate will change soon, he takes the sandal and asks her a safety pin.

She teases him and says no one chatters like you. He says I m a shameless man, who flirts with customers. She says my friends call my Anu. He says I need some time to know what to do, what to become, how to be on my own. He says my dad was right, I should have not done the job. She says as you are artist, find the artist in you and shows him the talent hunt pamphlet. He says when I speak, people beat me. She says yes, I know, but people love to laugh on others, you need an audience, you are very funny, no one jokes like you, you are really Khujli. He says liar, swear on my petticoat. She says yes, get up and pulls his saree. He says don’t you have father and brother at home. Rishi is called on stage as Khujli. Rishi comes in the talent show and thanks everyone, his dad, and his boss Avinash. He humiliates Avinash and jokes on him. Avinash is miffed. Rishi says my timer also helped me in meeting a great girl. Arundhati smiles. Rishi entertains people by his wits. He praises Arundhati and she just can’t control her smile. He says he wants to buy a sim for her, hoping she will call him, his love story is in their hands now, so please help. Avinash breaks a pencil again. Rishi says don’t hate me Avinash and pulls his leg. He asks him to help him and Avinash blinks his one eye. Rishi says I can’t stop joking on you, but can give you Nidhi’s number, she delivered second child last month. Everyone claps for Rishi.

Rishi and Arundhati have the Aloo tikki. She asks was it necessary to break Avinash;s heart. He says don’t worry about him, he will be fine writing some rubbish poetry. He asks her that she got her sim and Aloo tikki, what else to get for her. She says payment for his Aloo tikki. He says don’t worry, I have account here. She says really? Liar? She laughs. The man brings a long bill and she says give it. He asks how did this happen. She says we will pay all loans. She says don’t cry, be a man. He says I m not a man, who told you this. They have a sweet talk and he agrees to whatever she says. Love by chance……………plays……….. Kavi Shastri concludes that Rishi is lucky as Arundhati fell in love with him seeing his empty pocket. He was an artist but who identified his talent, Arundhati. The moral is the story is anything can happen.

Info On Cast 

* Arundhati is played by actress Amrita Prakash.
– Amrita played the role of Poonam’s (Amrita Rao) cousin as Choti in the movie Vivah (2006) starring Amrita Rao and Shahid Kapoor.
– She has worked in Bollywood and Malayalam films.
– She worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Gumraah 3, Savdhaan India, and many more TV shows, Read more about them at her Wikipedia page.
– Amrita’s Twitter page.

Images credit: Twitter page of Bindass TV

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