Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 18th September 2014 45th Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 45th Episode 18th September 2014

Precap: Cheeku celebrates Kimaya’s birthday in his own style and like that the one she celebrated on his birthday – gives her the cake and then takes away.  He also informs on being friends and suggests that friends tease other and do Masti.

Highlight of the Episode: New Entry Arya who joins Cheeku’s college and have already impressed Kimaya, girls, and even Dodo and Gattu. Arya behaves rudely with Cheeku and wooing Kimaya. Cheeku is jealous, nervous to see Arya coming closer to Kimaya.

Kimaya is not impressed with Cheeku and starts to leave. Cheeku speaks that she has told earlier on feeling bored in the college and she reminds of having drama class in the college. He informs that Shukla sir of drama class is his fan and speaks very candidly that he will make sure that she will get the role in the drama and shows lot of exuberance. Kimaya replies on helping herself and leaves which makes him amused.

Kimaya goes to the auditorium and finds some voice of a boy who is holding a guitar and speaking a quote that he knows who is she and to whom she is looking and he can feel and understand. He asks her to not think and suggests that their relationship is like this and he looks at Kimaya. He speaks more dialogues and suggests that he looks for her smile and can understand the pain in her heart. He wants her to look inside him and find some dream from him and wants her to live that dream. He then forwards his hand for her and goes down to his knees and tries to convince her. Kimaya speaks how could she accept this hand and forget her pain the one which she got from someone and it didn’t came back to her. she suggests that not having lines of love in her palm. The boy speaks of hope and he thinks that they are one in that hope. Kimaya speaks very poetic and is up to the mark in poetry as the boy. Finally they both hold the hands and citing that they will live their life once again.

On that note, the audience in the auditorium applauds the duo. The theatre incharge is very impressed with her and she speaks of not being aware of the play in process and just spoke those lines by heart. She then speaks about her interest in joining the theatre group and the teacher/incharge welcomes her. He asks the audience how come two people who have never met gave such a good performance. The boy steps in there and speaks that any good performance is made up of two things – Timing and Chemistry. The teacher agrees with him and suggests that timing can get everyone but chemistry is by heart and is not easy for everyone. He gives Kimaya and the boy the scripts of the theatre. The boy informs Kimaya that she does know the movie Tanhaiya Wale Ratein [Nights which are lonely] since the dialogues they spoke were from that movie. She replies on being a fan of that movie and calls it a favourite though the movie was not successful. She suggests on liking things which most people don’t like. He speaks of becoming friend with her and she suggests that everyone will want to become a friend of him since he does so good acting.

He speaks on his thinking that life is like a stage and we play different roles at phases in life and she asks him what he is thinking now. He informs on trying very desperately to impress a girl who he has met just recently referring to Kimaya. Both go out together and seen by Gattu. Dodo meets Cheeku and takes out the wallet so as to take money. Dodo wants to look more better than a new school boy Arya. Arya turns out to be the one who just befriended Kimaya at the theatre group. Dodo speaks that all girls are after Arya and boys became his enemies. Dodo suggests that even Kimaya might be started to like him. On hearing it, Cheeku becomes nervous and suggests that he is now friends with Kimaya and doesn’t matter to him with whom she speaks and meets. Sid at his home receives a call from the bank call customer executive who speaks about a loan offer. Sid at first speaks loudly and then softens his stand. Sid finds that entertainment section of the paper is missing and taken away by Dodo and finds an Ad for photographer having experience < 3 yrs. Sooner, Devika comes there and tells him about other offer – assignment. He speaks about not having enough work to justify those people given referenced by Devika. Devika suggests that he can show them the portfolio photos he took of her earlier during their initial meetup. He agrees and prepares to go with Devika for the assignment shoot.

Cheeku and Kimaya are seen attending the Hindi class. Soon, some girls come late and they are scolded by their teacher. Both girls are talking and praising Arya the new boy who got a  praise from the principal and calls him hot. Cheeku becomes nervous and starts to leave the class in the middle there itself and his teacher asks him where is he going at that moment ? Cheeku doesn’t listen to his teacher and leaves from there with an apology. Gattu speaks to Cheeku that Arya is a solid champion of Badminton and he becomes annoyed and doesn’t want to see Arya’s match. Cheeku speaks to himself on what happened to people that they have regarded Arya as a superstar though he is a mere new student.  Sid is with Devika at the assignment meeting place and he is preparing for the interview in a funny way and does some rehearsal while having a lolly pop in his mouth and is very nervous. Devika takes the lollypop and asks him why can’t he focus on things and suggests him to not be nervous. She asks him to confident and motivates that he can do it. He speaks of believing on not getting the asssignment and she wants to leave and he stops her and wants to rehearse another time. He suggests that now she will be surprised to see his attitude change.

Cheeku is working at his garden in the college and watering plants and ponders whether Dodo is right and Kimaya might be impressed with Arya then suggests that she will not fall for him. Soon, Arya comes and calls Cheeku as the Maali (gardener). Arya thinks that normally gardener is old but seeing Cheeku as a young gardener he is surprised and does some sort of praise. Cheeku informs Arya on being a 1st year Science student at the same college and he does gardening because of his passion. Arya speaks of being happy to see youngsters on doing this work and then Arya introduces himself to Cheeku. Cheeku remembers Dodo and Gattu’s words about Arya and how they have praised him.

Next Episode: Arya wants to pluck the flower of Cheeku’s garden and doesn’t want to listen to Cheeku. He then pushes Cheeku on the ground and plucks a flower and leaves. Arya then goes on to give that flower to Kimaya while flirting with her with his sweet words. Cheeku, Dodo and Gattu are seen in the cafeteria and finds Kimaya holding the flower which has been earlier plucked by Arya from the garden. Cheeku becomes annoyed on seeing it and leaves from there.

Additional Note on Actors seen in this Episode:
– Actor portraying Arya was recently seen in Love By Chance 6th Episode [5th July 2014] playing the role of Rishi – a mobile network company executive. If interested, that Episode Written Update and Video here.
– Actor playing Theatre teacher used to work in Sony’s show Comedy circus in the group of Krushna and Sudesh Lehri.

Sneak Peek: YJTRRR, 18th September
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