Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 11th July 2014 8th Episode on Zing TV – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing Episode 8 Ruhi and Rajat's story

Meiyang Chang (the host) starts the show and speaks that love is equivalent of a superman and once you get it then you will be doing lots of stunts which have qualities like stubborn, strength. Such stories of love and the one which touches your heart is shown in PTKK. He speaks of today’s story is about Rajat and Ruhi and their pursuit to realize their dreams and love.


The story starts with Ruhi who is seen dancing at her home with some friends and gets father’s praise as she choose engineering. Later, she looks at the ad pjoto of her friend Neelam on facebook and then calls her on phone. Neelam speaks about her continued struggle and asks Ruhi about her acting plans. Ruhi speaks that her father wants to see her as an engineer and Neelam speaks on things life is only live once, and suggests that acting is a different aura where you will be easily drifted and wants her to convince the father as she is also interested to pursue acting. Ruhi speaks to her parents about her wish to pursue acting and her mother reminds about how her father has paid the fees of engineering studies and slaps her. She doesn’t want to be feeling guilty by her mother’s words, and speaks that every parents helps their children in studies. Moreover. she informs about her firm decision to pursue acting and she will be going to mumbai and thinks that very soon they will be proud of her. Ruhi’s father speaks that she can go wherever she wants but the doors to the home is closed for her from now on. Ruhi’s parents are dejected and cries as Ruhi leaves for Mumbai.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Ruhi came to Mumbai where Bollywood is a religion for people and very fast life. He speaks that Ruhi came with her dreams. She comes to Neelam’s home who informs that they need to share one room, and informs that with time things will be sorted. Ruhi thanks Neelam, and she informs her of lining up auditions. Ruhi goes for the audition and introduces herself as a 22 year old girl, 5’3. She speaks a dialogue there looking at the camera and gives the audition. After the auditio, she meets Neelam’s friends (Uda..Khule Aasmaan Ke plays) and they greet each other. Neelam goes with a friend on his bike while Ruhi is left with a boy Rajat there. Ruhi comes with Rajat to his place and there finds Neelam and other boy sharing intimate moments. Rajat speaks that in common such things and adds that people first look for boyfriend/girlfriend before finding work. He then invites her to the terrace and he speaks that lot of people here are alone, and informs her that his parents aren’t aware that he is struggling in acting. Furthermore, his father has sent him to study M.B.A. in Mumbai but the acting fever took his toll and he joined an acting school and completed 1 year. Until now, he didn’t have a 20-second commercial Ad, and it becomes depressing sometimes though he has given so many auditions.

Ruhi also speaks of fighting with her parents to come to Mumbai and the decision was tough but she came here to challenge herself. She touches his hand, and speaks on being lucky for her father as told by the mother, and suggests that very soon nice development will happen to him. Sooner, Rajat calls Ruhi and informs her about getting an Ad and has invited her for his Ad shooting location. Neelam speaks that Rajat could have told her also and then asks her whether there is anything going between them. Ruhi smiles and doesn’t answer.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Ruhi was lucky for Rajat as his professional deadlocks, struggles were released and ended after meeting her. Though they met only once but there was something more than friendship, perhaps a feeling of belonging or togetherness.

Rajat’s friend Vikram comes there to pick-up Neelam and Ruhi for the shoot. Soon, Neelam’s father comes there and takes her daughter and his men thrashes Vikram. He speaks that his daughter is doing all extravagant things and enjoying herself. He also speaks of informing her parents and wants her to be away from his daughter. Ruhi cries and sooner calls Rajat who takes her away to his home. Thus, Ruhi has left Neelam’s appt, and Rajat at his home wants her to stay at his home before they find some new appt for her. [Mere liye Ho Tum Yu.. Khud Ko Main Haar Gaya song plays] She comes inside his home, and starts to stay with him. They begin to spend some time together.

Ruhi gives an audition and the scene shows her coming out with a girl after visiting the temple. The girl is a senior actor and she is a character artist in that scene. The girl is not happy with Ruhi and wants a replacement and goes to her vanity van. Ruhi is then being called by the producer of the Ad. He apologizes to her for the heroine’s insult and he suggests that her behavior was because she couldn’t see a much beautiful girl. He wants her to give an audition since he will be replacing the current heroine to whom he regards a mediocre actress and the one with tantrums. He speaks to Ruhi that she can get the role of a heroine if she fits the bill. Ruhi thanks him for his offer. He speaks to his assistant of taking a good audition for her. Ruhi gives an audition and is eyed from behind by the producer Tony and his assistant. The assistant thinks that Tony will be having a good news soon and calls him lucky.

Tony calls her as his lucky charm and the assistant speaks that who can say no to him. He comes to Ruhi and asks what does she think about getting a role? He informs on her selection and wants her to sign the contract. She thanks him when he informs her about being selected for the film. He speaks that if the film succeeds then she will get a flat and car as bonus. He now introduces himself as Tony to her and doesn’t want to call her as sir. Tony speaks on getting the thing at any cost in which he gets interest. Ruhi calls his mother and informs her about  getting a film offer and the role of a heroine. The father is at work and continuing his job so as to repay the loans of Ruhi.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Rajat was very happy with Ruhi getting a film offer, and he was in such a state because he was falling in love with her.

Ruhi celebrates with Rajat at their shared home, and cuts the cake and share a bite. She thanks him for making her special and thinks that chandigarh to Mumbai’s journey was beautiful. He speaks of becoming complete after meeting her and his loneliness has gone. She then confesses her love for him, and he feels relieved after hearing it since he believes of never being able to confess his love. Ruhi suggests that he should not do romantic movies since he cannot speak romantic dialogues. Rajat takes a challenge and then holds her hand and confesses his love for her. She is now impressed with him. Next day, Ruhi does the role of a lead character in Tony’s film. She thanks him for his big favor. He then touches her shoulder and tries to come close. Ruhi stops him but Tony speaks of his right to do anything he wants and calls her as his property. She tries to move him away from her, and he opens up and informs her that he made him a heroine from a mere side artist. He also informs about keeping an eye on her and boasts about himself and cites that she got the role not because of talent and gives a shrewd smile.

Tony says that the ball is in her court, career or not so happening love. She speaks on choosing love even if he has asked her 100 times and leaves from there. Tony feels angry and lost. Ruhi comes home and hugs Rajat and shares the horrible experience with Tony. She speaks about her fear and he wants to tackle him. She stops him from doing any thing. Sooner, Ruhi receives a call from her mother and gets the news of her father’s heart-attack and the hospital is asking for 5 lakh INR for his treatment. Ruhi’s mother cites about their financial status and asks her to come back with money as she got a film offer. Ruhi runs to Rajat and informs him about her father’s health situation – heart attack and her family needs money. Rajat informs that he doesn’t have that money and even Vikram cannot support him. She speaks that there is only one way.

Ruhi goes to meet Tony and expresses her desire to work in the film and also wants money. Tony speaks that something can be worked out but cites there are some terms and conditions. He then touches her hair and speaks that they need to understand each other and directly wants her to spend one night with him. Ruhi doesn’t answer and goes from there. Ruhi informs Rajat about her decision to go while dressed in a Burkha and spend the night with Tony. She speaks of breaking her relation with Rajat. Rajat tries to convince her in not going there but she again reiterates on going to Tony as he has lost his Ad and she has lost her film. She cannot see any other option and thinks of going to Tony. She remembers all the good moments shared with Rajat and cries.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Tony has bad intentions for Ruhi, and the circumstance was such that she wanted to go to Tony, and they don’t have other option left.

Tony waits for Ruhi at his home and welcomes a burqa clad woman thinking the woman as Ruhi. Ruhi comes later in a burqa and sees spots of blood and things spread all over, and then finds Tony’s body and learns that he was stabbed and also sees the knife at that scene. She also finds Rajat sitting there who looks completely numb, he doesn’t answer her words. She wants to hear that he didn’t commit the murder and cries to listen those words. Rajat looks at her and remembers their moments together, and speaks to her of not able to control himself, and asks her how could he send her to a man whose intentions he was well aware of. As he wanted to touch her so he killed him. He is not certain of his future and speaks that he loves her a lot and thinks that nobody will separate them and again confesses his love and both hugs each other.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Rajat got a life sentence as punishment for his crime, and Ruhi’s father passed away with his illness, and cites that this story has a sad ending. He adds that to be in love is an easy thing but to do it in the right manner is very tough. He speaks that Rajat felt so much after seeing Ruhi’s humiliation at the hands of Tony that he went on to kill him. Meiyang asks people opinion on Rajat’s action for his love, and they can comment with hashtags #PTKK on Zing TV’s facebook and twitter page. He signs off by saying – Keep watching, Keep loving !

Info on Cast:
* Ruhi Bhagga is played by actress Pratyusha Banerjee.
– Pratyusha was born in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
– Played the role of Anandi in Balika Vadhu and started her career.
– Contestant of Jalak Dikhhla Jaa 5 (2012)
– Contestant on Big Boss 7 on Colors (2013)

* Rajat is played by actor Kunal Bhatia
– Played the main lead of Ambar Raghuvanshi in Star Plus’ show Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai (2009-2010)
– Role of Rajkumar Bhagwant Das in Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar.

* Tony is played by actor Rushad Rana
– Played the role of Anvay Yashvardhan Goel in Sony TV’s Jee Le Zara. (the show ended on May 8, 2014)
– Worked in Sony TV’s shows CID and Adaalat in 2012
– Rushad has worked in Bollywood films as well. Read more at his IMDB page.

* Neelam is played by actress Preeti Bajpai

Image credits: Twitter page of Zing TV

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