Yeh Hai Aashiqui 7th September 2014 Episode 65 on Bindass, Varun and Sunaina’s Heartfelt Love Story – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Sunaina and Varun's Love Story

The story starts with a girl Sunaina (called Su fondly) asking what is the problem and a video shoot is going on by Ritu there. A boy asks Su how about her tomboy look ? She replies on being normal like others and becomes angry at him and doesn’t wish to participate in the student’s documentary shot by Ritu. Ritu speaks sentimental with Su and finally she agrees to shoot again. Su introduces herself as Sunaina Kapoor who used to call tomboy since childhood and speaks that she has a good family and a best friend Varun. Ritu asks about her importance to Su ?

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Fawad (special host) speaks that Sunaina is known in every college and also known as best friend of Varun. Sunaina does lot of things for Varun – doing projects, homework and she does all the things for him but he doesn’t know about her.

Varun is seen attending the class and he is waiting for Su (Sunaina) and the professor speaks the students should take out their projects. Sunaina comes and sits beside Varun [Hai Zindagi Ajab Se Rang song plays]. Sunaina and Varun submits their projects and that work is done by Sunaina. After the class. Varun speaks of having bad constipation and they make fun after remembering how he used to get Churan from his Daadi. He suggests to their friend that they are not talking about loose motions and he speaks of not having time when his friend a girl was shooting with her video cam. He enacts the girl who will take interview of him in future if he becomes famous. Sunaina wants Varun to be serious in life and lies that he does all the things on his own and he replies that she lies a lot. He informs on making a decision in his life and has decided to become actor and will go to Mumbai. He speaks that it is true and she then tries to confirm whether it is true and asks how come his parents have agreed. She becomes dejected and carries a dull face.

He speaks on giving her autograph if he goes to Mumbai and after becoming an actor. He informs that Mr Khanna and she replies that Aditi Khanna’s father and he then informs her that he is getting engaged with Aditi. He accepts that Aditi is gorgeous and wants to take her responsibility when he goes to Mumbai and calls her hot. Sunaina speaks that he is doing things urgently. He informs on doing things early otherwise other boy will take Aditi away. He asks what Sunaina will wear for his engagement. Sunaina feels lost and her friend who always carries Video cam suggests Su to think about herself as well. Sunaina informs her that Varun and Aditi are getting engaged and she begins to cry and informs that she thought that Varun will also fall in love with her but thats not the case. Sooner, Varun and Aditi comes there and he is seen following her and feels elated. Sunaina’s friend informs her that Aditi is the dream girl for every boy and Sunaina becomes upset. Her friend suggests that varun always thought her as a friend only and not in other way and provides comfort.

Varun sees the notice board and meets Sunaina and informs her that he will be playing Romeo in the play and informs that he will enact in the play at any cost. Aditi comes there and calls varun and takes him away with her. Sunaina speaks to her friend Ritu that he wants to do the play at any cost and Ritu asks whether she wants to play the role of Juliet. Sunaina speaks that she has to act in the play and its her last chance to come close to Varun. Ritu wants her to repeat the line on cam. Sonam (Special host) speaks that Varun is dumb and is knowing about his love. Sunaina takes the backstage job. She wants to spend the last days of Varun’s college days with him and spend the maximum time with him as he will be going to Mumbai soon. There is a twist in the story and is Karan. Aditi informs to Varun that Sunaina is digusting and he informs her that Sunaina is a friend and they are preparing for the play. Ritu carries the video cam and informs Sunaina of capturing the real faces of Romeo and juliet and shows how Aditi was playing with her nose. Karan Thakkar comes there and introduces himself as the director of the play and Aditi looks at him and smiles [Sexy plays]. Some girl wishes that Karan would be her Romeo and Karan looks for the play’s juliet and Aditi informs her and she greets him. Karan wants to meet all backstage guys with him and Ritu wants Sunaina to win Karan instead since he is hot. Karan gives the assignments to all backstage guys and all girls are looking at him. Varun and Aditi are seen together and Sunaina is handling the music [Lucky Lips Aye Hain Ho Ho song plays]. Sunaina looks at Aditi and Varun while Karan looks at her. Ritu does some Masti moves to bring smile on Sunaina’s face. Varun speaks to Sunaina that she has become a sound manager and she wants him to drop her at home. He informs her on being busy with Aditi and then Karan comes there and informs that he will drop her since its already late and asks her to pack up. Varun advises her to not go with Karan but she goes with Karan.

Next day, Varun is waiting and quiet and Ritu takes his shoot via her cam. Ritu asks what happened to him and he replies on his own identity and Ritu informs that there will be a fight between best of friends as symptoms on Varun’s face showed it. Varun calls Sunaina that she went on a date with Karan and asks her whether Karan has touched her hand. He speaks of going with his fiance and suggests that she has gone with a stud in the form of Karan. Both fights and he asks her to go from there and calls her face to be bad and wants her to go to hell. Sunaina becomes annoyed at her end and Ritu suggests that the fight was big. [Kaise Teri Khudkarzi song plays]. Sunaina spends more time with Karan but still feels lost [Ye Kabira Maan Jaa., Re Fakira Maan Jaa… song plays].. Sunaina remembers all the good moments she shared with Varun and both looks at each other during the play rehearsals. Aditi speaks that the fight was destined and Ritu calls her the Vamp of the fight. Aditi speaks on having engagement and is ok with it and suggests that its not marriage. She speaks that Varun will sort out his problem with his best friend Su. Aditi speaks that Su seeks attention and because Varun is not giving her attention so she is seeking from Karan and calls the height of attention. Varun takes Aditi out and speaks why she is saying all these things in front of all people. Aditi informs that she is on his side and asks why he is angry with her. Varun speaks that its right to deal with Sunaina and she asks what kind of his right (Haq) ? She becomes serious and asks him what kind of that right ? Varun becomes stunned and becomes quiet and becomes lost in himself while Aditi calls for him. Varun then sepaks to himself why he has affected so much with Sunaina and then karan comes there. Varun asks Karan to stay away from her and suggests that she deserves more. He speaks that because she is vulnerable so he can’t take away advantage. He asks she deserves better and then Karan who is that person ? Varun doesn’t answer and Karan speaks that he wants to play the hero.

Sonam speaks that Varun doesn’t know until now that he loves Sunaina and is dumb. She speaks that Varun will go to Mumbai in few days. Fawad (Special Host) speaks that varun was slowly falling in love and it was the first time for him about love. Fawad speaks that the Romeo-Juliet play and the God will realize your love. The play of Romeo and Juliet is underway at the college and Varun starts the play as Romeo with Aditi as Juliet. He plays the role of Rajasthani Romeo (from his dress) [Kyun Lakhiro Alvida song plays].. In the play both lovers Romeo and Juliet are separated and Sunaina feels the pain while managing the role of sound manager. Another scene involves Romeo proposing to Juliet and he calls Aditi as Su with the message – I love you Su. Karan stops the play and confronts Varun backstage and asks him what does he doing. Karan speaks that now Sunaina will be for him/. Varun punches Karan and his confession to love Sunaina is captured on camera and all the people there in the auditorium cheers. Karan speaks of real life Romeo and Juliet – Varun and Sunaina. Karan speaks that in earlier time Romeo and Juliet have fought the world and died. He speaks that a smart one is needed like him to play the role of Cupid and he speaks that Ritu is the director of real life play who is his cousin.

Sunaina and Varun are both shy. Varun then again confesses his love for Su – I love you Su message and people there cheer for Sunaina to confess her love. Ritu makes a taunt at Aditi and speaks that attention seeker Sunaina has won the heart of Varun. Ritu is having laugh. People are cheering for Sunaina to confess her feelings  and Aditi takes the mike and speaks that Varun will always remain with her and also suggests that he loves her as well. Aditi doesn’t want to backed down. Varun speaks of not loving her and speaks sorry to her. He speaks that he loves Su and thus cannot do an engagement with Aditi. Aditi wants Varun to come home and speaks that he has taken decision in haste. He speaks that love doesn;’t mean looks. He spealks that after some time it doesn’t matter how do you looks. He speaks that love starts with friendship and there is no artificial feeling and that feeling he got from Sunaina and also the feeling has to touch the heart. He again apologizes to Aditi and then turns to Su. He speaks to Sunaina that girlfriend should be the one when you should feel happiness and speaks to Su that she has the confidence and attitude. He thanks God and speaks on being glad to choose a tomboy and his Su. He speaks I love you Su and also sorry to her for making so late. He speaks to Su that she is only piece and there is no one like her. Sunaina feels elated and hugs Varun and also confesses her love for him. Sonam and Fawad speaks that there is anything like love and love changes you as well. Fawad speaks that there is no fun in life without love. Sonam speaks Khoobsurat means love and they also speak of their movie and wants viewers to not miss their movie on 19th September.

Some Info On Cast:
* Sunaina is played by actress and Dancer Samentha Fernandes
– She plays the role of Simmi in Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance

* Ritu is played by Priyanka Soni
– She played the role of Rinni in Dil Dosti Dance.

* Karan is played by actor Kunal Bhatia
– Played the main lead of Ambar Raghuvanshi in Star Plus’ show Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai (2009-2010)
– Role of Rajkumar Bhagwant Das in Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar.
– Recently played the role of Rajat in Zing TV’s show Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, 8th Episode, 11th July 2014. If interested, read the WU of that episode here.

* Varun is portrayed by new actor – Nikhil Khurana.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that this Episode is the best of Yeh Hai Aashiqui series in the last few months. It stands at the top of the ladder probably in the top 3. Kudos to the entire Team and Actors.

Full Episode: Yeh Hai Aashiqui, 7th September 2014
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