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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 52 - Bhumi and Mayur's love

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and speaks that when we listen to the word love it looks small and then suggests that people are confused with the emotions of love and give different names such as attraction, infatuation or give tag that we are just friends. Another big mistake is that we go out to find love but the true thing is that love find us. Mayur and Bhumi are very different people and one is inspector and the other being a girl caught in a raid by him. We can expect humanity, sympathy and consolation to be a big thing but how love comes between them is intriguing.

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The story is set in Nagpur, Maharashtra in the year 2011. Mayur is going in his police jeep and gets a call that the people whom is going to arrest is smart. He reaches the hotel and informs his assistant to capture all girls who are caught in raid. he finds that there is one more girl needs to be caught and goes inside the hotel to find her. Bhumi at her end calls somebody on her phone and is seen anxious. Mayur reaches to her room and knocks and Bhumi runs to hide herself instead of opening the door. Mayur comes inside after breaking it and finds her. He asks Bhumi to come with him and she replies of not going anywhere. He came with ladies constable so as to arrest her. She speaks of not going with him and he then wants his assistant to bring her manager. The lady constable Seema speaks to Bhumi that she does bad thing and then shows such attitude. Mayur speaks that she is showing lot of attitude though she works just for money. She asks him what does he think whether she is for sale ? Mayur replies that items in the shop are definitely for sale and makes a taunt while looking at her. She then asks him to show that he can buy her. He then instructs the lady constable to take her away. She still shouts for not going anywhere but is taken away.

On the way, Mayur asks the lady constable Seema to tell the women to cover their faces as they are reaching the police station where the press will be waiting for them. Bhumi declines to cover her face and speaks that she doesn’t do anything wrong so why she should be afraid. The press asks why she was at the hotel ? She replies of being present there but innocent and not a call girl. Mayur’s parents at their end learn that Bhumi is on TV giving an interview that she is innocent and caught in the scam. She speaks of her believe that her father will come to her rescue. The father is annoyed and becomes angry. At her end, Mayur asks why her father is not coming for the bail. She replies that for her father she is already dead so he hasn’t come.

He asks her then how she went there ? She speaks of going there because of her boyfriend Namit and she met him at MBA coaching class, and after then they used to meet many times and gradually they fall in love. On one day, he took her to a party and there put some pills in her drink because of which she felt uneasy and felt unconscious. He then involved in physical and sexual activities with her though she was not in her senses and also video taped it and can be regarded as abuse. He then started blackmailing her, she speaks of getting deceit from Namit the one with whom she was in love. Sooner, Usha Tai, an activist who runs an orphanage comes to help Bhumi and getting her bail. Usha Tai speaks of coming there because she believe in Bhumi’s innocence and takes her away to her come and doesn’t call it an orphanage. Later, Mayur thinks about Bhumi’s words when she informed him of not doing any wrong. He goes to Bhumi’s living place orphanage and looks at her and also at his police station remembers about Bhumi’s words [Re Kabira Manja.. Kaisi Tere Khud Garzi…. song plays].

Mayur speaks to his colleague lady constable Seema ji that the girl might be innocent. She asks him whether he can believe about Bhumi by his heart. In the night, Mayur looks at the case file of Bhumi and then his sister asks him that he was reading the same case file of Bhumi yesterday as well. She wants him to give that case to somebody else. He speaks that it is a part of his duty and his sister suggests that when you like somebody then don’t want to hear anything bad about that person. His mother comes there and speaks that Bhumi who was caught in the raid will be involved and can deceit anybody by making a space in their heart. In a way, she advises his son to be careful from her.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that love is a connection and Mayur was touched by one of the words of Bhumi though he doesn’t know what that spark was. On one hand, he couldn’t say that Bhumi was wrong but also he couldn’t say that she is right. Bhumi’s father has already disconnected from her and even the media continued to put pressured on her. She has made her own way and living the life.

Mayur comes to meet Bhumi at the orphanage and wants to listen to her story. She speaks that the press also comes there to hear her story and wants sensational story. She informs him how to trust since she has already trusted somebody and got a deceit. She doesn’t want to trust another time. He speaks that everybody deserves a second chance and she asks him whether he believes in that philosophy. He speaks of believing in it and looks at her. She opens up and informs him that Namit informed her to visit a politician as a call girls and if she does that then the MMS leak won’t happen. After hearing it, she thought to take her own life and didn’t inform anybody. She also played the same game and has caught Namit confessing to his crime of abusing girls via  a spy camera. But her spy camera fell down after the police started the raid and reached that hotel. So, she couldn’t have the evidence and speaks that nobody will believe her now and believes that her life is damaged because of Namit. She also informs that even Mayur will not believe her. He tries to give her sympathy but hesitates but she hugs him while crying. Soon, she realizes and then moves away. He speaks that the police has sealed the hotel and he promises to get back the spy camera.

Usha Tai turns out to be an accomplice of Namit and she informs him about Mayur’s coming close to Bhumi and going deeper into the case. She wants him to go at the hotel and get the spy camera before police arrival. He informs her that if he is caught then he will also disclose her name as well. The police intercepted her call and comes to know the real face of Usha Tai and arrests her from the orphanage. Bhumi sees her arrest and Mayur informs her that even Usha Tai is involved in the MMS racket. He speaks that though the spy camera is found but the footage is not comprehensible now as the camera is damaged but his team is looking to find the solution. She asks him whether he is not going on duty ? Mayur who is seen in civil dress informs her that he has an off day. He gives her chocolate after which she thanks him and smiles. He speaks to himself that his sister Malathi is right that love deserves a second chance and leaves from there.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that people believe that once things break then they cannot fix. But in love as it is  matter of heart doesn’t believe much in the sayings of the world. In this case, love even makes two broken hearts close and this was going with mayur and bhumi. They were thinking about the future and the new beginning and the onset of it was difficult but not impossible.

Some other day, Mayur meets Bhumi  at the orphanage and showers her a gift and spends time with her. He continues to give gifts to her and she replies of becoming fat as she is eating lot of chocolates [Raha Mein Yun Hi Miljayega Do Ajnabi song plays]. During their another outing, she asks him whether he watches movies, listen to songs, or reading books. He speaks of not watching movies and listening to songs but likes to read books. In particular, he is reading a book on laws, specially section 387.. She puts her head down on his shoulder and then he admits to not able to speak romantic talks but suggests that if he would have known them then he would have spoken those romantic words only with her. After hearing it, Bhumi feels elated..  Some day later, he meets again and brings her case papers and suggests that according to his experience her case will be resolved at court in only one hearing. She asks him why does he doing all these things for her ? He replies that she doesn’t know. Both share an eyelock and smiles.

Mayur at his end learns that there will be more time to get information from the footage of spy camera. The police constable wants Mayur to be careful from Usha Tai since she is very shrewd and can even falsely defame him along with Bhumi. Later, Mayur takes Bhumi to a date at a restaurant and gives a red rose as present. He asks her whether she spoke with parents, and she informs that her father is still not coming forward to support her while brother Shivam has promised to meet her. Mayur opens up and wants to say something important to her and speaks that they met at an unusual circumstance and suggests that it was destined. He reminds her about the time when he saw her going in front of the press without covering her face and her spoken words at that time. He speaks of getting attracted to her after that incident and has even tried to stop himself but couldn’t do it. He informs her about having a bad breakup some years ago because of which he lost interest and believe in love. But after her entry in his life, he got back the believe in love and goes to say that now he likes romantic songs on TV and doesn’t change channel, looks at himself in the mirror sometimes, and smiles on random occasions without any reason. He then confesses his love for her – Bhumi, I love you. Both share an eyelock and at the same moment gets an important call and excuses himself.

The people at the restaurant speak that Bhumi is the same girl whose MMS was leaked on the Internet. Mayur also learns that MMS involving Bhumi is leaked on the Internet and after hearing it feels sad and helpless. He comes to Bhumi and in a teary voice informs that her MMS has been leaked on the Internet. She begins to cry and he hugs her. It turns out that Mayur’s parents and sister Malathi is also there and see their son with Bhumi. Mayur’s parents were in a discussion with prospective son-in law’s parents at that time. Those people make a taunt at Mayur’s parents. Mayur’s mother comes to him and asks him why is he seen with Bhumi ? He replies that Bhumi is innocent, and then the mother replies that Bhumi haven’t done any righteous thing either which is a taunt. The prospective son-in law’s father speaks that Bhumi is the same one found in MMS video and he prefers to not have a relationship with the family who supports her. Mayur replies to him that as he has seen the video that’s why he is saying so openly that Bhumi is there and suggests that the waste in his mind and not in her. Both families go from there in an angry mood, and Malathi feels helpless.

As she is about to leave he holds her hand and reiterates that he loves her. She suggests that its easy to show sympathy towards her after knowing the story but its very hard to love her. She suggests that people will think that she has used him and took undue advantage. She unlocks his hand and asks him how can he change people’s mindset and cites that she will carry disrespect and shame in people’s mind. She confesses her love for him but is sorry to drift towards him because of her emotions. She then speaks that they don’t have a future together and wants to go from there and soon leaves. Mayur remembers  about Bhumi’s words about trusting for second time, takes the rose and also remembers the other family’s pointing fingers at him and his family, Bhumi’s words that people can show sympathy which is easy but cannot love her.

Some days later, Bhumi is taken to the court for hearing and the defence prosecutor for Usha Tai speaks that Bhumi the call girl has falsely implicated Usha Tai after getting support from Inspector Mayur. Bhumi speaks that she has already given her statement and thinks that they are focusing only on her MMS which was made without her knowledge by Namit. The judge asks her whether she has any evidence to support her claim. Mayur comes there and speaks that he got the evidence to prove Bhumi’s innocence. He speaks that the girl standing there inside the witness box has already been given the name of a call girl by media, police, and people after her first arrest. The decision has been made about her at that time and also given punishment. He then speaks that the public prosecutor has made a claim that he has soft corner for Bhumi or protecting her. He requests the judge to not give judgement and wants to present the evidence which has been collected by Bhumi.

The judge sees the evidence footage of Bhumi with Namit who insists her to make the politician happy by acting as the call girl otherwise he will leak the MMS. The judge informs that the Bhumi is innocent after going through the new evidence video and speaks that Usha Tai and Namit had started the business of selling girls. He then orders a punishment of 5 years for Usha and 10 years for Namit and the court releases Bhumi and calls her innocent. Moreover, he speaks that society doesn’t accept her. At that point, Mayur steps in and calls that he will accept Bhumi and in that way he is not doing any favor for Bhumi but instead doing a favor for himself.He speaks to the judge that respect is not a trophy which can be stolen and taken away by people like Usha Tai and Namit and instead suggests that people earn respect from their behavior and there is no other girl more respectful than Bhumi. On hearing that note, Bhumi gets tears in her eyes and looks at Mayur while the people sitting in that court room applauds Mayur’s true words and stand up. Malathi comes there and informs her brother that even his mother has understood him. He apologizes to Bhumi for speaking without consulting her. She then speaks I love you and he returns by saying I love you too. Finally their endearing love stood test of time and Bhumi gives a warm hug to mayur to return gratitude for their true love.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that in our society we have a big problem and once a girl gets a remark then people will decide before even listening to her. He raises the question who has made the society, who decides the rule here and the answer is We the people (You and We). Thus, to in order to change the society we need to change ourselves first and also change our mindset. He speaks that not all the girls will be as lucky as Bhumi to have a life partner like Mayur and the one who supports her in all hardships and love her the most. He speaks that small hope can do big wonders and changes lot of things and thinks that if there is love then such stories like that of Mayur and Bhumi is also possible. He signs off by saying – Have fun guys.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 52

Info on Cast

*  Officer Mayur is played by actor Vineett Kumar
– He is playing the role of Khalid Shaikh in Colors’s show Uttaran
– He has also worked in Sony’s CID TV series as Inspector Vineett.
– Instagram page of Vineett.

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