Pyaar Ka The End 26th September 2014 Episode 7 starring Siddharth Sen and Vinett Kumar – Written Update


Pyaar Ka The End on Bindass 7th Episode - 26th September 2014, Siddharth and Naina's tragic love story

The story starts with Naina speaking to her friend Sid of getting a nightmare in her sleep about drowning during swimming and speaks of the Horizon training camp which is at the national level and the best swimmer of the academy will be sent there. She asks him what she should do to overcome those nightmares and also realize her parents wish and expectations from her.


The voiceover introduces Naina Jamwal who is 23-years old and her passion is swimming but now the passion is punctured because of her over ambitious parents who has made her a machine and thus she lost the passion and love for swimming and only love her boyfriend Sid. Sid supports her and provide comfort and she is dependent on him emotionally as well. Sid speaks to Naina on seeing nightmares because she is pressured. She informs him on giving up swimming and he asks her whether she is taking drugs ? She doesn’t answer but looks at him and he then informs her that what she did last year was a mistake. Naina speaks of enjoying her swimming during childhood but soon her parents expectations grew faster and she needed to take drugs and knows it is a hard decision. The voiceover introduces Siddharth Bhansali and he is 24-years old and he has two passions – love and football. Whenever he scored goals he feels it is because of Naina and he has dreams of playing football for a foreign club. Naina speaks of quitting swimming and he suggests it is fine for her and sooner both share a warm hug and she even kisses him on forehead and cheeks.

Naina’s parents want Sid to take breakfast with them. Sid informs Naina’s father on declining an offer from Kolkata football club since he is aiming for international football clubs. Naina’s father praises him and then wishes that his daughter will get inspiration from Sid and she will achieve something. Naina becomes bit dejected but carries some smile. Next day, Naina is at the swimming pool and starts preparation. They find their new coach Gautam who is Gautam and also known at the national level. Naina’s friend is impressed with him. Gautam speaks of training them and also informs about their upcoming Horizon competition trials. He informs them on his believe which is on only talent. Naina and other colleagues start the swimming lap and he looks at them and motivates as well. Naina goes to meet Gautam later, and he informs that one year ago she was barred from swimming because of drugs. She feels quiet and without any answer. He asks why she took drugs ? She replies too much competition and family pressures. He informs that people think drugs will enhance their ability and strength but its the opposite the drugs just cover your weakness. He speaks to Naina that she is not weak as he saw her in the training earlier and suggests her to come to him anytime whenever she feels pressurized or stressed.

Later in night, Naina speaks to Sid about her new coach Gautam but she hopes to end her swimming sessions in next few days. He agrees with her and suggests that if needed he will speak to her parents as well so that they don’t pressurize her. Next day, Naina is doing her swimming training and Gautam is measuring her progress. Sid is calling her on phone but she doesn’t see it. Gautam asks her to come to his office and he asks there why she wants to leave swimming, whether she cannot handle pressure ? She replies on leaving swimming – training and competitively. Gautam speaks that she cannot run away from people’s expectations in her life and suggests that he has seen many national champions and also see in her a national champion. She becomes more composed and ponders on that thought and he wants her to think on it. The voiceover speaks that Naina who wanted to leave swimming was now thinking in two minds and she herself have not seen any scope for her in swimming since last few years but for Gautam she is a potential national champion. Naina’s friend informs her that Sid was trying to call her since many hours. She calls Sid and asks him whether things are alright at his end since he called her 17 times. He asks her to wait at the academy since he will be reaching there in an hour and his tone was rough and in hurry. Sid comes to the academy and meets Naina. Naina asks him the reason of his haste in calling and he informs her on getting a call from UK football club and they have selected him for the development program and if they like him in a period of 2 years they will select him for the team.

Naina is happy at Sid’s professional development and both share a hug. Sid is also excited and he then goes down on his knees and proposes to her – Will you marry me ? Naina doesn’t answer and turns back. She speaks its not funny and he then informs that he can go to UK with her which is possible only if they are married and their parents will agree to it as well. He asks what is the problem then ? Naina speaks of not getting ready for the marriage and thinks that they should give more time in their relationship. He counters by saying that they are in a relationship since 1.5 yrs and he doesn’t have any doubt in his mind about their relationship and he thought that she feels the same as well. He then suggests that she was also leaving swimming then what’s the problem? She informs of her decision to not leave swimming and wants to give more time to it. He becomes surprised and asks Why ? She wants to give a try until the academy trials and he asks what happen if she wins the trials ? She speaks of not thinking much and just wants to keep trying and put her best foot forward without thinking of other’s expectations and just do for herself. He speaks of not understanding her and she informs that his UK offer is good and is fully supportive. He suggests that if he stays in UK while she in India will not work and moreover adds that long-distance relationship will not work and informs her that even she knows about it. Naina tried to convince that she loves him but he asks her what she will get with swimming and suggests that they will go to UK and he will play football and will make lots of money and thus she doesn’t need to do swimming. Naina becomes annoyed and doesn’t want to speak further on matter and leaves from there.

The voiceover speaks that Naina’s dream was swimming and Sid’s dream was Naina. If Naina’s dream is something else and more important than him then he will not agree. The voiceover suggests that in love they are many tests and those moments earlier was one of them and wants him to be careful. He adds that only at these moment a person who loves someone will loose their love. This is the first wrong turn of the story which is about Sid’s thinking and it shows the big change in his mind. Whether this change which is to control Naina’s life lead to Sid’s pyaar ka the End ?

Next day, Naina does the swimming training and Gautam asks why she is slow by 2 seconds ? Naina informs on being distracted and he then asks her to open up and inform him about her issues. Naina informs that last night her boyfriend has proposed to her for marriage and he replies that on such events normally the girls are happy, so why she is not happy and asks her to meet him in office later. One of Naina’s colleague overhears the conversation and looks showing more concern than usual. Naina meets Gautam in his office and informs that she is happy but her boyfriend Sid is shifting to UK and he wants her to shift with him there. She speaks of loving swimming and doesn’t want to leave it but the problem is that she loves Sid as well. Thus, things are becoming complicated for her and he informs her on being just a coach and will not interfere in her personal matters. He then suggests that of course her marriage can be done later but Swimming has to be done now. He informs that sportspersons have expiring date as well. Again, Naina’s friend overhears Naina’s conversation with Gautam. Naina is waiting outside the academy and Gautam comes there and wants to drop her in his car. Just then, Sid comes in his car and Naina goes to sit in his car. In the car, she asks him how come he is there since he haven’t informed her earlier. Sid apologizes to her for yesterday’s matter and suggests that he will not leave to UK without her and suggests that everything is falling in place. He suggests that she cannot handle stress and pressure of swimming.

She speaks of giving a try and also suggests that her coach has said that if she wins the academy trials for Horizon competition then she will… [stopped by Sid]. Sid speaks that the coach met her couple of weeks ago and they know each other since more than 1 year and she is not listening to him. Naina replies of finding goal/ambition after long time and thought that he will be happy for her but what about her own ambitions and suggests that he thinks and care about himself and leaves.

The voiceover speaks that until Naina was weak, it was like a full time job for Sid to support her but when she became strong and motivated and there were no problems at her end, then he felt like jobless and forgot that what Naina needed the most at that time was his support.

Naina comes home and becomes dejected and cries on her bed. Sid calls her but she doesn’t accept it and instead sends him a message that she needs some time and have also fought with her parents. Sid is seen with Naina’s friend Tania who was earlier spying and overhearing Naina’s conversations. Sid is drinking with her and speaks of not knowing why Naina is not informing him about her problems. He speaks that some days ago she wanted to leave swimming but now thinks opposite after the arrival of her coach Gautam. Tania speaks that Naina is coming close to Gautam and even shares her problems and issues with him. Sid asks Tania on how she can speak such thing about Naina ? How come Naina will share the problems with her coach ? Tania replies that even Naina has shared about their fight to the coach. He just wishes that she comes with him to UK. Tania speaks of understanding him and informs on next week trials and suggests that if he can stop Naina from participating in the trials by some means then she might think of going to UK. He asks what he can do to stop her ? Tania replies on not knowing what he should do but thinks that there should be some way to act on it. Sid speaks of not wishing to do such thing against Naina at first and remembers what he said to Naina about the coach, and also ponders on Tania’s suggestion to stop Naina.

Next day, Naina is at her training and the coach informs that is is the final day of training. Naina before the jump gets the nightmare of drowning in water and she becomes standstill and Gautam asks what wrong with her and shouts ? Naina makes the jump in the pool and at starts swimming and at first gets nightmare but she overcomes it and does good swimming with nice pace. Gautam motivates all and Naina completes it in flying colors and he congratulates her. Naina calls Sid and informs him of getting selected for the academy trials and is seen very excited and happy. Sid asks her to come to his place and she informs that they forget their fights and arguments and let’s celebrate. Sid replies on thinking about the same and then suggests that he loves her too. right. Naina is seen at Sid’s place and they are having drinks together. Naina confesses her love to him another time with I love you message and hugs him. She speaks that finally things are going great and she feels like on top of the world. Sid is seen lost in deep thought and she asks what happened to him ? He replies that in few weeks he will go to UK and wants to spend as much time with her before his travel while not looking at her directly. He speaks on missing her. She speaks of her wish to spend more time with him too and then informs that next morning she has a medical test and after then she will start training for the camp and the coach has advised her to improve on her timing and he also said that after few weeks he will also give personal training along with normal training so that she excels in her technique and performance and gets more focus. Sid contemplates something when he heard her. Its 10:10 PM and she starts to leave from there since she has a medical test next day. At that point, he suggests to drop her for the medical in his car and she agrees and leaves.

Sid drinks more and remembers what Naina spoken about her coach, that she is not ready for marriage, she doesn’t want to give up swimming, Naina on feeling happy to get selected for academy training, coach informed her on giving personal training with normal training, and also Tania’s fueling suggestion to stop Naina from appearing in the trial. Sid becomes much annoyed and vents out his anger and frustration by breaking the glass. Next day, Naina is seen with Sid in his car and they reach near the academy. He seems lost while she was speaking. He informs her on not sleeping well last night that’s the reason he seems bit out of place. As Naina was leaving to the academy, Sid offers her a water bottle and she takes it. Before going inside, she informs him that he is the best and she loves him a lot and will see him in few hours at his home. Sid feels nervous and also shows feeling of guilt on his face and leaves to his home. At his home it is 4 PM and until then he haven’t received a call or either Naina at his place. He remembers his last meeting with Naina and after waiting bit more leaves to the academy.

Sid runs to the hospital close to the academy where Naina is being treated. Sid is hearing the doctor speaking to Naina’s parents and the coach Gautam. The doctor speaks that drugs were found in her blood stream and because of some reactions with it, Naina’s body is paralyzed from neck down. Though her brain is working but she cannot move her legs or even talk but can hear and the doctor adds on not knowing when she will recover at all. Gautam speaks of not believing that his student Naina took drugs because she was doing very well. Sid comes inside in the room and goes to sit at the bedside. He begins to cry and gets consolation from her parents. He then confesses about his crime and suggests that he has mixed drugs in her water. Naina’s parents who were consoling him earlier is now shocked at that revelation. Naina hears his confession and carries tears on her face. He informs on his wish to take her to UK and tells how he has mixed drugs in the water bottle just before she was going for the medical test in the morning. It is shown that Naina drank the water and the drugs then went into her blood stream. Sid cries more and speaks that he thought on mixing the drugs in water to see that she fails in her medical and then go with him to UK and he doesn’t know that this will happen which is like a catastrophe. He cries profusely and apologizes to Naina and laments on his misdeed. Naina also cries and tears are seen when she heard him.

Pyaar Ka The End on Bindass 7th Episode - 26th September 2014, Naina in hospital

The voiceover speaks that Sid’s only concern to keep Naina with him has now led to her completely far from him. He now takes the story backward to see where this story could have gone right. When Sid was dropping her for the medical test, Naina asked whether he is Ok and he replied on sleeping less. He starts to mix drug in water bottle but after some thought didn’t do it and gave the bottle like it. He then saying to her pursue your dream and suggesting that he will wait for her. The voiceover suggests that its good to have dependency in love but not enjoying the independence of your love is not right. We learn from this story that as our dreams are important and also the dreams of others. Do not control other’s life that there will be nothing then because only when there is life. He suggests that in love keep an open eye and use your mind and heart together so that at the end you don’t repent because one wrong step taken by anyone in love can lead to your Pyaar Ka The End.

Some Info On Cast:
* Siddharth is played by actor Siddharth Sen
– He played the role of Technical Expert Shreekant – Shree in Star Plus’s show Arjun Season 1. Arjun was telecast from August 2012 until February 2014. Arjun’s Wikipedia page.
– Off-screen pic of Sid with Mrunal Thakur aka Bulbul of Kumkum Bhagya from Sid’s Twitter page.
Siddharth with Mrunal (Bulbul from Kumkum Bhagya)
Twitter page of Siddharth.

* Gautam [Swimming coach] is played by actor Vinett Kumar
– He is playing the role of Khalid Shaikh in Colors’s show Uttaran
– He has also worked in Sony’s CID TV series as Inspector Vineett.
– Recently, played the role of Officer Mayur in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 52 aired on 20th July 2014. If interested, read its Written Update here.
– Instagram page of Vineett.

Image credit: Twitter page of Bindass TV

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