Kalpi's new face not bangs, but blanks Ek Mutthi Aasmaan


asha negi as kalpi in ek mutthi aasmaan





Poor Kamla can’t help herself now, as her sweet daughter Kalpi, for whom she started showing concern lately, has gone out of the Kamla Nest to take a new flight. Better name the show as Ek Mutthi Ghonsla!! Kalpi does not need to work honestly to earn a living now, as she has landed in a rich family post her accident. We knew about Raghav and Kalpi’s accident, but Kalpi drowned in the river down the cliff, and got saved by some men, who rushed her to the hospital. Suhana, who was also an accident victim died at the same hospital, and scared of giving this news to her dad Sanjay Diwaan, her uncle Dheeraj used his contacts in the hospital to influence the doctors and exchanged Suhana’s dead body to give it Kalpi’s identity, and made Kalpi don the life of Suhana Diwaan, as Kalpi got her face completely burnt and lost her memory too, so that she can swiftly get into a new home. Kamla will be shown Suhana’s dead body as Kalpi, and she might be hitting the walls of the hospital with her metal hands, to mourn for Kalpi’s death. The hospital should beware of Kamla and quickly wear the slippers to run away from her, before she takes it down by her tears flood. What a stupid twist!! Can’t believe the creativity of the makers…..

Do they want to show Kalpi’s got a heavy blow of her face that burnt her face completely and moved her brain to another region to show her memory loss. It is good they did not make her handicapped. LOL!! Bechari Kalpi will always be a Bechari, no memory, no identity, no parents to sob with, and no Raghav. Oh oh oh….. We feel miserable for Kalpi, but more than that, for the show EMA.  We have seen the actress Asha Negi winning hearts by her role of Purvi in Pavitra Rishta, where she complimented Rithvik Dhanjani as Arjun. But for EMA, replacements are not good, the character given to a particular actor should be allowed to them till the character dies, such facial surgeries are such a bore to look at. Asha Negi have to get the suffering, worry, emotions of Kalpi, which Rachana portrayed very well. Rachana’s eyes were very expressive and she said it all by her eyes, limiting her dialogues. Asha should portray the pain of the person who just lost her memory. She can’t just loosen the kite on a weak string. Rachana made the character of Kalpi rock and giving the role to someone else and expecting her to get into the skin perfectly is not rightly done by the makers. Asha Negi as Kalpi/Suhana have to try hard to win the hearts of the viewers, which beats only for the original Kalpi, Rachana Parulkar.

On the other hand, its reported that Shaleen Malhotra, of Star Plus’ Arjun fame, will be donning the lead role as Kalpi’s love, either as Raghav or any new character. He will be making Ashish’s way closed for EMA as the makers might end Raghav’s character by showing dead. Well, its good if Ashish’s stays away from EMA, as we don’t have a strong heart to see him romancing Asha Negi. Sad to say, but EMA makers are really testing patience of everyone. They should better open a pathology lab if they love to keep doing tests!! And the reckless thing here is, they are not rectifying any errors even after their so called testing phase. Anyways, who worries for the empty box to be stolen now as all the content is already gone in the form of Rachana and Ashish’s exit from the show. We just wish those two gems to shine in their best make and their next endeavors. We hope Asha lives up to high expectations from everyone. Keep Tellyreviewing!!


  1. this artical just said all I wanted to say…hope the cv and the channel reads it…but whatever ther is no air for corrections any more…had stoped watching post may 9..now will also stop reading updates…

    • Namaste Gayatri
      I have to disagree with you as there is a way out for the writers and producers of Ek Mutthi Aasmaan and the owners of ZEE TV to correct their very grave mistake of chasing Rachna off the show, which subsequently resulted in Ashish also leaving EMA. How? The writers can re-write this show and correct their stupid, grave mistake by having Kamla mom dream all of this stupidity of the last so many days. The writers could have Kamla having a nightmare about her beautiful daughter, Kalpi, and after some time dreaming about her being in an accident, she could then wake up and find Kalpi sleeping peacefully beside her– and when I say Kalpi, I am only suggesting Rachna, of course, that way, Kamla could wake up from the nightmare that all mothers occasionally fear, that her daughter had died, only to wake up and be absolutely thrilled to see Kalpi safe and sound sleeping beside her. All mothers watching would have tears in their eyes both from the relief of nothing having happened to Kamla’s daughter and second, tears from seeing our beloved Rachna back as Kalpi. Okay, so the writers have already hired the new female and male lead, so what, they can still join as characters that add to the show. They cannot play the two lead roles because those two roles will always belong to Rachna and Ashish. ZEE TV could very easily show its loyal viewers that it does appreciate them and all their loyalty and it could do this by re-writing Rachna and Ashish back to EMA We would all begin watching the show again if they were to do this. BRING RACHNA AND ASHISH BACK TO Ek Mutthi Aasmaan. I will never again watch this show or that channel if they do not do the right thing!!!

  2. Very curious, how did the doctors know that Kalpi has lost her memory. The chick is unconscious and burnt…. Rofl… Nice start to ema2, already blooper filled epi!

    And by the way an amnesia patient is not a bubbly person… But a person filled with anxiety, worry, nervousness, n lots more… Constantly trying to fill the blank moments in their memory…

    And amnesia does not change a persons character… Tht is ingrained coz character comes through life experiences… Good luck in the new bubbly Kalpi.

    Revamp begins with character bloopers and episode bloopers… Rofl.

    • I looked at this whole series once again in 2020 and it hurt my heart to see how they changed kalpi so close to the end! Looking at Raghav marry a different woman who was called Kalpi was not real at all. Hats off to the writers for an absolutely horrible, disappointing ending!!! You stink!

  3. what a crap?the person, who had face surgery in one day and removed her bandages two days, coming to show the world her new look as kalpi put so much eye shadows on her eyes and mascara.this is we called reality.rubbish.

  4. Excellent Article, each and every word is true…. i cant even imagine anyone as kalpi other than Rachana.
    one can accept asha as kalpi will be the one who never watched Ek Mutthi Aasman.
    I strongly suggest the Freshers of EMA (viewers) to know the story just Read updates DONOT watch videos the show if you do im sure you will either quit the show or will start hating the replaced actors…lol

  5. What the point of this story now?This whole story is out of track? Cvs don’t need to change replace Rachana all the need was more Brain they just ruined a beautiful Love story which thousands of ppl can’t wait for 7:00pm to watch EMA. Now no one care about EMA. I really hope TRP go Down and never come up back let cvs rotten in hell…..No one can replace Rachana she is 1 of a kind and will always win thousands of hearts…..Cvs are the most biggest fools.

  6. Good article, I like asha, but not in kalpi place, kalpi is one and only one that is Rachana Parulkar, Rachna Parulkar and her eyes speaks everything, her expression, acting everything perfect, and she is so pretty and younger, Asha is older, and her eyes looks like no life in them. Now Ek mutti Aasmaan is like Ek mutti amnesia, story lines fully crap, surgery one day and removed bandages two days, hahaha, what a joke, i pray god to End EMA and I strongly feel EMA will end very soon, then audience will find their ek mutti relief.

  7. To
    The EMA Creativity Team &
    DJ’s Crv. Unit ;
    Please do not destroy the Bappa blessed RagNa ‘ s pure n devine love having the superb chemistry with awesome expressions between Aashish & Rachana , which is part of EMA ‘s Original story script ;
    Production House, kindly do not allow to ruin the AshNa ‘s beautiful chemistry & superb acting skills of both Rachana & Aashish who have won titles like ” most popular tv actor/actress – male/ female for several months & also most popular on screen jodi / couple in tv serials ” & you can’t do injustice to such talented actors/actresses ;
    So, EMA Crv.team please bring back Rachana & Aashish as AshNa in EMA by some or the other twists who are now become Heart throbs of EMA Viewers , & so you have moral responsibility to bring back Rachana & Aashish & to Return their AshMa to the Viewers of EMA; Till then P.H. EMA Viewers have Boycotted watching EMA ‘s ongoing episodes as well as posting ant comments about its current running story tracks.;
    EMA , Production Team You have to heed to your Viewers requests & Return AshNa’s RagNa in EMA & for ever ! EMA, Pl. Do not KILL the Awesome n beautiful Chemistry between Aashish & Rachana but pl.return their AshNa in EMA !!

  8. Thank you telly review for speaking our heart. You are really great to understand viewers. Nobody can take place of rachana and ashish as kalpi and raghav . They have really set a standard of expression and acting .They really need good production house good director and writer who can really give them opportunity to show their immense talent . They are expression king and queen of the tv . Some channel or production house really can bank on them.

  9. Please change the title from from Ek mutthi aasman – which is meant only for our Kalpana – Rachana- gone with the wind- to so better change to EK MENTAL ASYLUM- no head or tail in the story. worst ever in history of TV serial industry.started with good intention but went on to please some artists gone to drain which no one can lift. DJ -Dirty jokers- creative unit with brainless writers – so called – MISHA GOUDAM- hahaha- all from circus you can replace RAGHNA – ASHNA in the serial but YOU CAN NOT TAKE THEM FROM OUR HEART – NEVER—– RIP EMA. .

  10. Thank you Telereviews for being with us .supporting us to face with reality. today completely stopped watching relieved no more tension but missing ASHNA -RAGHNA.

  11. What an article.You said it all.Totally agree with you Tele reviews.The show has gone to dogs now.Its a shame on DJ’s for spoiling their own show like this .Asha Negi is a good actress but stands no where close to Rachana as kalpi. Rachana was excellent in portraying Kalpi and she expressed all her emotions through her beautiful eyes.With the exit of Ashish and Rachana,the show can off air as most of the EMA viewers are hurt and feel insulted by the channel and PH.

  12. Hello there Zee TV, Ph are you listening? you cannot ever replace Rachana and Ashish….period… Thank you Telly reviews…

  13. Very good article.. Thanks Telly Reviews – you should provide free consultancy services to DJ/CVs and Zee channel as how to get their act together… .. Gosh…. they have messed real bad….

  14. Beautifully written article. Just pulled words from my mouth and thousands of ema fans. Now onwards kamala ka Rona dhona will start. Who the hell wants to see that.

  15. sabse badi bat toh track pe title match nahi hui jab start hui thi toh lagatha ku6 naya milega lekin wahi stupid track dikharahe ho….dekhneka koi matlab nahi hai……

  16. No one can take the place we hve for Rachna our kalpi…EMA creative’s seriously needs brain surgery. Thy ruined our favourite show by giving nonsense twist.. raghav & kalpi r n our hearts, no one can replace d love we hve for our RAGNA…

  17. @anita sumun, why do u sae that she is too old to play the character, for ur info Asha’s age is 24 & rachna’s 23 she is just a year older to her

  18. @anita sumun she played the role of mother in her previous sr this does nt mean that she is old in real life too, plz don’t compare characters of reel life with real life

  19. We all feel bad for u guys, we can imagine your feelings you get attached to the character so much and suddenly this twist, it is heart breaking, but this is nt the way na guys to bash an actor, if Asha did nt replace it someone else would have replaced it

  20. NObody is hating Asha just stating dat she doesnt fit into D characterof Kalpi…. & y u asha fans r reacting like dis decide in 3 months time whether asha has been successfull or not….d show’s TRP & popularity ll itself speak… thanks telly reviews for speaking our thoughts…. well said

  21. Very good article, thank you Tellyreviers, nothing against Asha, the beautiful chemistry with awesome expressions and superb acting skills of both Ashish and Rachana is what we want to watch. DJ producations, CV’s and Zee TV you have done great injustice to these actor/ actress and also to us viewers. You have lot is all.
    You can replace them from your show but you will NEVER be able to take them away from our hearts.
    Sorry EMA you can now RIP.

  22. owesome and supper performance and sure Asha will fit in charactor of Suhana[Kalpi] and loved the new twist and looking forward to see more of Suhana

  23. @ anita sumun your word are nonsence and not making any sence . However loved the new charactor of Suhana and looking forward to seeing the new male charactor sure I loved and now for sure we will enjoy watching the show.

    as for viewers who dont like the new story they should stay away from this show and let the ones who want to watch can watch without cruel word or harsh ward please
    Rachina and Aashish are gone and enjoy watching Asha and the new lead male charactor please, please
    thank you

  24. EMA what a disappointment! how could you guys mess up a good show. Fans/viewers waited since 9th May for you to get your act together.. .. but we did not imagine the worst was yet to come…OMG…. Adieu

  25. Awesome article I cpmletely agree wd u ..no1 can replace rachna&aashish….writer shld gv brain surgery their all experements are fail..this’ll be also…anyway who cares???I hv already stop watching ema after rachna&aashish’s exit….rachna’s has expressive eyes &aashish also has that no1 can replace them in EMA&most important in our hearts….

  26. Dear Friends,
    Below Photos Curtesy : –
    Rejaul Karim > Ek Mutthi Aasman – Zee TV Raghav & Kalpi
    Photos of Ek Mutthi Aasman – Zee TV Raghav & Kalpi,
    Desr AshNa Fans;
    That is what I said in my previous posts ;
    Dear all my friends,
    Please post /email the below Photos ( curtesy mr. Rejaul Karim) , the idea to the EMA Makers & to Zee tv along with the below ( me) comments / post ( too if you want or post your own also ) , to make them to REALISE what EMA IS UPTO NOW , & So to COMPEL EMA PH to Return our AshNa in EMA now / after sometime but b4 Aug.’14 !!
    Please email all posts positive for AshNa ‘s RagNa at all sites of EMA & Zee TV , to compel them to bring them back by twists , as it is all possible for EMA Makers for whom BRIBING the Doctors to changing the face and identity is possible , for them RE-PLASTIC SURGERY ( Again & bringing back Kalpi’s Original Face by Rachana ) / or again making Asha / Suhana as a different character of EMA altogether & NOT as Kalpi , then bringing back our Rachana as Kalpi & Aashish as Raghav , all will be in EMA Makers Finger Tips who could Bribe a Doctor can again do so to have our AshNa & RagNa in EMA ;
    So pl. keep on posting to bring back AshNa only ;
    Ashna Faraz likes this.

    Susheela Kulkarni


  27. supper episode and lovely entry of SUHANA[Kalpi and wishing Suhana[Kalpi good luck and God Bless her wishing lovely journey

  28. is it possible to to that in a city hospital in India kalpi is nice and asha negi is kalpi wil kamla mom find out that and suhana dad too it is going to e a big difference in this serial and no one can replace rachaca they should had replaced paaki and let raghav and kalpi live they are great couple well let us see what will happen next

  29. m very disappointed with EMA new twist. ..m big fan of ASHNA ….I dont like asha negi replacement as kalpi…but nothing is personal …for me Ragna means only ASHNA no one can lead them…ASHNA perfect match with their characters..asha negi maximum fans bhoth kuch nonsense comments diya hai but I like to tell them ….duniyame bhoth popular characters hai unki skin color brown hai…for example ..Priyanka Chopra, Kajol, Rekha, ect ect …agar hum skin color se actress Ko pasand ya na pasand kare Toh aj Kajal, Priyanka, Rekha ji ..jaise hasin success actress nehi dekpate so jo Asha Ka Fans Rachna Ki skin color Ko leke bate karrahi hai Une Ye Bolana zaroori hai …Actress ki acting deko ..nahi unki skin color….I really thank for this article ..is really wonderful ..thanks for understand our feelings …our emotions …for me ASHNA is the best ..no ASHNA no EMA thanks


  31. EMA worst disappointment. What a shame. Zee and PH killed off such a good serial taking out the two amazing leads – Ashish and Rachana. They should by now realize the demands of fans and them back to the show. And it should not be only Ashish but BOTH of them..

  32. The replacement Kapli looks shocking, like another (dead beat) horse who has just lost her 5th pony.

    Kapi is Rachana and Rachana is Kalpi and that is a given.

    To say her acting skills leave a lot to be desired is a blatant lie.

    She is unbelievably beautiful, awesome complexion, a cute figure for which most of us would give the world , eyes which speak volumes- she is the perfect example of “the eyes are the windows to the heart” and a voice that’s music to the ear.

    Her acting is second to none, she grasps u, she moves u, she mesmerizes u.

    SHE IS KALPANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND AASHISH IS RAGHAV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From the live clips one can deduce that Rachana is a very brilliant, full of finesse, sophisticated, demur, well mannered and well cultured person. And very often girls like her are the envy of her associates who might not be as fortunate to have these attributes

    One would have thought that being the family that they boast of being at EMA, Kamla Moo – the cow, or Vitthal – poor pussy would have advocated her retention. One must read between the lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And it seems very ironic that Aashish should be bowing out simultaneously, (unless he was shoved out as well), serves the writers/ producers right!!!!!!!

    Because they have messed up what could have been a best seller. It turned into crap, trash, filth, stink cow and horse dung.

    Not to mention the love story which was made in heaven that was tainted with loads of muck.

    A love story that was unparalleled, unbelievable, unmatched, unfathomable, it was the definite bonding of not just two hearts but two souls, wonderful, unblemished love from the crown of the heads to the sole of their feet, magical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is the writer’s/producer’s problem ?????????????????????
    What are your personal vendettas writer????????????????????????????????????

    Afraid to let the love story go to its heights? Afraid to depict love for maybe all India knows is hate and jealousy and lies and arrogance, and revenge and deception and denseness?
    Or afraid that the couple’s rating would soar to a meg level, leaving others behind?????

    Whatever it is, EMA is DEAD, the bunkum and rot, the crap persisted for too long with out any remedial action on the writer’s path.

    Love to Rachana and Aashish, love to Kalpi and Raghav, to Ashna, to Ragna.

    Blockbuster performances, you have WOWED the entire world and no one can take that away from you. No Pookpook, no Suhana, waste of time.

    Let Negi continue to be Suhana, Kalpi she will never be. And…………………………..
    Viewers are sick up to their throats with, Kamla Moo the Cow, Vitthal the poor Pussy, Pakhiya who makes up numbers, Ms Pookney who should stick to the derby business and the rest of the crew of that CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!

  33. Plz bring our ashish and rachana back in show.it is vry painful to accept that ashish and rachana exited frm serial.i got tears whn i saw raghav and kalpi accident episode.plz writers change script and bring our raghav and kalpi back in show…i like asha bt asha cant take place of kalpi.

  34. Ashish and rachana chemistry is mind blowing,awesome.their love chemistry won our hearts.ashish and rachana are best couple like sharukhan and kajol.writers,producer need brain surgery,bcoz ur brain is not working.EMA and zee tv lost ashish and rachana gems.

  35. d most dumbest thing dat EMA PH house or Damini ve done ia Asha is fair whereas Rachana is a dusky beauty…..so my ????? is dat after a major accident wen u ve memory loss agreed but skin colour,height,voice sab change ho jaate hain kya ???? is this d creativity Meesha Gautam d much egoistic creative head of zee tv talks about den i would say he didnt learn anything from Subhash Ghaiji…
    . if subhash ghai today saw EMA den he would b ashamed that he was a mentor to a person like Meesha Gautam who just bcoz some actors might ve hurt is ego disregards there talent & treat dem as puppets…. how pathetic & cheap is it

  36. THANKS TELEREVIEW. you exactly said the same thing which EMA viewers wanted to convey. But there is no use. the damage is done already by EMA Writer and producer. they have gone deaf. not ready to listen. instead of banging our head, its better to keep ourselves calm

  37. the show needed new track and twist and sure Asha will fit in the roll and character of Suhana[kalpi] and all the best in new show ek muthi aasmaan

  38. What a disappointment!! How can ppl go so wrong? Plastic surgery and getting cured in fewdays time sounds insane. Why does everybody’s memory go off in this serial? How can Kamala’s family be so cool..? I have all ready stopped watching this show. But I never expected the writers be so insane. Where is raghav now? Hope rachna comes back. No one can accept this woman Asha in her place. I really wish Rachna comes back… Such a insanity by the writers. He has proofed himself that he is brainless..

  39. To
    Susheela Kulkarni posted a photo to Ek Mutthi Aasman – Zee TV Raghav & Kalpi’s Timeline.
    10 mins ·
    Helloo ; Good evening dear Telly Reviews ; –
    Below text emailed to Vrushali & Punit ji’s email ids , for AshNa on all our behalf ;
    To enable them to take corrective teists in EMA to bring back Rachana perulkar into EMA along with Aashish chaudhary for their RagNa ;-
    Dear Makers & Production House of EMA ;
    On Behalf of Millions of Viewers of EMA who are Lovers & fans of Rachana Perulkar & Aashish Chaudhary & their AshNa ‘s EVERGREEN & Viewers’Heart throb , RagNa of EMA , I make hereby submissions to the EMA PH that the owner of beautiful face & awesome expressions Superb Actor with Fantastic talents & skills Rachana Perulkar whoes one of wonderful &;sweet & pretty photograph , which I hereby place before you in the below link for your kind viewing & for the perusal of the officials who took Interview of Rachana in 2013 & selected her for her superb acting skills for the act &;role of Kalpana Vittal Jadhav in EMA & who has won the hearts & minds of all the viewers of EMA by beautifully expressing the sentiments & feelings in & as RagNa of EMA Srory script. !!
    More over , dear men at PH of EMA ;
    Rachana ‘s ( Her ) beautiful & expressive eyesvare matchless &;her superb acting is uncomparable & her fantastic talents & awesome n natural &;real like expressions are beyond one’s & viewers ‘ Imaginations & which none of the Actors nor Asha Negi can copy Rachana or imitate Rachana ever !! So again requesting all of you please call back Rachana Perulkar into EMA as Kalpi & let EMA make all its valuable Viewers & fans of AshNa, once again have the opportunity to view and enjoy the beautiful acting and expressions skills & talents depicted by Rachana & AshNa ‘s RagNa & let EMA please do justice to Rachana Perulkar , an innoscent beautiful superb Actror of small screen having beautiful onscreen chemistry with her male counterpart, leas actor, Aashish Chaudhary , as their RagNa chemistry is UNFORGETTIBLE &,UNREMOVABLE from the EMA Viewers ‘ minds !!

    Susheela Kulkarni > Ek Mutthi Aasman – Zee TV Raghav & Kalpi
    Dear Makers of EMA ;
    Now once again , the Superb Actor with fantastic Expression in her eyes and very beautiful & sweet & soft spoken Rachana Perulkar having Won ONCE AGAIN the prestigious Title of ” the Most Popular Actor -Female for the month of July 2014 ” is now proved her awesome acting skills & talents Not only to the public, to the viewers of EMA , to the AshNa ‘s RagNa fans & But also , ultimately to the office bearers at the production house of EMA & proved that really Rachana Perulkar is DESERVES to be REINSTATED to the EMA as Kalpi of Raghav ( by AshNa ), for their EVER GREEN.&,Viewers’ Heart Throb, & the much awaited & much loved RagNa of Aashish & Rachana as Raghav & Kalpi in EMA for ever ;
    So dear EMA Creativity team , we all the millions of AshNa ‘s Fans & Viewers of EMA hereby Appeal to the PH. to please call back Rachana &,Aashish as Kalpi, Raghav ‘s love , & as Raghav , Kalpi ‘s love & husband in EMA &,make happening of their , Bappa blessed RagNa for ever & please make into realities, the pleadings and feelings of AshNa fans, by fulfilling demands of AshNa lovers; Therefore, dear EMA Creativity Team, now uou all are quite aware that both Rachana Perulkar & Aashish Chaudhary & their AshNa ‘s RagNa are ” INCREDIBLE ” in EMA now & that it is Only their AshNa’s RagNa is the most liked & the most ever wanted script of EMA which has not only lead the trps but also resulted in the HIKE & HYPE of TRPs of EMA; & tjus DESERVES to Rachana ‘s REYURN Back into EMA along with Aashidh !! ; Once ahain we all Viewers reiterate to the EMA PH, the facts &,the real truth behind the success & Future of EMA is SOLELY depends on the EMA ‘s efforts & attempts to Reinstate & Return Rachana & Aashish as Kalpi & Raghav of EMA &,by Nothing else or by NONE ELSE , &
    EMA We all viewers are sure @100 % that WITH OUT Rachana & Aashish in EMA , all the present Actors viz. Shilpaji, Shirin, Asha Negi , in EMA WILL ONLY SUCCEED IN MAKING & LEADING AHEAD EMA ONLY AS A FLOP SHOW !! TO ITS UTTER DISGUISE !!
    This is predictable and anticipated at EMA as its P.H. has so far made the MOCKERIES of all family love & affection , true love, divine blessings & love , customs n traditions , love & affections of a mother, the profession of the doctors , the professional skills of Plastic Surgery, Lord Bappa , the sacredness of Bappa’s Blessings , But alsoade the MOCKERIES of superb and fantastic acting skills & awesome talents of the great & well DESERVING Actor Rachana Perulkar & Aashish Chaudhary !!
    Advice to the P.H.of EMA :- ” Enough is Enough ” the mockery &;blaming the acting skills of Rachana Perulkar , the winner of the Title of ” Most Popular Actor ‘-Female for the Month of July ‘2014 ” :- who Deserves now Nothing But , to be called back by EMA P.H. , to act the role of Kalpi in EMA & for her most deserving RagNa Chemistry with her counterpart male lead actor Aashish & their Bappa blessed beautiful RagNa of yheir AshNa !!
    Susheela kulkarni :


  40. To
    The Production House of EMA , Dear PD, Dear Damini ji;
    How stupid you all are ??
    Do you change your mother if she is not in good terms with you ?? OR,
    Do you change your sister or brother or father in your life , if they are not up to your expectations ?? There is no system like divorcing one’s daughter or mother or father or sister etc, except for divorcing one’s spouse !! in the society both in real &,reel life !!
    Did you all get that what I mean by that ??
    How the viewers, we all AshNa fans & loving Rachana as Kalpi, can remove or erase the image they /we have created in their / our minds, in their /our hearts, about Rachana as Kalpi right from November, 2013 in EMA ??
    How Ridiculous your creativity team ‘s creations are!!which have overnight done the Plastic Surgery on A face which has not only changed the skin colour OVERNIGHT of not only face but also of the ENTIRE BODY !! Don’t you all feel that it is just a foolish creativity of your team ?? How FOOLISH you all are ?? Even if that Suhana lives in western countries even then , to change the colour of the skin, it takes months together !!
    But here in your creativity the face plastic surgery makes the change in the skin & texture of Suhana’s hands, body, legs etc apart from her face !!
    Rachana has beautiful expressive eyes , &;in Plastic surgery the Doctors are not REMOVING the eyes &;replacing with the others eyes !!
    OMG !! Doctors are not changing the shape of mouth/ lips in plastic surgery, & it is only the skin of the face is replaced with the new skin !!
    So dear EMA Creativity team., at least now pl.bring SOME REALITY into youe EMA ‘s script writing !!
    Rachana’s IMAGE as Kalpi & as (Aashish’s ) Raghav’s wife is already implanted in the mind sets & inside the hearts of Millions of viewers of EMA which can never be removed and erased either by PD or by Damini ji, or by the PH or its creativity team of EMA by just bringing in Aasha negi in.place of Rachana Perulkar !!
    No doubt; You all brought in Asja Negi into EMA as Suhana just to PROMOTE HER !! ; (which is a mere stupidity !! as she had already acted in Pav.Rishta & dancer in Jhl.Dk.Ja shows ? !!what is the need ??)?
    Ok, Fine , u want to Promote her , But Not At the Cost of Superb Actor Rachana Perulkar , whose fantastic expressions & acting talents Asha can never beat !! & can not never & ever possess/ have / learn / gain those qualities in her life time !! ( as these qualities & skills are in built in one’s self / inside & with in her & vl never be parted / can not be departed / detachable); !!
    So dear EMA Team;
    Please do not make your valuable viewers DEPRIVED of the awesome experience & feelings they enjoy while watching EMA with beautiful acting with Awesome expressions & superb chemistry by Rachana perulkar as Kalpi & Aashish Chaudhary as Raghav & their fantastic RagNa moments &,therefore pl.bring back Rachana & Aashish & AshNa ‘s RagNa by twisting such creativities in.EMA Story lines accommodating both Rachana as Raghav’s Kalpi & Asha Negi as Suhana diwan.of Kunal ‘s, in EMA ahead by EMA Team’s most beautiful &,un -imaginable & unanticipated super dooper twists for AshNa’s Bappa blessed RagNa & KuHna (,Kunal + Suhana = KuHna ) in EMA foe ever !!
    So dear EMA Team.pl.bring back Rachana soon as Kalpi of EMA & We all your Viewers are eagerly waiting for Rachana in EMA ‘s upcoming episodes and also are fully hoping that you all are surely do not Disappoint your prestigious & esteemed &;most valuable viewers who are not only the BACK BONE , but also the LEADERS for TRPs of EMA !!
    GOD BLESS EMA Team to Return to EMA Viewers , our Bappa blessed (Ghende ka fool Rachana as Kalpi ‘ s photo may gira tha na?) Rachana back to EMA !!
    7 people like this.

  41. Ever since kalpana and raghav stepped out of this show , that became the last episode that I watched. No kalpi and raghav , then no ema. Go to hell ema, especially the creativity team who hv no value for the viewers.who broke the hearts of millions.heartless ema makers.we soon want to hear the goodnews that , this is the worst show of zee tv,ever.that day is not too far ,very soon you’ll realize , the blunder that you made hv brought down from where.

  42. Now it is time for the Zee tv to show reverse surgery and give Suhana the Kalpies face. Bring Raghav as well and pray , the same gue with intact memeory.

  43. I agree, also show is dragging on. What has happened to Paakhi? Surely she could not have disappeared! Bring back Ragav! Bring back Ragav! Bring back Ragav!…….

    Unless these actors have been ‘killed’ due to their demands as usually happens in soapies.

  44. I looked at this whole series once again in 2020 and it hurt my heart to see how they changed kalpi so close to the end! Looking at Raghav marry a different woman who was called Kalpi was not real at all. Hats off to the writers for an absolutely horrible, disappointing ending!!! You stink!


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