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Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Episode 55, 3rd August 2014

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and speaks that Pyaar, Ishq or Mohabbat which are different names given to love and most of the quotes are written on them by philosophers or by ordinary people. Today’s story is about Naina and Yuvraj while Naina is a studious girl while Yuvraj is a hero and also villain of the show. Let’s see their love story.

The show starts with Naina finding her room no at college’s notice board and walks towards her room and on the way she hits a girl who is seen frightened with some one and just then she meets Yuvraj who holds her first and then drops her on the floor. He speaks that freshers are coming so easily and then tries to frighten her and asks her the name. She replies Naina and some of the fellows makes fun of her name Naina means eyes. She speaks of her full name as Naina Kabir and gets taunt as Kabir was a famous poet. He asks her whether she is miss or Mrs. and wants her  to sing a song. All the boys does ragging of her and wants her to sing Hum Honge Kamyab song which she sings with much hesitation. Soon, the same girl who Naina hits earlier while walking comes there and Yuvraj goes to tease her and she is seen crying. Naina calls Yuvraj by his full name Yuvraj Singhania loudly. He then goes to her and wants to give an autograph. She scolds him and wants to show his brazen nature to other weak boys and soon there a teacher comes there and he informs him that as nobody complained about him and moves from there while speaking to himself of teaching a lesson to Naina.

Next day, Yuvraj confronts Naina in the college campus and speaks of the college rule that junior greets the senior with a salute. She then makes the salute with some hesitation. and also goes on to do Kathak on a table another time, acting as traffic controller in the campus as part of ragging. Yuvraj feels happy after seeing her and then Yuvraj comes there  and speaks that male companion is a must to go with the girls in their restroom. Naina becomes amused and shocked in hearing it and he tries an answer from them. She replies of being quite until then and has done all the things to satisfy their ego and now they are crossing the limits. He makes a taunt whether she will define the limit for them and he then comes close to her and asks her whether he is crossing the limit or not and speaks of thinking about her all the time and got a habit about her. She speaks that both habit and other issues can be changed and suggests that he can show his male chauvinism of roaming with many boys (bodyguards) to someone else. And if was a true man then he would have not done such pathetic thing. She then tells him to be a man and gets lost. Instead of going, he forcibly holds her hand and stops her and in pain she cites a poem from Kabir – Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye Jo Mann Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye while looking at his eyes with anger and pain. She wants him to leave her hand and he speaks that she has still lot of intensity. He then speaks of showing his male chauvinism and then pushes her from the stairs.

Naina falls down from the stairs and starts to bleed from her head and he then looks at her with worry and she also looks at him with much anger and pain. Some of the friends of Yuvraj takes him away and later speaks that its too much and if something happens to her then what ? Naina is taken to the hospital. Yuvraj takes the bath and remembers the poem spoken by Naina. The doctors at the hospital speak to Naina’s parents that she is out of danger and has got minor injuries, fracture at hand and some wound on head and suggests them to not speak much with her. Naina’s father vows to punish the boy who has inflicted injury on her and he speaks that the doctor told that if there would have been some delay then her life was in danger. She tries to calm the parents and speaks that the boy is doing because he needs attention and if report to the police then he will continue to harass more. She speaks of going to college for studies and doesn’t want to hurt her studies. She speaks of loving her father and speaks that she learnt from him to forgive people. She cites that Yuvraj is also a student and if they report to police about him then his career will be at risk. Yuvraj comes there at the hospital and listens to her as he was standing just outside her room and begins to contemplate. She speaks of ignoring him so that he will not get attention and that will be his punishment.  Yuvraj goes from there with guilt inside and at home and speaks of the wrong he committed.

Naina rejoins the college and Yuvraaj sees her and she is seen with a fractured hand and plaster over the hand and is doing all the things with her one hand like taking things from her bah while paying at the cafeteria. He speaks to himself that after such a big accident she didn’t lose her strength and asks him whether he can do such thing for her. He then strongly stands up from the chair and walks like a robot straight. He meets Naina outside and tries to speak with her and then apologizes to her with I am sorry. She speaks that he is not important in her life and also in his own life so such apologies doesn’t matter and asks him to not bother about it and leaves.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Ragging is a serious offence and people involved in it should change their behavior. Naina speaks that such people like Yuvraj doesn’t change but she is wrong because in life many times we get connected with ourselves and the time between teenager and adulthood there is some time (turning point) which realizes to us about the our true self and we see the truth. Naina’s good intentions were not possible to change him but she were trying and in this way Yuvraj was changing.

In the cafeteria, Naina is being allowed sandwich on credit and feels bit surprise and it turns out that Yuvraj has already paid for it. He takes video of class lessons on his IPad and gives to Naina’s friend so that she can see those lectures/lessons. He helps other many times such as giving money to Auto rickshaw. Some other day, Naina learns that Yuvraj is helping her vis a vis video lectures, autorickhaw money and speaks to him whether he thinks himself as Robinhood or doing social service. He speaks of correcting the mistake and she replies that doing good things by money will not rectify his mistake. She suggests that he might be feeling guilt after seeing her plaster but there are so many students in the college that have gone through ragging from him or others so whether he is rectifying the mistake with her or with all. She reminds whether he will do all such good things for others as well. She suggests that he doesn’t have strength to face all the people whom he has inflicted pain and wants him to come out of his fake world and leave her. Naina’s friend speaks that Yuvraj has changed and just waits to apologize to her. She then finds him becoming a floor cleaner and is seen mopping the floor. Some students suggests that Yuvraj [Kehta Hain Zindagi Tu Phir Mujhse Milta Nahi Ha Koi To Wajha.. Hain Majboor Tu Bhi Kahin song plays…] might have came for the fancy dress competition and makes a taunt at him. Naina sees him doing that work and becomes amused and leaves. Another time, she finds him cleaning the floor and starts to feel for him and understand.

Yuvraj some other time also cleans the class floor and Naina sees it as well. Naina speaks to her friend at the cafeteria that she couldn’t understand and the boys there starts to tease him, the ones who were ragged by Yuvraj in their first year and they are taking out their revenge. Yuvraj is silent and they throw his food and then Naina comes to his rescue and warns the boy that she will complain if they don’t listen to her. She then wants him to sit with them on their table. He sits with them and thanks Naina and her friend suggests to him if someone teases him from now on then he can seek help from Naina which makes him smile. Naina also smiles looking at him and then asks him why is he doing all such things ? He replies on his realization that she was right and he is doing for others and wants to feel like others who were also victims. She speaks that they were insulting him and he replies that they were just venting out their frustration. She then asks him in a softer tone while looking at him whether he is doing all such things for her. With a smile on his face, he replies of doing such things for him but she is the reason and if she haven’t scolded then he will not have realize. He then genuinely apologizes to her another time from his heart and she replies of forgiving him and smiles. He then offers his friendship [Tu Hi Hain Mujhko Bata De.. Chahoo Main Ya Na.. song plays]. He also writes down a friendship note on her plaster and spend more time with her.

Sooner, Naina’s plaster is removed and she informs them and Yuvraj hugs her and she reciprocates the same warmth. After the hug, she smile and leaves. [Tu Hi Hain Mujhko Bata De.. Chahoo Main Ya Na.. song plays]. They spend more time together and he helps in her writing but she struggles to write with her hand as it was injured and just now became fine. He leaves from there abruptly after seeing her in that way. She comes to him and asks him why did he left from there ? He replies on seeing her struggle every day and he remembers the time of pushing her. She asks him to not hate himself since she doesn’t hate him and in fact she…. She then gives him a piece of paper and says that after her hand got fine she wrote the first thing which was written in that paper. He opens the paper and reads I love you message from her. He smiles after seeing it and then confesses his love for her – I love you Naina message. She smiles after hearing it and he then speaks that he doesn’t deserve her and cites that her parents will not accept him. She informs him of speaking to her parents and smiles and ushers confidence in him about their love.

At her home, Naina tries to convince her parents that Yuvraj loves her and they inform her that he is lying just to cover his guilt and also to protect himself from police in future, and also to cover his wrongful activities. Yuvraj is at the door of her home and before pressing the bell hears the conversation going on inside. Naina’s mother speaks that boys like Yuvraj doesn’t change and she speaks to his mother that he is changed and she has seen truth in his eyes. Naina’s father speaks of his final decision to not accept Yuvraj as the groom for his daughter. After hearing it, Yuvraj leaves without informing Naina. Later, he meets Naina and informs that her parents are right since they know what he did with their daughter and suggests that girls parents will not give their daughter’s hand to him as they aware of him. She speaks of loving him and that is the reason for her parents to accept him. He speaks of his believe that one day he has to compensate for all the mistakes but never thought that he has to sacrificed his love for it. Naina speaks that she doesn’t care and just wants to stay with him and he then asks her whether she trusts him. He speaks that his love is not teenage love which fades away after some time and speaks that his love is forever for her. He speaks of spending all the life with her and to get  her he will put all the efforts needed. She suggests to speak to her parents and she is sure that her parents will also see the truth which is shown in his eyes.

He holds her hand and again says I love you Naina and she reciprocates the same with I love you too message. Both smiles while sharing a cute eyelock [Kehta Hain Khuda Na Is Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye Kisi Na Kisi Ko banaya Hain….song plays].  Naina again speaks to her father since already once month has passed since she spoke about him. She also informs him that Yuvraj is working like a janitor (cleaner) in the college for her and suggests that her father is not understanding him. He speaks of not wanting to understand him and have no believe in him. He then asks about her studies. She replies of continuing her studies to become Chartered Accountant (CA) and has chosen him in her journey. Her mother thinks that she has chosen the right partner. Just then, the door bell rings and comes Yuvraj’s father Dhanraj Singhania who is the managing director of Singhania industries and also the trustee of her college. He speaks of coming there to apologize for his son’s mistake and then calls Yuvraj. He apologizes to them and cites that it is his own mistake that Yuvraj behaved in that way earlier since he haven’t took care of his son because of his work duties. He cites that what he couldn’t do was done by their daughter Naina. After knowing about Yuvraj’s mistake he felt to beat him but after learning what punishment Yuvraj gone through himself then he stopped himself from scolding/hitting Yuvraj. Naina’s father speaks of forgetting that incident and doesn’t want to talk about it. Yuvraj’s father speaks of his request that his son is changing for the love of a girl and then seeks their girl’s hand for his son.

He admits that his son doesn’t have qualities which will make them agree to him but suggests that as their daughter has herself chosen him so there should be something in him. He speaks that he has only son and if their daughter comes in his home as daughter-in law then his home will be complete. Yuvraj sincerely speaks to her parents that until they forgive him for his mistake he will not talk with them on marrying Naina. After hearing it, Naina smiles and feels shy. Naina’s father speaks that their daughter need some time for study and then Yuvraj’s father speaks that means they agree for the marriage. He suggests that they can wait for her studies and also informs candidly of giving the responsibility of his company to her since if that is given to Yuvraj then he will make sure the profits decline more further. Yuvraj and everyone smiles on that note.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Yuvraj and Naina continue to study together at the college and Yuvraj still works as part-time janitor there. He speaks that there is a good quote about love that it doesn’t have any limits but in the case of Yuvraj and Naina that quote turned out to be bit wrong. He suggests that sometime you don’t fall in love but you are in love. Rithvik signs off by saying keep falling in love guys, and people can tweet about the love stories at Bindass TV facebook/Twitter pages using the hashtag #YehHaiAashiqui.

Info On Cast:
* Naina is played by actress Neelam Sevia.
– Neelam recently played the role of Sonia in Ishq Kills 6th Episode aired on 23rd March 2014.
– If interested, read Ishq Kills 6th Episode Written update on our site here.

Additional Notes:
* Poet Kabir’s Doha (couplet) in this Episode as spoken by Naina
Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye

Meaning in English:
I searched for the crooked man, met not a single one, Then searched myself, I found the crooked one

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