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Gumraah Season 4 Episode 1 Moral Policing

Gumrah Season 4 with the message No One is Born A Criminal starts from 31st August on Channel V India. The show presents some real life shocking teen crime cases and tries to unearth the larger reason behind such teen crimes. The show is hosted by actor,star,producer and singer Abhay Deol. The show starts with news shown on TV informing about Vandalism of some organization who has beaten girls and are doing moral policing in bars and other open places. Abhay Deol (the host) of the show speaks that a criminal is not born, and speaks that society and circumstances are also responsible for teen crimes. He welcomes all to Gumrah Season 4.


The story starts with the date on 14th February, 2012, Jaipur at 2:30 PM (Valentine’s day) and some men come in the park and confronts a young couple and forcibly make them sit-ups 10-times and its been recorded in the camera as well. Abhay (the host) informs that today’s story is being shared by Neha Dhupia and she is then seen there with him and he asks her about moral policing and she informs similar instance of moral policing happened with her cousin which was shocking. The story is about Rakesh Khushwa, a 19 year old boy who was seeing a girl going on the road with her friend and when her batch falls down he goes to give her. The girl’s name is Sania, 17 year old college girl and she thanks him when he gives her the batch. Rakesh meets some men who were taking tea and smoking and they inform of confronting some people on valentine’s day and he then sees Sania on the road again. The same men asks him whether she is the girl whom he is interested in and then suggests that western girls will not reciprocate.

The day is 20th February 2012 at Rakesh house and he is being told by his father to drop his sister Ritu Khuswa who is 17 year old. Rakesh’s father makes taunt on her and also studies and speaks that soon she will get married and cites he wants to see his son study more. Rakesh drops his sister Ritu on a scooter and on the way tries to provide support to her. At the entrance of the college, Ritu speaks that girls at the college are well dressed and she is seen like a village girl. He informs that its a girl college and vows to bring new clothes for her. He speaks on dropping her at the bus stop and he will pick her from there. Soon, he finds Sania going in an open car while standing. Ritu informs him that the girl is not of his type. Rakesh goes to Sania’s college and waits for her and then follows her at the open terrace restaurant as well. Sania speaks with her friends that a guy in the blue dress is very hot and suggests that uncle type boys have moustache. Rakesh ponders on that thought.

The same men finds another couple in the car and confronts them and slaps the boy. Ritu walks back from there and they refer her as the girl with lot of cultures. Rakesh does a shave and removes his moustache and light beard. His father asks him why has he removed them and he replies on looking for a part time job interview. Ritu asks him whether he is looking for an interview with the same college girl. Ritu while going in a bus found support from a boy while Rakesh  continues to follow Sania at malls [Main Tenu main Tera Lag Da ji song plays]. Rakesh is being told by the man Mohan who confronts young couples and the day is 6th march 2012. He informs that the girl is Sania and he knows that her father is a big doctor and the man asks him about his father being a tyre puncture repair. He informs Mohan that with true love she will understand and accept him.  Rakesh goes to Sania’s college and gives her the card with I love you message and Sania’s friend asks him whether he really loves for her. The girl speaks that the one who loves truly doesn’t express their love in hiding and does in open. He declares to express his love for Sania openly and then shouts from the top overseeing the city.

Some day later, Rakesh is sad and is told why he became Devdas and he is informed to find direction for the sake of Hi-fi girls and Mohan also advices him to come for their meeting and attend their Guru’s lecture and he informs them. Ritu knows a boy in the bus who on other day -11th March 2012 morning wants to drop her on his bike but she declines his offer. In the afternoon at Ritu’s home, Rakesh comes and gives some dress to her and she replies on wearing it for some special occasion like birthday. Ritu next day again goes in the bus and the same boy is again seen there and she sits beside him and he informs her that his bike was his own and he is coming in the bus to meet a special person. After hearing it she smiles. Rakesh again goes to Sania’s college on 15th March 2012, and then expresses his love for Sania while kneeling down on his knees and with the message – I love you. She becomes embarassed and speaks that it was a joke and says sorry to him since her friends were joking with him and she suggests him that he is not of his type. He replies on loving her and her friends laugh on him and makes fun. He is then taken by the watchman of her college and he looks back to see Sania even enjoying the laugh and fun about him with her friends. Rakesh becomes annoyed and much dejected. Ritu meets the same boy in the park and she informs him of not coming but eventually came late. She speaks of having fear that somebody can come since its open and he then tries to touch her hands but she is reluctant and wants to go to some other place.

Rakesh is carrying many emotions after his heart break and remember Sania’s friend words and also her last words to him expressing that there can’t be anything between them as he is not of her type. Ritu comes there while he is standing on the terrace and wants to say something to him which is important and this is from her heart and wants him to not say anything to their parents. As she speaks about the boy with whom she has met and know but Rakesh is not interested and leaves from the terrace. Rakesh comes on the day 16th March 2012 to Sania’s college and looks for her and then splashes the blade and writes SANIA on his chest. Abhay (the host) speaks that when a girls says NO it means No. Abhay speaks that when you are in love with a girl and going to do harm to yourself or her to prove something then you are doing wrong.

Rakesh is being told by the same men that such girls are not interested in one boy and he informs that he can do anything for love and also suggests that she has some interest in true love. Ritu goes with that boy on his bike at her end. Rakesh remember about Sania’s words and also the men (Mohan and others) with whom he meets often and is seen at her college. He tries to speak with Sania and the policeman comes there and thrashes him with sticks. Neha (special host) speaks that its difficult to accept rejection and Sania came to a different world and self-esteem was important for them. Like Rakesh there was other person the boy with Ritu who was forwarding his love.

Ritu and the boy is seen at the Internet cafe and he speaks to her about spending time with herself. She cites her fear and soon the same men raids the cafeteria and she goes from there, Rakesh’s friend sees her and informs her father. Later, Ritu’s father brings her to the home and informs the family that they will go back to the village and she was seen with a boy at the Internet cafe.  Rakesh got the warning from police to stay away from Sania but he still kept eye on her on different ways – social networks. Ritu speaks to the boy Kabir that everyone in the family knows about her and suggests that all things are not important. He insists that her family is not there at home so he wants to take her out and wants her to prepare. The night of 22nd March 2012, Sania goes with a friend in his car and she is followed by Rakesh. At Ritu’s end she is preparing to go with Kabir and wears a blue dress and she gets a call from Kabir and he asks him why she looks worried ? He speaks on waiting for her in the ground floor and she asks him where are they going ? He informs of going to Club 69 and cites that everything has a first time.

The night of 22 march 2012 at Club 69, Rakesh comes there and confronts Sania and speaks that he loves her more than the boy who is seen with her. The bouncer there confronts Rakesh and throws him out and even leading to break up of his phone into pieces. Rakesh’s phone is broken and he feels lost on the road and then calls Mohan and speaks that he needs help from him. He speaks to Mohan that at Club 69 he is being beaten by the bouncer and he is told to come at the meeting then they will go back to the club to confront the men. At the party office, the men’s boss – Guru ji speaks that they need to come to the media to inform people about their stand and also to get new people. The men informed that the club people has beaten Rakesh and the boss asks about the club and they all go together with the plan to raid the club. At the club, Ritu is also there with Kabir and he insists her to dance but she informs on not knowing the dance. She then dances with him. The men comes there to the bar and also Rakesh is there as well and Mohan thrashes the bouncer and they go inside the disco and wants to stop the dance and informs all strongly. Rakesh informs all that they cannot dance there and all the people there tries to hide and Rakesh is being told to look for Sania and he looks for her and moral policing is going on there in full swing and he then finally finds her and asks who will now protect her and suggests he is not her type. As he approaches her he sees his sister Ritu being beaten by the same men  with whom he came there. He picks his sister since she is bleeding on her head and wants to take her to the hospital. The policeman comes and arrests him and doesn’t believe that he was taking to his sister and then arrested and taken in police van though he insisted.

Abhay at the end of the show speaks that moral policing was done for cheap publicity and politics and speaks that Rakesh’s life was never normal after that incident and informs that Love and values cannot be forced on others. Ritu died at the hospital and succumbed to her injuries and Sania’s family was completely devastated and Sania felt trauma and to overcome it the entire family went abroad and settled. The Sanskriti Sena who were leading the men for moral policing didn’t took the blame and instead ran a press conference and informed that Rakesh and his friends were not associated with their organization. Abhay speaks that because of Rakesh was Gumrah all such incidents and loss have happened and he is still serving his term in the prison for the murder of Ritu his own sister.

Next Episode: 7th September 2014 The story is about a rich abusive boyfriend Vivaan and her rich starlet girlfriend Shreya – singing star. Shreya Thapar jumps from her balcony to death and the media questions Vivaan and his father. Abhay as the host raises the question whether Vivaan is responsible for her suicide ? Shreya’s father starts a campaign and speaks to media that his daughter haven’t committed suicide.

Info On Cast:
* Sania is played by actress Nida Chakraborty
– She recently (13th April 2014) played the role of Arunima in Channel V’s Heroes show on Fight Stalking Episode. If interested, you can read the written update of that episode on our website here.
– Much recently, she played the role of Prakriti in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 48 aired on 22nd June 2014. If interested, read its written update on our site here.
– Nida’s Twitter page to know more about her.

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