Monday Fun Shockers on Life Ok


life ok

Yamini and Nikumbh mutually love each other. Raghavendra comes to know about this and catches Yamini being like Nikumbh, deep onto poetry. He catches Yamini writing poetry and throws the papers. He says I told you not to do this. She looks on shocked.

Ek Boond Ishq:
Laado is doing pooja for Sia/Tara, she says we did mistake, its not Sid but her husband’s life is in danger, Tara thinks that she has confirmed that I am Tara and she is warning me that my hubby’s life is in danger means MJ. She gets worried for MJ.

Gustakh Dil:
Nikhil Sagar says you missed three rehearsals last week and scolds Lajjo to decide whether she wants to be housewife or professional. Nikhil hears this and asks Sagar not to scold Lajjo, as she is his wife and he does not have any right on her. Sagar says sorry. Lajjo asks Nikhil not to interfere in her work. Nikhil is shocked and hurt by Lajjo’s words. Lajjo is being silly to create a rift in her relation herself and making Barkha happy.

Laut Aao Trisha:
Amrita tells about the lady seeing Trisha in Lonavla. She says we will go to Lonavla before cops. Pratik and Amrita search Trisha at railway station. Amrita sees Trisha’s locket and shows it to him.

Nadaan Parindey:
Iqbal’s dad tells Iqbal that Sameer Atwal is his brother and you are not at your mum’s place, Balveer Kaur. Iqbal is shocked knowing this truth. Iqbal regrets for having hurt Bebe a lot and plans to bring out the truth that Purab has shot Sameer during the war mission.

Tumhari Pakhi:
Pakhi says she is ready to marry. Anuja is very happy and says Aryaman is coming home, and asks them to bring Aryaman home. Veer looks at Pakhi. What will be Pakhi’s decision, to marry Aryaman or Veer?


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