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Balika Vadhu:

Milk starts boiling and overflows on the gas stove. Anandi feels cold and sleeps. Daddu comes to kitchen to boil tea. Ira comes there and sees the milk stove on. She shouts Papaji when Daddu was about to light the gas.


Zain gets a message and is amazed to see Aaliya’s name in it.Zarina gives a parcel to Surayya. She opens it and is shocked to see her childhood handkerchief in it.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Baa tells Harshad he did all he could. He brought a good proposal with his money power, reputation, but one cannot buy destiny with money.


Mohini warns Maayra to be away from my family matters, Maayra blatantly says no, Mohini is about to slap her and then Rudra comes in betwenn and holds Mohini’s hand and saves her just like he did for Paro. He angrily looks at Mohini while Maayra emotionally looks at Rudra. Maithili notices all this.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Prem holds Simar’s hand and says get out of this home. He throws her out and locks the door. He comes in and says if Simar enter this house I will leave. He breaks all old ties with Simar.

Shastri Sisters:

Alka turns and is shocked seeing him as he removes the mask showing her his face. Rajeev tells Alka that he came to take her and she can’t be anyone else’. Alka asks him to leave. Rajeev threatens her that he will create a scene that everyone will insult her father.


Chakor plays with Vivaan. Tejaswini invites NRI guests and act very sweet to Chakor. She asks Chakor to become Radha in the play with Vivaan. Tejaswini plans to convince Vidya to take the contract business deal back and then throw Chakor in the store room.


Asgar brings Meethi to where he has kept Akash. She tells him everything about Asgar. She wants him to take Akash to some doc but Asgar doesn’t want it. He says what will happen with it? How many days will he live now? Meethi is shocked.


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