Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 5th September 2014 Episode 2 on Zing TV starring Fenil Umrigar and Adhish Khanna – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2, Fenil Umrigar and Adhish Khanna, Rhea and Abhay's Love Story

Meiyang Chang (the host) starts the show and compares love with fever and speaks about his show season 2. He speaks that true love is also in real life and not only in books. He then goes on to speak about two people from Mumbai who were never meant to be together but love can made their way for them.

The story starts with Abhay hitting Rhea’s scooter with his car and it falls down. She confronts him and he tries to calm her down. His friend who is a girl tries to calm Rhea but she is not listening and goes from there in anger. Abhay raises a question that studios girl are always angry and they then goes to the cafeteria to tease some freshers. In the cafeteria’s open place, some freshers are listening to senior’s demand and one boy is dancing on the Badtameez Dil song. Abhay speaks of a challenge where the freshers have to eat red pepper (Chilli) and one girl is not able to eat it. Abhay and his friend a girl forces one girl to eat and then find out that the girl has allergy. He is then called by the principal and he goes there in his usual self with cap and head phone. The principal scolds him and speaks of how he waste time of himself and of others and wants one reason why he should not be restigated. The principal speaks of knowing all and warns him to change his behavior otherwise he will be restigated. Abhay speaks of doing lot of things for the college and the principal speaks that Abhay’s problem is lack of commitment. He wants Abhay to say one thing which he wants to do. The principal then wants him to participate in the play (backstage) for the annual day function.

Abhay comes there and he is being told to stay on the side and people are not giving him much space. Abhay meets Rhea there and informs her that he cannot do any backstage work and wants a role. She wants him to observe the play and makes laugh on him. Rhea at her home speaks to father about Abhay and calls him shameful and suggests how come he hit her scooter and came later for participating in the play as the lead. Rhea’s father supports Abhay and he then asks her whether she is taking her medicines and she replies yes. Rhea is seen at the college and Abhay comes to her and wants to have a role in the play. She informs him of knowing the reasons why he got in the play and suggests that he can assist her in the cosmetic dept instead and wants him to come at 3 PM. She then informs him of not thinking to fall in love with her and also suggests that he will not get her. Abhay speaks to his friend about Rhea’s behavior. Abhay comes to cosmetic dept and speaks with a girl there instead of assisting Rhea. She becomes annoyed after seeing him and the play’s rehearsals are going on with people dancing on the floor. Both argue and she warns that he can help her or leave. Abhay speaks of knowing the things and doesn’t want her to teach him and goes.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Rhea and Abhay are poles apart. While Abhay thinks of college as a fun place and on other hand Rhea is a simple girl. When her scooter was hit and fell she decided to teach a lesson to Abhay and she got an opportunity to tease him. Abhay has never listened to anybody but was taking her orders and his boss Rhea who is a sweet and cute one. Abhay speaks to his friend that Rhea is not interesting and boring and Rhea comes there and wants him to meet her as they have to go to crawford market. Abhay is then seen at the play’s rehearsals assisting and taking notes while she is taking the size measures of girls and other people participating in the play. Soon, they brings all the dresses from the market and Rhea is seen very tired while she is showing the purple dresses to people. Her health gets further deteriorated and she feels that he is trying to hit on her when he speaks of bringing water for her. Next day, Rhea is being told to portray the role of Juliet in the place of Teena. She enacts the play with a boy Rakesh who is acting as Romeo. She is then informed that Teena has gone and she will not come back as her father got transferred. The play’s director wants Rhea to act in the play since she remembers all the lines and also they have less time. Rhea agrees to play the main lead and the director doesn’t listen to Abhay’s word who suggests that she cannot play the lead.

Rhea continues with her rehearsals and Abhay looks at her [Janaton Ke Ghar Khule Kuch Bashindon Chale.. Le Aiye Won Nanhi Chand.. song plays].. She does the rehearsals with much conviction and depth.  Abhay then dons the role of Romeo and participates in the rehearsal and she continues to speak the same dialogue of Juliet with him. It turns out to be his imagination. Rhea wants Abhay to make the list of clothes which needs to be returned. He comes to her and speaks that she is gorgeous and she speaks of her life motto to do things perfectly. He then asks about her clothes which she used to wear usually at college. She informs about her comfort zone and is comfortable about her clothes and she wants to lead her life according to her own. He speaks of his belief that life is short and you need to lead in an open way. He then proposes her for a coffee and she asks him thats a date. She then reminds him of what she said earlier that he should not fall in love with her. He speaks of not interested in falling in love with her and suggests that its coffee and insists her to come and finally she agrees. They go out together and while they sit atop on his jeep she asks him about his girlfriend. He replies that she is his girlfriend and as he spends most of his day with her then technically she is his girlfriend. She informs him of not like the one as she portrayed in the play like the one in fairytale and is like the one which is her present. He holds her hand and suggests that he likes her in the way as she has made herself and she replies on liking him as well. They spend more time together. [Love Mi Thoda song plays].

Meiyang speaks that Rhea was getting impressed by Abhay’s blunt and straight attitude and he then suggests that what’s inside us the feelings we should present it and then speak out but everything is different in saying yes and no.

Rhea does another play where she acts like a poor women who is asking a king for mercy and justice. She speaks to the king because of war the people are suffering. Abhay compliments on her acting in the play. Sooner, they spend more time together and even participates in more plays together. [Humko Pyaar Hua Poori Hui Dua song plays]. She begins to come close to him and reciprocates the same feelings. He removes her glasses and as he was about to kiss she informs him on not doing such thing before and speaks that she doesn’t know whether she is right or wrong. As he hugs her, he finds Rhea suddenly falling unconscious in his arms and he brings her to her home. Rhea is resting on the bed and is recovering and he speaks with her dad about the problem. He informs that Rhea is not well and she has cancer and in the last stage and she has only few days left. After hearing it, Abhay becomes shocked and her father informs that she didn’t inform others because she wanted to live in her own way. But now everything will end for her and for himself. Abhay comes to Rhea and asks why she hid the important thing about her life ? She replies that when he was not in her life then life was simple but when he entered her life then the life became beautiful. She speaks of becoming more weak when the chemotherapy sessions start in some days and she will even lose her hair and then doesn’t matter what she will wear.

She speaks of doing many things in life and there is a limit of time. She feels like that of exam moment when she wants to write a lot but couldn’t write and its the same feeling. He promises to fulfill all her wishes. She then tells him about her wishes which she wants to fulfill before her death. He speaks of doing lot of things for her and now he know what he has to do and promises to fulfill all her wishes. Both share a warm hug, and he then takes her to a well-decorated and lit place and they then having a candle-light moment eating cake. She is seen in a gown while he is wearing a suit. Both then dances like that of a ball room and she hugs and thanks him. He speaks of her last wish which she didn’t tell him. She speaks of not telling him about the last wish since he is taking too seriously. She wants a promise from him that after listening to her last wish he will not get much affected. She speaks of her last wish to marry her dream date.

He suggests that she did lot of family planning and then speaks that she deserves that wish to be fulfilled. He then goes to Rhea’s father and speaks of marrying her. Rhea’s father thinks that as a joke at first and then Abhay informs about his true love for her. He speaks to Abhay that he has given many good moments to his daughter but thinks that his decision to marry Rhea is good but not practical since he has own his future ahead. Abhay admits that his decision is not practical and in fact he has made a promise to Rhea that he will not take that wish seriously. He suggests that he took that decision not for fulfilling wish but for his love and happiness. He wants to get married with Rhea so as be with her in her remaining life and be together and suggests that Rhea would not agree. Rhea’s father speaks that next week her chemotheraphy session will start and he doesn’t know about her life expectancy. Abhay speaks how much time remains is ok for him and her father appreciates and wishes him. Rhea confronts Abhay on his decision to marry her. He speaks of taking the decision for both and he wants to fulfill her last wish so that he can live well. She is not accepting but he tries to convince her and then goes down on his knees and then praises on her eyes and then showers a kiss on her hand and confesses his love for her with a – I love you message and she also replies with a I love you too message for him. [Yeh Pyaar Tune Kya.. song plays].

Meiyang speaks that as it is suggested True love never dies. Abhay was heart broken when he learnt that Rhea has got cancer but she came an important part of his life and it doesn’t matter that she is suffering from a fatal illness. Meiyang suggests that his wish is to see everyone love like Rhea-Abhay and thinks that he himself has lot to learn from them. Abhay has convinced Rhea’s dad for the marriage and got approval and he then married Rhea in the Church. After 3 months of their marriage, Rhea passed away. Abhay remembers their marriage moments and the good moments he shared with her right from the college play. Meiyang speaks that after Abhay has set-up a health centre with Rhea’s name to treat cancer patients. So, this is Abhay and Rhea’s love story and suggests that its not necessary always that the partner you love always remains till the end but its important that love remains. He speaks that Abhay has married Rhea even after knowing about her health condition and on other hand Rhea has allowed Abhay to come close to her even when she was going through serious health status. Meiyang wants people to share their opinion using the hashtag #PTKK (or #PTKKx2) on Zing TV’s facebook or Twitter pages.

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PTKK 2, Episode 2, 5th Sept 2014 – Rhea and Abhay’s love story
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