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Love By Chance Bindass 19th Episode, 4th October 2014

Love by Chance today’s episode story name is Love in Top Gear and Kavi Shastri (the host) is seen selling Coconut water and informs audience that Megastar Rajnikanth had initially worked as  a bus conductor and suggests that every success begins with a small idea.

The story starts with Rajeev being taken by a friend while blindfolding him and he takes him to the place where Rajeev’s car is being converted into a motor driving school car. Rajeev soon learns that this friend is speaking about driving school and he informs that girls come to learn driving. Rajeev’s friend informs that hot girls come to his driving school and they can take him to Lonavla and other long distance journeys. Rajeev becomes impressed on thinking that hot girls will come and showers a kiss to his friend. Soon, Rajeev starts a motor driving school along with his friend and on the first day some middle-aged woman comes to learn driving and shows her affection by pulling his cheeks and also of his friend. She fills up the form and also informs Rajeev of inviting her friends for driving as well. Rajeev’s friend asks the lady whether her friends also have daughters and she replies that he is so good on asking about their families. After a while, she calls her friends and other middle aged women comes and pulls cheek of Rajeev and his friend and wants to learn driving from them.

Rajeev starts to teach them driving while they all pull the leg of Rajeev which makes him annoyed and he wants them to focus on driving. When they were not listening, he shouts at them to stop the car and then drives himself. With that development, they became quiet and there were no words spoken by them as they were upset. Rajeev comes home and blames his friend who wants him to keep patience since the results of patience are always good and sweet. He reminds his friend about hot girls coming to driving. He suggests that aunties will send their daughter and niece to his driving school after getting trust on him. Rajeev’s friend speaks of models who works in Ads are buying cars after getting rich and they will come to their driving school to learn. Just then, a hot girl comes to their driving school and both becomes much merrier to see her. Rajeev introduces her and she introduces herself as Mansi. He asks whether she came to learn driving and she replies then for what else ? She informs him of learning the driving at 7 AM in the morning and he agrees for it though the middle aged woman timing is also the same. Rajeev looks at her as she fills the form and looks very happy. She asks about the duration of the course. Rajeev’s friend speaks 10 days while he speaks 7 days and then changes his tone as that of his friend. He begins to laugh with some nervousness and informs of coming to her home to pick her for the driving lesson. Though Rajeev is Ok if she gives the advance amount later but he accepts it after his friend’s insistence. His friend suggests Rajeev to be cutie and doesn’t scold the learners. She then leaves.

Rajeev feels happy and his friend informs that Mansi will be training with him for the next 10 days and she will find him first in the morning and wants him again to kiss him on his hand but Rajeev declines. Next day, Rajeev reaches the home of Mansi in the morning at 7 am and waits outside her home [Bangla Ke Peeche Hain Taala song from Mika Singh plays in BG] and greets Mansi who is seen standing in the balcony of her home and talking on phone. He then finds Manvi who is younger sister of Mansi who introduces herself. Manvi speaks of plan change that happened at last moment and instead of her elder sister Mansi she will learn driving. She also informs him to be not formal and he can say to her Tum instead of Aap. She informs that Mansi needs to go to office early morning and thus she cannot learn driving now. Rajeev becomes dejected on that note and speaks to himself of teaching Aunties. She asks him to relax since it is matter of just changing one letter in the driving form from Mansi to Manvi. He begins to teach her driving and she feels excited on holding the steering wheel. He thinks that she doesn’t know anything and wants to start from basic and she doesn’t know about ignition and gear stick. He informs her of steering and thinks that she is very naive. He speaks about the ABC of driving – A for Accelerator, B for break, and C for Clutch. On hearing it, she speaks of knowing the truth and learning how to drive and shows high spirit. He wants her to first put the car in first gear by pushing the clutch. To make her understand on how to release clutch after putting the gear, he gives the analogy of Kung Fu punch. He reminds her about ABC of driving and also reminds of break and going into neutral. She begins to drive on the road and he wants her to put the car in 2nd gear. She doesn’t know on how to do it and he suggests about the Yes sign movement where you punch the hand backwards. She pushes the gear backwards in that manner but pushes much hard and radio starts for unknown reason with it. He wants her to start the car again and the radio stops on its own when car gets started. In those moments with radio and car restart, the car goes on to hit a pedestrian – old man who was carrying eggs and he falls down and eggs break as well.

Rajeev tries to pacify the old man and pays some money for the loss. The old man leaves with some annoyance. Later, Rajeev drops Manvi at her home and she begins to leave without much speaking. He starts the conversation and compliments that she has driven the car well on the first days. On that note, she thanks him a lot and feels very excited. He then wants to inform her family that she has improved much better than her first day and asks who are present at home at that time ? She replies on having her parents and Kamla bai. She suggests that her sister Mansi will be at office now and asks him to come and speak to her parents. He gives the reason of going back to the driving school to teach some other students and excuses himself to meet her parents. She feels dejected on that note and he then compliments her and she again becomes excited and leaves to her home. Rajeev comes to his driving school and asks why such things happen to him and there was v instead of s (referring to Mansi vs. Manvi). His friend suggests that he always look for constipation instead of inspiration and informs that S will be the route to find V. He then wants Rajeev to find out details of Mansi from Manvi and the other setting is that if Manvi is impressed with him then she will make sure to fix him up with her elder sister Mansi. Rajeev feels happy to hear it. Next day, Rajeev again goes to Manvi’s home and greets Mansi who is again seen at the terrace. She returns smile to him. Manvi comes to him and he speaks about his sensitive eyes and she suggests that many boys don’t show their sensitive side. He then speaks defiantly that he can thrash 5 boys easily and can show his manly side to her.  She then calls him sweet and sensitive and he suggests that she is not understanding what he wants to say and looks at Mansi. He asks her what Mansi thinks about him ? Manvi replies that Mansi and her family knows that he teaches her driving. He begins to talk more and she asks whether he has mood to teach her driving on that day. She gives him some confidence. And he wants her to drive from the onset and she is seen driving the car. He asks her to speed up since the road is empty and she asks him how to take the 5th gear. He replies on teaching the punch move and she does it and then the radio starts again with some man speaking to his son..

Manvi apologizes to him since she didn’t know to change the gear at a U turn and just then their car hits the same old man and Rajeev again pays the man for the damage and loss. She calls her Mansi instead of Manvi and then corrects himself. He takes her for a coconut drink and both drinks. She calls him sweet since she drove the car badly that day and he still didn’t scold her. He wants her to praise him more and she then compliments him by saying that there is no teacher like him in the entire world. He thinks that too much and suggests that there are few teachers like him in the world. She speaks that he is one of a kind and calls him funny. She reminds one time her father has tried to teach her driving but he failed in doing so. The flashback is shown where manvi is seen driving with her father as the instructor and he is not happy to see how she changes the gear. She demotivates her while she drives and she decides to not learn from him. The story comes back to present, and she suggests that the reason she likes him because of his sensitive nature. He then asks What kind of boys does Mansi prefer ? Manvi replies that her sister likes the opposite of her liking and prefers Dabangg looks, well-built and also hair style like Hrithik. Rajeev thinks of himself as that eligible guy for Mansi.

Kavi (the host) speaks that as he told every success begins with a small idea and Rajeev uses the opportunity with an excuse for coconut drink to know more about Mansi and her likes from Manvi. Kavi suggests that Rajeev is inching closer to know the preferences of Mansi.

Next day, Rajeev comes to Manvi’s home and is seen in gel hair look. He meets Manvi and speaks of changing hairstyle according to time and she suggests earlier as well he was fine for her. She speaks of having some boys in her college who tries to look ultra cool and Yo Yo type. He asks whether he is looking bad ? She thinks of hurting him and he replies on not being sensitive. She thinks how he is speaking on not being sensitive as earlier he tried to show his sensitive side. On that note, Rajeev removes his hair gel and she stops him and thinks that she has hurt him again. She then proposes that they will go on for coffee and speaks on how you will become alert with it and informs on going for driving at some other time. He agrees to it and before leaving looks at the terrace but doesn’t find Mansi there. Manvi and Rajeev are seen at a cafeteria and he tries to take care of his hairs and speaks of doing after hearing her comments. She then asks how does he work of driving because it needs lot of patience ? She informs if she had worked as an instructor and found another student like her then she would have choked that girl just to show not having patience. Rajeev speaks of driving with some patience and is also following some of the teachings of his father though many of his father’s lessons he forgot. She compliments him as very good. She then speaks that her sister Mansi gets lot of appreciation in her office because of focus nature and the office have gifted her good cars but she is not happy with it. Manvi speaks of having small happiness and cites on being happy with coconut water as well. On that note, Rajeev speaks on wishing that he was like her who is content with small happiness and also simple. He speaks that most people want more marks and money. He offers to pay the bills and then offers his friendship to her which she gladly accepts and informs that such friendship request no one has offered to her. Rajeev speaks to himself to keep focus on Mansi. Both begins to leave in their car and he learns that car is broken and calls his friend to arrange a mechanic.

Kavi (the host) speaks that in order to reach S (Mansi), Rajeev first needs to get a green signal from V (Manvi).

Rajeev’s friend Zaid comes to repair the car and suggests that car is reeling under fever. Rajeev asks Manvi that she would be getting late to her college. She replies on not having big problem if she didn’t go that day since her attendance is 30 %. She then proposes that they go to her home by walking and both begin to walk. She asks him what if his girlfriend sees them together, whether she will not feel jealous. He asks where is his girlfriend and how does she look, he doesn’t know? Manvi then asks whether he never had a girlfriend and is he single ? He replies that she is the first girl with whom he came such close. She feels a bit happy and says ok and then goes on to pinch him. He feels some pain and she calls Pinch-Pinch game. He then speaks of being sure that many boys tries to flirt with her. She then asks whether he thinks that all girls seek attention from boys ? He then changes his tone and suggest if the boys don’t flirt then they might be liking her. She speaks of knowing a boy who had spoken to like her much and soon she realized that it was his acting and he actually intended to reach to her elder sister Mansi. He then asks whether that boy is now with Mansi and Manvi then asks why is he always so interested and curious in knowing about her sister ? He replies on just asking. She then asks why didn’t he got a girlfriend until now ? He speaks of not able to get a girl according to his likes. She carries a smile and asks what kind of girl he is interested in ? Rajeev opens up and in excitement speaks on liking a hot girl like Katrina, smart one like Priyanka and cute one like Parineeti.

She then thinks that he will not like ordinary and typical girls. She thinks that he is single because he always strive to reach the sky and doesn’t notice the girls who are on the earth and like the one he didn’t notice her. He asks what does that mean ? She changes the topic and flirting a bit and calls his hairstyle of chirkut and makes fun of his hairstyle. She then wants him to think that their walking is his first date and soon then both reaches her home and she thanks him. He speaks to himself of not getting the opportunity to go inside her home and speaks of teaching her the reverse driving lesson the next day. She replies on having Diwali next day which is a holiday and she then wants him to come to her home for Diwali celebrations and even her elder sister Mansi will be there. After hearing it, Rajeev changes his tone and becomes much excited and with a smile calls Diwali as his favorite festival. She wants him to bring his friend Zaid along with him and also he should come at 7 PM in evening and not at 7 AM. Next day, Rajeev and Zaid reach Manvi’s home for Diwali celebrations and he wants no one come between him and Mansi and suggests Zaid to keep Manvi busy with him. Zaid calls him selfish and doesn’t want to help but Rajeev tries to convince. Manvi comes and meets them and wishes them Happy Diwali and does the tilak puja with them. She looks at Rajeev and carries a smile while he looks at Mansi and speaks on able to see her by coming at the terrace. Manvi compliments Rajeev by saying that he looks so good that day. Zaid then takes Manvi with him as per Rajeev’s plan and at the same time Zubin, Mansi’s boyfriend comes and greets her.

Mansi goes to speak with Zubin and Rajeev is left all alone. Zubin turns out to be Zaid’s friend and he meets him. Zaid speaks of playing cricket with Zubin during childhood days and suggests that Zubin always used to hit the ball at wrong place. Manvi at her end speaks to her sister about Rajeev’s having his own motor driving school at young age. Zubin there starts to speak on visiting Venice last week and calls it beautiful and starts speaking more about it to Mansi. Rajeev imagines thrashing Zubin red and blue and comes back to reality and finds Zubin and Mansi having good time in talking. He leaves with dejection from that place. Next day, Rajeev comes to Manvi’s home and tries to greet Mansi who is at the terrace but couldn’t go through. Manvi comes there and asks whether he is all well. He carries a bit of annoyance but prepares to teach her reverse driving lesson. She makes a deal that if she does the reverse driving well then he will take her for a breakfast and he agrees to it. He finds her wearing short dress and speaks that she is looking much nicer today. She learns why he is giving such compliment because she wore short dress. She calls herself as ordinary and normal girl and both begins to go in the car.

Rajeev feels somewhat lost in the car and after some distance he wants her to stop the car and explains about the reverse gear – controlling the steering, changing gear, rear mirror lookup and putting entire focus and tells her to reverse the car slowly. While doing reverse driving, she shares eyelock with him from her side and the car again hits the old man and his things fall down again. Rajeev is not impressed with her smile since he is interested in Mansi and wants to vent out his anger on the old man. Sooner then, he begins to confront her and blames her in having that accident. He suggests that her attention is on different things – coffee, breakfast rather than on driving and why can’t she be serious ? He goes on to say why she is wasting the money of her elder sister. On that note, she begins to cry and carry teary face and asks that he is much interested in her sister’s money and doesn’t want to learn driving from him. She wants him to get lost and wishes to not see his face again.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Rajeev was teaching her reverse driving and his life was also going towards reverse direction. Kavi then speaks of his gut feeling that every wrong move will take you to the right place.

Rajeev comes to his driving school office and calls himself as idiot to Zaid since he has hurt Manvi and even she cried. Zaid thinks that his situation is bad since Manvi might have told lot of bad things about him to Mansi. Rajeev thinks he is gone and Zaid wants Rajeev to take some flower bouquets, chocolates to make up for hurting Manvi and suggests that if she didn’t accept them then some big things need to be done. Rajeev goes on to meet Manvi with a bocquet and thinks that she will listen to him and matter will be fine. He then finds Mansi instead of Manvi. Mansi informs him that Manvi have gone to give her learner’s test at the RTO office. He informs that there are 3 more days left for it and then Mansi replies that manvi was confident in doing the test now. She calls him a driver and suggests that he should not show tantrums and instead go ahead to teach her driving in the place of Manvi. She wants him to not show attitude. Sooner then, both goes in the car and he begins the driving lesson and informs about the ABC of driving – Accelerator, Break and Clutch. When Mansi heard it, she calls it LS (low standard), a  taunt. Rajeev then remembers the reaction of Manvi when he spoken the same – ABC of driving to her. Manvi showed gratitude and excitement. He also remembers how Manvi spoke being opposite to Mansi and her believe on being content with small happiness and also her words when she spoke that the walking to his first date. He also remembers how Manvi called him sweet and speaks of liking his sensitive nature. The radio starts again and the man in the radio show raises a question – You wanted to go to Japan but you reached China, Do you understand now ? On that note, Rajeev speaks to himself of understanding now and feels happy.

After hearing him, Mansi laments on why she decided to come for the driving lesson with him. He speaks of being wrong earlier but now knows the right and tells Mansi to stop the car. He gets out and finds the same old man and takes blessing from him and then wants Mansi to go in a taxi and gives her 20 INR. She goes out from the car and calls him idiot. Manvi at her end is seen at the RTO office waiting for the test and also carries worry on her face since she is not well equipped in reverse driving. Just then, Rajeev comes there and sits in her car and wants her to listen him once. She doesn’t wish to speak with him and doesn’t want to create a scene there since the test evaluator will come anytime. He informs that evaluator will come after 10 mins and he needs only 5 mins to speak something important to her. Soon, he learns on forgetting what he was going to speak and she thinks he came there to say sorry to her. He begins to speak about his mistakes (1) He was dreaming about his sister Mansi when she was around him (2) She was a perfect and Smart girl but he couldn’t see it and is idiot (3) He hurt the girl with whom he had a first date and also the girl cried and he needs tough punishment like jail and she agrees to it. Manvi speaks that he doesn’t know her and he replies that a boy who knows her well then its very sure that he will fall in love with her in all certainty. He then confesses his love for her and she wants him to think before saying any thing.

Rajeev speaks of thinking and coming to confess his love and wants her to forgive him. She begins to become nervous and asks why she should be forgiving him ? [Love by chance title song plays]. He then takes out the car number plate where Manvi, I love you message was written and she sees it and starts to feel for him. He speaks that she is right to say that many times we only want to touch the sky and doesn’t look at the ground and doesn’t care about it. Rajeev says I love you Manvi and she takes the number plate from his hand and asks whether he thinks that  she will be impressed with his expression of love for her via that plate. After some pause, she says he is right and confesses her love for him – I love you message. She showers a warm hug to him and both becomes lovestruck.

Kavi speaks that Rajeev’s wrong turn with Manvi eventually led him to the right place with her and love is also like that. He speaks that sometimes the thing we need the most is just in front of us but we don’t see it. He suggests that in love you need to give some chances to some wrong turns because we don’t know which wrong turn will direct your life on the right track. Kavi speaks that viewers can share their opinion/feedback on the show using the hashtag #LoveByChance.


Additional Note: 

* We (TellyReviews) believe that today’s episode of Love by Chance was amazing with a layered and emotional Love story. Kudos to Actors – Fenil, Gaurav and the team of Love by Chance.

* The director of this Episode is Nupur Asthana. Recently, she directed movies – Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge [2011] and Bewakoofiyaan [2014]. Nupur’s Wikipedia page.

Info On Cast:
* Manvi is portrayed by actress Fenil Umrigar
– Fenil was born on 14th January 1991 in Surat, Gujarat, India.
– Portrayed the role of Sweety in Star Plus’ show Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak. (2010)
– Played the role of Priya in Life OK’s Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava (2011)
– Worked in Episodes of Channel V’s Gumrah and Life OK’s Shapath (2012)
– Portrayed the role of Sanjana Roy aka Sanju in Channel V’s Best Friends Forever (BFF). Got much appreciation and accolades for this role.
– Portrayed the role of Pihu Ram Kapoor/Pihu Samar Shergill in Sony TV’s Bade Acche Lagte Hain (2013)
– Worked in the role of Aisha Kapoor in Colors’s Madhubala (2014)
– Role of Rachael in Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui.
– Recently worked in the role of Rhea in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 Episode 2 aired on 5th September 2014. If interested, read that episode WU on our site here.
– Fenil’s Twitter page

* Rajeev is portrayed by actor Gaurav Bajaj
– Gaurav was born on 6 April 1986. He worked in commercials and films such as Phir Kabhi, Dahek: A Restless Mind, Kirkit and Vroom.
– Gaurav is also a producer of GENEXT films. Gaurav’s Twitter page.
– Gaurav recently acted in Ishq Kills episode on 16th April 2014, in the role of Vikrant Kulkarni, the Chief Minister who starts to neglect his wife a lot after reaching that position. If interested, you can read the written update on our site here.
– Portrayed the role of Ankit in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Episode 6 aired on 27th June 2014. If interested read that episode WU on our site here.
– Gaurav’s Twitter page

Image credit: Twitter page of Fenil Umrigar

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